1. wes.salt

    GMS:2 [SOLVED] Adding a 2nd jump after Edge Counter

    Hello, I've just started learning GMS and was stuck at the jumping problem for quite a while. I'd be appreciated if someone can help me with this The edge code I used was taken from Flynn's Advanced Jumping (Coyote Method), it worked fine but I couldn't add a 2nd jump right after the edge...
  2. B

    Help me with the jump?

    Hola disculpa las molestias, tengo un problema serio con hacer que una variable funcione xD y me ayudes a resolver mi código? aquí está mi código: [CÓDIGO = gml] Que quiero que no pueda saltar si está en el aire, solo cuando la velocidad vertical sea igual a 0 /// Saltar // Animación if vspeed...
  3. Pfap

    wall jumping in corner problem

    When my player object is on the ground and touching a wall and the space bar is pressed the player briefly rises and then gets pushed down. I'm looking for some guidance or ideas others may have implemented when working out a wall jump mechanic. In my room I have a player object with a square...
  4. eams1986

    iOS SuperBattle2 51 MiniGame

    Hello! Friend here I show you a MiniBattle to have an entertaining time I hope you like it :) 🔥Link del juego🔥 Android : 📱🕹 👉 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.youdevice.superbattle2 IOS : 📱🕹 👉 https://apps.apple.com/us/app/superbattle2/id1552012211 🗒 Description: Here's...
  5. Z

    SOLVED Multiple Jumping Animations

    Hello there fellow programmers, I have a problem concerning the code that affects the jumping animation of my player in a 2D Platformer. What I want to happen is when the jump button is pressed and the player is on ground I want spr_Player_Jump to play once. Then when the player is the air...
  6. sans17

    Drag And Drop how to make a game who is a Platformer AND a RPG?

    Hi, I'm trying to make a game in the style of Mario and Luigi: Bowser's inside story. I want to make movement like in a RPG where you can go left, right, up and down, but you can also jump like in a platformer game. I'm only able to do RPG-style movement or platformer-style movement, I'm not...
  7. I

    Z axis in 2D jumping on a platform. Help!

    Hello, I am currently trying to make my player object be able to jump and be able to stay on platforms. I am not using physics btw. Anyway, I found a video that explains this concept but I am struggling to implement this on my project because my depth and collision system is different. This is...
  8. Gorshalox

    GMS 2 Animation of Jump and Fall

    I'm making 2d platformer and i don't know how to make animation of Jump n Fall. I've 2 sprites of Jump n 2 sprites of Fall
  9. Gorshalox

    GMS 2 Jump Animation

    So I'm making 2d platformer and I don't know how to make correct the animation of jump, in my case the player jump and the animation is playing very fast and ends in air, I will post the my animation code in Step Event below //Animation //===Walk if (key_right) { sprite_index =...
  10. M

    How to script a smooth jump animation in a platformer?

    Hi! I was watching the tutorials for a 2d platformer. All of them were teaching simple jump animation with one or two static frames. one static frame for ascending and one for falling. It seems the tutorials areteaching 8-bit era jumping. I have no idea how to implement a 16-bit era jump...
  11. M

    SOLVED How to jump off of objects? (Ladders, etc.)

    I'm very new to programming, and as for jumping so far, I'm able to get my character to jump on a common wall object that's below me. I've since implemented a ladder (using Shaun Spaldings tutorials) and I'm able to climb up and down it, and left and right, but haven't been able to work out...
  12. duran can

    GMS 2 colision_circle and place_meeting not working

    I try to make a platform game using physics, but when I press W constantly, the acter flies without touching the ground. Is this a bug? if keyboard_check(ord("W")){ if place_meeting(phy_position_x,bbox_bottom+1,obj_mask){ physics_apply_impulse(x,y,0,-zipla); } }
  13. D

    Drag And Drop Jump and wall climb

    Hello to all. I have just started using Game Maker 2 with Drag and Drop. I know many of you will be against using them, but I know nothing about programming. I was able to insert the first walking animations, but I am continuing to experiment. At this point I am stuck. I wish the character when...
  14. hughrock18

    SOLVED Isometric (2.5D) Jump Collision Issue

    I am attempting to produce an isometric game that allows the player to jump on multiple "z heights" of platforms. I have a setup that ALMOST works, but I am clearly missing something. The code is very lengthy and riddled with scripts (to replace commonly used lines and/or blocks). So instead...
  15. RacieB

    GMS 2 Four-part jumping animation

    I'm having a ton of trouble figuring out how to go about doing a complex jump animation. If it was just two parts, rising and falling, that would be really easy and I could handle that in her "bit_jump_state" script something like if vsp < 0 image_index = 0 else image_index = 1; or if vsp < 0...
  16. J

    Legacy GM Jump from above?

    How do I program it like that -> if the player jumps from above onto an object -> it deletes itself (the object)? And how can I program it like that: if the player jumps from left or right, the player himself deletes himself? (I know and already have the jump code, I just need the other thingies)
  17. S

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Tile Collision system snaps x to a grid when jump button is pressed

    Hi there! recently I picked up an old project (a remake of the old platformer game called Crystal Caves) and started changing over all object based collision to a tile based collision system. my starting point was Shaun Spaldings tutorial and the YoYo games platformer tutorial. the problem...
  18. I

    Game! Catch the bones

    Hello everyone, This is my first game ever. It was designed to be a casual game where you can have a little bit of fun after a day of working.I would appreciate if you could download it and give me some feedback. Below you will be able to find the link for downloading it and see some...
  19. P

    Help with code for seperating collided objects

    Hey everyone, I currently have a simple top-down RPG with a jump command, I've made it so when you jump, it negates the collide command, and with my depth working, I'm able to jump over enemies. However, once this happens I can potentially land on the enemy, getting stuck in them, as my code...
  20. A

    Legacy GM Help with wall 'cling' player code

    Hola! In messing around with a Wall Climb code, I accidentally made it so that the Player can actually stick to a wall in the place they touch it - which is actually a pretty cool thing, so I want to keep it. ie. When the Player jumps (or is falling) against a wall and presses right and left...