1. NoobsWeStand

    Single | 2D running plateformer

    Hello! It's been a while since I have actually made anything This game was made for a local game jam. One week - theme: Right The goal of the game is to avoid the giant death wall that is every moving to the right, while trying to appease the AI that controls the game. It uses my branching...
  2. Misu

    Game Jam The Micro Jam - THEME: Crazy Party

    May 5th - May 8th theme CRAZY PARTY What is this madness!!! Its the Micro Jam, of course! A jam where you make a micro-game (like the ones from WarioWare). This challenge is pretty simple and easy although you think you have what it takes come up with an original microgame that is challenging...
  3. C

    Tunnel Rat

    Here's a game I made in 48 hours for the GM48 jam. I plan on adding to it: more enemies, new powerups etc. Thought I would post a few snaps. https://gm48.net/game/547/tunnel-rat
  4. Misu

    Windows Rehab - made in 72 hours

    This game was made in 72 hours for the 80x45 Jam #2 Play in this very short, yet challenging game of shooting your way to escapade. CONTROLS: Left and Right key is for moving. Up key is to go up stairs or ladders Down key is to shoot (when you get the gun)or go down ladders Space key is to...
  5. Bingdom

    Game Jam 80x45 Jam # 2

    Jam has ended With permission from @Misu, I present you 80x45 Jam #2! Original Thread Theme: Purification WHAT IS THIS? This is a game making jam where you must create a game under a theme... But here is the catch... the room view size has to be 80x45 (cannot be more or less) WHY SO SMALL...
  6. Misu

    Game Jam 80x45 Jam

    Welcome to the 80x45 Jam! I just thought of this random idea just now and perhaps would like people to join in on this! Theme: METAMORPHOSIS WHAT IS THIS? This is a game making jam where you must create a game under a theme usage... But here is the catch... the room view size has to be 80x45...
  7. Adrien Dittrick

    Windows She can't control it

    She can't control it can be played here: http://gamejolt.com/games/she-can-t-control-it/26742 It is a game I made for low-rez jam, the goal was to use a resolution of 32*32 pixels. I used an advantageous zooming system for that. Cute artwork awaits after every level! What is this about? Lily...
  8. R

    Game Jam OSG Jam

    Hey there GMC! It is with approval from the forum staff that I bring to you.... (banner is a courtesy of @TDSrock) OSG stands for "One Script Games" and the rules are pretty simple: Jam Rules: You must make a game in a single script (no tabbed scripts); The whole script must be created...
  9. Misu

    GMC Jam Deadly Desire - Post Version

    Everyone is gone, including your parents. You are all alone and don't know what has happened. You play as a boy who searches for his parents along with some friends on the path to seeking the truth. This extremely short adventure was made by GhostlyFeline and Me (Misu) for the GMC Jam. This...