1. JaimitoEs

    Portfolio - Programming [James | SoloStudioTech] Programmer for hiring or team collaborations.

    FOR COLLABORATIONS: Hi! My name is James and I am the founder of the SoloStudio Tech website and the DarkSpine tool for video game editing. I offer to collaborate as a programmer in your project. If you are an illustrator and you already have the concepts to make a video game, but you need a...
  2. K

    Team Request Does anyone need an artist?

    I am accepting a work as an artist for a game, I do 2D and pixel art sprites and I'll also animate them, I can also make scenarios and other art related things. I have an Instagram (where I post my digital paintings) if you would like to see my abilities and I'll attach a print screen for the...
  3. CodeManu

    Job Offer - Programmer [PAID] Programmer required to port a NodeJS server to GML.

    Hi there! I'm looking for a programmer with NodeJS and GML knowledge to port an existing NodeJS server to GML. The server has roughly 3000 lines of code. This is a paid job and if you are interested please message me and we'll discuss the price.
  4. Artemy_Privalov

    Portfolio - Art 2D Sprite Artist In any Subject ($8/hour)

    Hello! I am an artist of 2D sprites, drawing them in any subject... I work for GameMaker: Studio, and I draw sprites in Aseprite. My works, which so far are not very large, you can see in the pinned files! The price for my work is negotiable, but my minimum is $8 per hour... For...
  5. DatZach

    Portfolio - Programming [For Hire] Experienced multi-discipline programmer (15 yrs experience)

    Zachary Reedy Email paraton [at] hotmail [dot] com Discord DatZach#1775 With a combined 15 years of experience in professional and hobbyist programming spaces, I am a highly skilled and efficient developer. My experience has been focused on Platform Engines, Networking, Localization...
  6. clee2005

    Job Offer - Programmer UWP Extension for Ads and IAPs

    So I'm looking for someone who can put together a UWP extension (or 2 separate) to handle Ads and IAPs for the Microsoft App Store. Microsoft has an SDK for Ads and also for IAPs. You can keep the completed assets and sell them on the marketplace. There is no way to monetize in the...
  7. RobertRamsay

    Job Offer - Programmer [$25/hr] SHADER PROGRAMMER Required

    Hi there, I am a freelance technical artist developing some cool tools using gamemaker and some of their features would benefit from shaders, so, my being technical but not so into programming shaders and more into the art side of things, I am looking for someone who can develope shaders I...
  8. trustpixels

    Job Offer - Programmer programmer needed for platformer

    Hello, I'm looking for a programer to help me on two things : - combo attacks - ledge climbing You can see preview of the project on Thanks, Lionel
  9. trustpixels

    Portfolio - Art 2D pixel art for your game

    Hello, I can draw and animate cool things for games with pixel art. My main thing is environnements but I can also do characters and objects. You can message me or mail me at Thanks, Lionel
  10. ApselTheBlue

    Portfolio - General Programmer and Concept Artist for 2D Platformers: Looking for work

    Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. Apsel of Buster Studios at your service! I specialize in 2D and 3D Platformer design, and 2D Platformer programming specifically. Expect friendly service and lots of feedback if you so desire. Though I can't mention my work here as it has been all fan game...
  11. FeetUpGaming

    Portfolio - Programming 11 Years Experienced Programmer

    Hello, My name is Edward. I am a Game Maker programmer with 11 years experience looking for work. I can handle most aspects of 2D programming and can work in GMS 1.4 and GMS 2. View my Portfolio here. I can work with most aspects of 2D programming, however my specialities are: Platformers...
  12. dialgpalkia

    Portfolio - Programming [Taken] Programmer looking for Active Project

    Hi there, My name is dialgpalkia and I am a programmer looking to join an active project. I was an active GMC member around 2014, having made many games on my own (sadly none got far due to my lack of artistic prowess), and also being a programmer for a few other games such as Dead Stories...
  13. Reventador

    Job Offer - Artist [PAID] Pixel Artist 2D/3D

    I am looking for a 2D or 3D pixel artist to animate pixel drawings I have made. Simalar style to...
  14. A

    Job Offer - Programmer In Search of Someone to Create my Game

    Hello GameMaker Community users, I am currently in the process of making my own top-down / isometric 2 player-per-session online game. However, being in and out of the hospital a lot lately and new medications have left me unable to work on the game (I struggle to follow through on things). No...
  15. C

    Team Request Looking for members to collaborate with or hire

    Hello, I am currently looking to hire or collaborate with people on a project. I am running a Kickstarter campaign. If successful I hope to be able to increase the team. I have game maker studio 2 with all extensions (except switch). The game will be geared for ios, android, and switch. And...
  16. Coded Games

    Job Offer - Artist Looking for artist to make high resolution/vector art.

    Hello, I'm looking for artists to create high resolution/vector artwork for cards in a deck building game. The art style of the game already has been fairly established; mainly black and white, with occasional bright highlights (usually red), simple shapes and thick borders. Here is an album...
  17. lotsofhats

    Job Offer - General Looking to hire: Networker and Programmer

    Ive been working on a project for a while now and its nearing completion but is still missing some components I'd like to be implemented such as networking and a touch up on the physics side and/or in-game mechanics. The project is a 2d type of side-scroller with physics (like a 2d bmx/bike...
  18. Dmi7ry

    Portfolio - Programming Experienced programmer for hire

    Current status: BUSY Hi. I'm a programmer with more than 20 years of experience (6+ years of GM/GMS). Programming service: Any 2D games Game prototypes Game engines GUI and HUD systems Dialog systems Editors (maps/levels, GUI/HUD, etc) Tools (converters, loaders, generators, etc) Any...
  19. M

    Job Offer - Programmer Looking for Programmer for Rhythm Game

    Hello, My names Ivan , I am from MDJ Latam Games. I am currently in search for a programmer who can deliver a rhythm game. In order to consider you please send me the following to my email or here. ( ) Previous games COMPLETED Years of EXPERIENCE with GM Quote for full...
  20. Loran_Rob321

    Portfolio - Programming Game developer - Coder for hire. Looking for work.

    -- Introduction Hi everyone! My is name is Loran and iam a Game developer (Programmer) with over 5 years experience in game industry. -- Skill Iam using Game maker Studio. My main genres (2D only) are Topdown , RPG , Platformer , Turn base strategy….. Puzzle / Acade games I can also use ...