1. A

    How do I reference a screenshot in my Android extension?

    I've made an extension that shares text from the user, but I'd like it to also share the screenshot of the game too. I know how to share an image with Java, and I know that I can use screen_save to screenshot the game. My question is: how do I get the screenshot image from within my Java code?
  2. P

    Android [Java] How to fix broken extension?

    disclaimer: i'm not sure if this is the correct subforum, feel free to move me I was using "Device Location" by Rani_sputnik for my Android game. This extension has since been removed and no fix has been released publicly by the developer. As my game relies heavily on this feature, and my...
  3. A

    Android [SOLVED] startActivity (Java) not running

    EDIT: I succeeded! All I had to do was change to I hope this helps others who get stuck on this. I'm trying to create an Android extension that allows the user to share their score. I found this code online, and put it in a Java extension. Here is the function: public void share(String str)...
  4. M

    Android APK gives a error

    Hey everybody, I've created a couple of apk's already. But after the update to game maker studio 1.4 i cant do it anymore! I've read here what you can do and i did this already but it still gives the same...
  5. RizbIT

    Asset - Extension How you create a .jar and use in extensions?

    I have written a .java file which has one class. I want to convert that class to a jar file (and if possible protect using ProGuard) Then I want to use another .java file that will be used as the reference in GM which will have methods that GM calls. These methods will call methods in the jar...
  6. Bingdom

    Non-GML related crash

    Ok, so recently some of my users I've been getting these crashes on my Android app and they seem to be not anything to do with my code. Can someone please help me out on how i could prevent any of these: java.lang.RuntimeException: eglSwapBuffers failed: EGL_SUCCESS at...
  7. RizbIT

    Asset - Extension Protecting Your Market Assets

    Ok you spent days, stressed and managed to put together a cool new extension. Few downloads later someone decides thats nice, they get your extension and the code and make their own copy/version and sell it on marketplace for much lower price. So whats stopping people from copying and...
  8. J. Heyne

    JavaScript exported with HTML5 Game

    Hi all, Forgive me if this post is in the wrong section. I was wondering if anyone has been able to take the exported .js file from an html5 game in game maker and edit things like the main function, etc.... I took the code and ran it though a code beautifier, but really could make a lot of...
  9. CodeManu

    Legacy GM [RESOLVED] Wrong packets in TCP connection between GM:S and Java

    Hi all! After been struggling with this for about 30 hours by now I've decided to post it here because I don't think I can find an explanation by myself. Introduction: I've been working on a Java server for a GM:S game, the connection is made through TCP. The Java server connects with GM:S...