1. clee2005

    Job Offer - Programmer Please Delete

    Is there no ability to delete a post?
  2. B

    Android Execution failed for task ':com.bemtee.doodlerunner:compileDebugJavaWithJavac'.

    So I'm having an issue building for Android. I'm using GMS2 for macOS. My buddy and I are using Github as our VCS. He built / compiled / uploaded to the play store and others have downloaded the game and it works perfectly fine. He pushed those same project files to Github and I did a pull. I...
  3. T

    Android import and use external java library?

    Hi, I want to use an external Library. I would place my libs under jniLibs directory if I was in the Android Studio project and the into the com folder.... But with Game Maker Studio 2? How to implement? Code usage would be: import* Inside the "com" folder I got all the...
  4. Zhanghua

    Android How to use the Java Lib file(*.jar)

    How to user the Java Lib file(*.jar) I want to use the 3thd-part java lib on android. I don't know how to do that and include the jar file.
  5. Master Maker

    Legacy GM Java to GML?

    I was wondering if there is an extension to convert Java code into GML code? Or if anyone would be willing to convert some for me? I am wanting to make a huge update to pixel dungeon in GML.
  6. RizbIT

    Problem with Java extension not working with new GMS 1.4 version

    Having updated GMS 1.4 to version 1.4.1772 I have just recompiled an app that uses the GMSWebview extension. I noticed that the webview will ont be shown and in the debug console the following messages are shown: id like to ask why and how to fix this. I have made no changes to the java...
  7. JesterOC

    How to handle 5000 or more players on a JAVA server? Open discussion.

    Open Discussion Here we discuss methods for managing large online player count on a Java server. What is a good method? Currently I have no method implemented, however i would like to use NIO Selector in java but from what ive read its complicated and couldn't find a working example. My...
  8. W

    Help needed with extension, onActivityResult lost

    Hi, I'm making a speech to text / text to speech extension for android and altho the text to speech works perfect, the get speech to text doesn't work, it is not getting the results from the onActivityResult method, can any of you extension geniuses help me out as to why? I have tried the...
  9. G

    Android [SOLVED] Java error while building APK??

    I'm trying to export my game for Android devices and after a short time, I get the following error message: FAILURE: Build failed with an exception. * What went wrong: Execution failed for task ':com.playhouse.ghosthitch:transformClassesWithDexForRelease'. >...
  10. S

    Legacy GM Script Error

    Hey guys! Every time I startup Game Maker: Studio 1.4, I get this error. When I click yes, I do not notice anything different on Game Maker, but the error is quite annoying... How to fix it? EDIT: Sorry, found a thread with the same problem! Read about it here.
  11. zbox

    Asset - Service Android (And all other platforms) Extensions and SDK Implementation

    All other GM platforms available. Specializing in implementing 3rd party SDKs and libraries for your Android game. Current implementations (available on the Marketplace) include Firebase, Card Scanner, Barcode Scanner, WebView and Vungle. 10+ Years of Gamemaker experience plus extensive Java...
  12. JML

    is it safe to add code to build.gradle files in %AppData%\Roaming\GameMaker-Studio\Android\runner ?

    Greetings, in build.gradle, how do you add or modify code that is not in the dependencies? i want to add the following directly before dependencies repositories {mavenCentral()} but the problem is i cannot figure out how to do so, in extensions properties they allow you to inject into...
  13. L

    Android In App Purchase crash

    When I try to initialize In App Purchases with the function "iap_activate()", my game crashes ("Game X has stopped"). The IDE also logs lots of Java exceptions (please see below). I swear I have read all the available documentation, and I have searched for the same problem without success. Here...
  14. R

    Portfolio - Programming Building my gamedev portfolio - Low / non existent rates

    <removed due to personal constraints>
  15. D

    HTML5 button to switch to fullscreen

    Hi people, Is it possible to make an button to switch between normal screen and HTML5 fullscreen. Like I did it with this code in PhP: But I want to make an button inside my game... So i dont need to make an button with html... Can someone help me? Greets, Dennis
  16. Z

    Android Problem with extensions for Android

    Hi! I bought this extensions( and tried to run on my Android device(Samsung Galaxy S4. Version Android: 4.4.2). It starts, but in cmd I get the message: "Can't find argfree method on extension class:null", when you call any...
  17. G

    Error exporting APK

    Yesterday I was checking for updates on the Android SDK Manager and updated Platform-tools from 25.0.2 to 25.0.3 (the latest version). After that, when I tried to export my game thorugh the Android module I got an error with the following message: What's that supposed to mean when I have the...
  18. W

    Android extension problem with starting intent

    Hi, im making an extension you can update the os that a file has been added, such as an image, I'm not getting any compile errors and the extension runs without crashing but the extension doesn't execute the intent to update the os. in the android runner window the only clue i get is that the...
  19. K

    Android Google Play, 4.4.4 Android working, not on 6.0 FIXED

    FIXED; If anyone struggles with the same problem, just uninstall android extras and android versions and re-install them. Hello guys, I just uploaded my game to Google Play. It works just fine on my phone (s3 with 4.4.4 KitKat) when downloaded but not on S6 with Android 6.0 for example. It...
  20. RizbIT

    best way to debug java extension

    when coding java based extensions for android apps whats the best way to debug. At the moment... I make changes to Java code, save it, clear the cache in GM, then rebuild the app, the compiling bit takes ages. I always use the Build app (which then installs the app to the connected device).