job offer

  1. Master Maker

    Job Offer - Programmer Advanced motion_predict script.

    I am looking for a programmer to write me a script. This script is an advanced form of movement prediction. It will have multiple subscripts: path_intercept: input of instance and interceptor's speed, along with interceptor's starting position. Returns what direction to launch the projectile at...
  2. Master Maker

    Job Offer - General Marketer Desired

    I know this is an unusual job posting for this forum, but here goes! :) I am a very experienced game maker studio programmer, in need of work. I am looking for a member for my studio who will be in charge of sales. Responsibilities: securing jobs obtaining good reviews marketing/advertisement...
  3. Crobin49

    Job Offer - Programmer Programmer needed for 2D RPG Ala Final Fantasy/ Breath of Fire/ Golden Sun (PAID)

    Hello everyone, My name is Corbin and I am currently in the market for a programmer for a top down rpg game. I am looking for someone who is familiar with coding inventories, turn based battle mechanics, quest systems, weaknesses and resistances, equipment systems, and cut scenes. Ideally...
  4. ZAK!

    Portfolio - Programming GML programmer looking for work (GMS2)

    Hello, I am new and I am looking for some work as a programmer if at all possible to earn some pocket money. Not too much on the details as to why but it's very complicated. I have made 2 games on of my own to show off what I can do. (I'll link them in this post.)...
  5. Tatum_vt

    Job Offer - Programmer Looking for a programmer to hire

    Hiiiii I'm currently working on a simple platform game, but I'm really stuck at the programming. It doesn't need to be anything fancy, but I'm at a time limit. I need this finished before the first of may. I'm willing to pay of course. if interested, please pm me or send me an email...
  6. dynamic_zero

    Job Offer - Artist [PAID] Looking GUI design artist

    Hello, I am currently working on a new project that requires a bespoke and stylized interface. I would really love to work with someone that has a keen eye for design as-well as functionality. Please send a personalized message with examples of previous work to be via message. This is a paid...
  7. A

    Job Offer - Programmer In Search of Someone to Create my Game

    Hello GameMaker Community users, I am currently in the process of making my own top-down / isometric 2 player-per-session online game. However, being in and out of the hospital a lot lately and new medications have left me unable to work on the game (I struggle to follow through on things). No...
  8. StoneTide

    Job Offer - Artist [HIRING] Another 2D Pixel Artist to join our team! :)

    Hey everyone, We're looking for an additional artist to come join our team on the epic making of StoneTide: Age of Pirates! :cool: Please tick off the requirements before applying. Requirements: - Must be able to produce the same art style as shown in our game =>...
  9. G

    Job Offer - Artist I'm an artist looking for work

    hello, my name is Gregory and i'm a self taught freelance artist, and i do most of my work digitally. i can draw anything from realistic, cartoon, and anime/manga. i do most of my work on photoshop and sometimes painter. as i said i do most of my work digitally, so i can ink and color your work...
  10. Moandor

    Team Request Looking for a Pixel Artist/Animator

    Hi, Before reading this thread, be aware that this is a 0 budget game, so this is not a paid offer ! We are a small team of 4 (well, more like 3.5) french people working hard on an Hardocre Top-down Action RPG called Inmortis for almost 1 year. Actually the team is composed of a level...
  11. M

    Job Offer - Artist [POSITION FILLED][PAID] Top down zombie game targeted at App Store needs a nice game artist!

    Hi there, I am creating a 2D top-down casual zombie game for mobile devices. Game engine is GameMaker Studio 2. The game (programming part) is 90% done at this point and I am now looking for a game artist to bring my little zombies to life (figuratively speaking only!). I have created a list...
  12. S

    Job Offer - Programmer Opportunity - Building a game (Paid - Budget)(Developer Found - Close Thread)

    I have a job opportunity for a single individual paid (I have a budget) on creating this game. Now the game I would like to build is similar to Spoon Pet Collectors. But this version will be of Pandas and have the same concept (the animals appear randomly when the app is closed and bring...
  13. LucasTheNewbie

    Portfolio - Audio Lucas Schacht - Music Composer, Producer & Sound Designer

    Lucas Schacht Composer / Producer Introduction: Pricing: Impressions of my studio: Audio examples: I hope to get in touch soon! :) for business enquiries: or PM. Or visit my website.
  14. John Andrews

    Job Offer - Audio Music (Retro/Modern chiptune)

    Hi Everyone, I'm actually working on a project inspired in old vector graphics, it's called Neon Wars (you can even check it out in my signature) I must state that this game is completed in both the code and design parts, but I only have half the sounds for my weapons and other miscellaneous...
  15. JasonTomLee

    Job Offer - General LF a PixelArtist/Partner!

    Hello my fellow Gamemaker Devs/Artists~ I've been working to either complete a small scale game or create a small prototype for a bit larger game. The style I've been going for is very veeery minimalist & simple in terms of colors. Here's a few examples I posted on my site...
  16. Tulloch

    Job Offer - Programmer Box2D, 3D Side-Scrolling Platformer

    Hello GMC, I'm looking to get in touch with a serious programmer who is willing to share a passion. The project has been a labor of love for almost 14 years, but due to my new job as a Daddy, I've been lackluster for time. During the development, I have made many revisions, lost...