1. Japster

    HELP!! - Info/creator of a recent game jam card battler game I saw?

    Hey guys! - I seem to recall that someone on here made an impressive (hand-drawn?) card battler game for a game jam entry, and I was wondering if anyone could recall who it was please? I'd like to get in touch with them, but life's been really hectic, and I no longer even recall WHICH jam it...
  2. Pelican Police

    Demo Don't Zone Out: A fast paced multiplayer memory game

    Latest progress: Discord • Twitter • Gamejolt • Jam entry • Itch • Steam (coming soon, not public yet) FYI, the following version is now very out of date, a much better demo will be released soon (tm) This is my entry for last weekend's GM48 jam! The theme for the game jam was "60...
  3. Xor

    Windows Three Mice In a Trenchcoat [POST-JAM version]

    Hello everyone! This is the extended version of our GMC Jam entry. We weren't able to complete the game in four days or at least not as we had envisioned, but taking an extra day, I managed to wrap most of it up. The concept is simple. You are a mouse with one goal, and that is to end the...
  4. Daniel Mallett

    Game jams

    I'm getting a bit sick of myself atm programming-wise. I'm sure the rest of the forum has had enough of me too at this point. I want a break from beating myself up. I wanted to have a crack at a game jam. I'm not seeing a whole lot of recent content for the next one. Can someone link me?
  5. JasonTomLee

    Free GMTK Jam 2019- One Card Carnage

    https://jasontomlee.itch.io/one-card-carnage Hey GMS community! A team of awesome friends & I jammed this game out for Gamemaker-Toolkit Jam 2019. The theme was: Only one It's a topdown-survival card game with movement like Crypt the NecroDancer. Hope you enjoy & please spread the word if you...
  6. NathanAuckett

    Game Jam DreamHack Summer Jam is May 10th - 19th! Awesome prizes!

    Come have fun while making a game based on the surprise theme! Join the action and use this opportunity to try out some of those new game ideas you’ve been working on by taking part in the Dreamhack Summer Game Jam! Prizes: First place winner will win $1,000 USD, 3-day event passes and a...
  7. Adrien Dittrick

    HTML5 GM48: Deathless State

    What is this? You are the governor of Califeornia. Califeornia is a no-death state, which means dying there is illegal. Make sure your fellow citizens don't commit crimes. Fine them heavily if they do. How do I play it? This can be played entirely with your mouse. Click anywhere on the...
  8. NathanAuckett

    DreamHack Dallas Jam is March 29th - April 6th! Check out the prizes!

    Prizes: First place winner will win $1,000 USD, 3-day event passes and a showcasing spot for the winning game! 5 chosen games will have a showcasing spot at DreamHack Dallas with 3-day event passes! DreamHack is the world’s largest digital festival, bringing esports tournaments, BYOC LAN...
  9. T

    HTML5 Get That Gold! - WGJ 65

    Hello Folks! I took some time off the tutorial making this week in order to participate in the 65th WeeklyGameJam. The theme was Watch Your Step Play Get The Gold! Game Overview You have to get to the "X" spot without falling into the water. To move you have to pick 3 steps, no less and no...
  10. matharoo

    [Game Jam] JamCraft 2

    --------------------------------------------------------------- Runs from 1st November to 14th November. Join here --------------------------------------------------- JamCraft is all about making games that have an emphasis on creation through combination. This could take the form of crafting...
  11. S

    GMC Jam Stick Together by Sora Ngin

    Stick Together by Sora Ngin (Alpha version - Last Updated: 2019-04-09) Originally made for the 2-Day GMC Game Jam 30. This demo is a strategy game of capture the king and beating each other up with swords and arrows. This project is a huge work in progress with still loads of work left...
  12. T

    Is the countdown clock broken?

    Please tell me that the jam still starts 4 hours from now, not 4 minutes..
  13. T

    Opinion Which is the best file sharing service for uploading games?

    Hallo all. I want to participate in the jam, but it occurs to me that for some reason I don't have any accounts for any file sharing services heavy enough to upload .exes. Which do you all use?
  14. NathanAuckett

    DreamHack Austin Jam is this weekend! May 4 - May 13

    DreamHack and Game Jolt will showcase 10 games from this jam at the Game Jolt booth June 1-3, during DreamHack Austin! DreamHack is the world’s largest digital festival, bringing esports tournaments, BYOC LAN parties, cosplay competitions, music acts, technology exhibitions and panel...
  15. gmx0

    Crypto Jam ($100 in prizes, 3/29 - 4/4)

    Itch.io Jam Page Hey, y'all, I'm hosting the Crypto Game Jam over at Itch.io! There will be a $100 in cryptocurrency and a premium newsletter subscription prize to the winner of the jam. The jam will run from March 29 to April 4. The aim of the jam is to create a great game with either a...
  16. HayManMarc

    Team Request Wanted: fast pixel artist for jam. Ends March 16th. No pay.

    (This is a non-paid position.) Need some quick and dirty practice? Don't care about a finished product? Do you like robots and sci-fi? Can you art like this...? Deadline is March 16th. The game may not get finished. I could use a little help with the overall idea, but I have one started. The...
  17. matharoo

    [Game Jam] JamCraft 2018

    Matharoo and Jack Oatley present... JamCraft 2018 - itch.io About: JamCraft is all about making games that have an emphasis on creation through combination. This could take the form of crafting items from raw materials, brewing potions, preparing food, discovering fighting combos, creating...
  18. S

    How to game teams work together on the same game?

    Hey so, there's a local game jam coming up and I'm pretty excited for it. However, I don't really know how me and one or two others are gonna work on a Gamemaker game at the same time? Like, I know someone could be doing art while another does programming, but what about programming at the same...
  19. matharoo

    1+1=3 Jam

    Sigh... Matharoo presents The 1+1=3 Jam! Welcome to the 1+1=3 Jam! This jam is all about adding 1+1 to get 3. In other words, you must make a game that prominently features a mixture of separate game mechanics or elements. The possibilities are endless, and it's all up to you to unleash...
  20. matharoo

    Crossover Fangame Jam

    Hey people of the GMC city! I'm hosting a jam on itch.io called the Crossover Fangame Jam. Read the description: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Crossover Fangame Jam Welcome to the Crossover Fangame Jam! In this jam you must make a fangame...