1. M

    Camera Jitter using Lerp - Instances and Surfaces

    I discovered something while building a very smooth camera and using the lerp function. It seems the camera will jitter as it gets very close to the object its following if the lerp value is below 1.0 Mine is 0.05 I began to solve this by using "div" instead of "/" in any division calls inside...
  2. M

    Camera jitter and shake when player moves diagonally.

    Hello, I have camera following the player and when player moves diagonally everything in games starts to jitter and shake. --Player code :-- keyLeft = keyboard_check(ord("A")); keyRight = keyboard_check(ord("D")); keyUp = keyboard_check(ord("W")); keyDown= keyboard_check(ord("S")); hspd =...
  3. H

    Discussion Strange background bug [SOLVED]

    Edit: SOLVED! I managed to fix the bug by resetting the background every time the room starts up. I did this easily by making a small script; background_ID = layer_background_get_id(0); background_sprite = layer_background_get_sprite(background_ID); layer_background_destroy(background_ID)...
  4. Pyxus

    Question - IDE [Solved] Weird Sprite Stutter

    For some odd reason all the sprites in my game have this odd stutter and I have no idea why... Im assuming the fault for this issue lies on me, I must have did something along the way and not noticed but I just don't know. https://i.imgur.com/Zm6B1za.gifv Not sure if it is relevant but I am...
  5. TheOakNuggins

    GMS 2 How to Remove Motion Blur/ Jitteriness?

    I've always had this problem and I can't figure out how to remove it. I'm using very basic movement code, R - L = hspd etc. I've scaled the game already, it works at several resolutions. The recording shows the lowest resolution (which should be the crispest)
  6. Petr Skornok

    Question - Code GMS2 tiles jitter on camera movement

    Hi, I've stumbled upon a problem that while a camera is moving with the player the tiles display with a glitch. I've recorded this issue in slow motion on my phone to capture the moment when the jitter happens. This happens only on Mac (PC seems fine), the game speed is set to 60 and the...
  7. G

    A question I see many make, but no awnser?

    Ok, so. I dont really want a solution to my problem (well if you give me one I'll be glad anyway) I'll like to know were to look to understand why its happening I dont think I can find somenthing about this problem in the manual :( So this is the video I dont know if it is jitter or stutter...
  8. Nathan Laing

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Camera jitter on view scroll/view follow

    Hello everyone, I get camera jitter when scrolling the view, and/or scrolling the view to follow an object (with what is probably very well known code by now), below. I've tried using floor on every aspect possible below, which does improve the result somewhat, but ultimately, if the scroll...
  9. A

    Graphical Problem

    I'm running my game in 1280X720 and if I use window_set_fullscreen my character jitters. I'm using hand drawn art and assumed that maybe that was the reason but I inserted some pixel art too and it jitters too. The pixels are messing up in an odd way. Also if I get rid of window_set_fullscreen...
  10. M

    Sprite jitters up and down when jumping [SOLVED]

    Hey all, this is my first post here! I hope I use proper forum etiquette. I'm currently making a little platformer game, but I have noticed that whilst moving on the Y axis, my player object's sprite jitters up and down. It's not an animated sprite, just a black rectangle. I think it's because...