json decode

  1. Nux

    Released Catspeak - MOD YOUR GAMES!

    @Katsaii presents: Catspeak A Domain-specific Language for Adding Mod Support to GameMaker Studio 2.3+ Games Homepage | Wiki | Installation License View the full license here. If you use this tool, please make sure to credit me as "Katsaii" under Additional Programming. Feel free to link to my...
  2. Toulhane

    Problem saving and loading data structures with json

    Hi, I followed this Shaun Spalding tutorial to try to implement a saving system in my game while adapting it a bit : My game being a card game, I wanted to save my card inventory which is a ds map (I should probably have made it as a ds list instead but I don't think that's the problem here)...
  3. W

    Data structure with index does not exist

    Hello, so i am new to GML and i am trying to load data from a JSON file into game maker and save that data as variables. I am able to load the data from JSON file, but unable to use the variables?? when i try to add the variables into a ds_list for example, it then throws the error saying "Data...
  4. A

    JSON Help, Response from ASYNC HTTP

    So I got the json response back as {"success":0,"message":"Email already used, please log in."} lets call this string variable json. I use obj =json_decode(json); Most languages I used I would then use obj.success. And that would be all she wrote. Game maker decode seems to not be friendly...
  5. Pfap

    [SOLVED] decoding JSON

    Does anybody have any input on decoding the below JSON into gamemaker maps and lists? I had the input being received fine until, I added the array under the "avatar" key. Here is the JSON...