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    Player jitters against tiles (SOLVED)

    I need some help. I want my player to collide with the tiles, but when i play it, it jitters against the tiles. How to fix? Thank you! Code: Create move_speed = 8; jump_impulse = 21; grav = 0.75; v_speed = 0; var l = layer_get_id("Collision"); tilemap = layer_tilemap_get_id(l)...
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    GMS 2 The crosshair following the mouse cursor is jittery,when the camera move

    hi! I will post it for the first time. I apologize in advance that English is unnatural. I create the 2d top-down shooter like "hot line miami". Simply,The camera follows the player, and the cross hair follows the mouse pointer. But there is a problem. When the player ( and camera) moves, only...
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    Discussion Strange background bug [SOLVED]

    Edit: SOLVED! I managed to fix the bug by resetting the background every time the room starts up. I did this easily by making a small script; background_ID = layer_background_get_id(0); background_sprite = layer_background_get_sprite(background_ID); layer_background_destroy(background_ID)...