1. H

    Windows Shadow Child

    Shadow Child is a challenging puzzle action platformer that will bring many hours of difficult levels, challenges, and surprises. Spend time finishing and completing over 135 levels that get harder and harder as you move forward. Shadow child on Shadow child on Gamejolt Shadow Child...
  2. Wolfzdogz

    Released Eat or be eaten

    Eat or be eaten Is a little game and also a first time game for 1 of us in the team (we are 2 people) and we are slowly learning more and more in the game making world! and we decided to publish our first game and all our other games while we are progressing in our skills of gamedev! Try it out...
  3. H

    Windows TOP HAT HERO

    TOP HAT HERO HATS! LASERS! METORS! BOSSES! SPACE CHICKENS?!! TOP HAT HERO is an arcade shooter that is all about distance and high-score. Try to get challenging achievements while getting the TOP score KEY FEATURES Try to obtain all the achievements get the high score get bragging rights Any...
  4. MeltingCat

    Demo 'Dap' - a horror action adventure

    We have released a short demo of our work in progress. 'Dap' is a horror action adventure. To progress you must fight through darkness to find other Daps, travel with them and overcome a dangerous infected world. Currently there is about 30-40 minutes of...
  5. solarcrispz

    HTML5 HTML Web Socket functionality on

    Hey guys. After figuring out all the little quirks of porting my buffers and what not to html (html doesn't seem to like float buffers), I got a local browser client (the one gms2 provides with the play button) up and running and connected to a host client version of my game. But I'm noticing...
  6. M

    GameJolt or

    Where do you suggest me to publish my games? Gamejolt, or both?
  7. lukbebalduke

    Released Dunk Em Up [Ludum Dare 41 Winner]

    A platformer where you beat enemies with a basketball and slam powerful dunks upon 'em! It was solo developed in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 41, where it ended up placing in the first position overall at the compo competition. The link in the description also includes the source code! It may be...
  8. Warspite2


    Has anyone here had any luck with selling games on I have a game I put up there roughly 5 months ago. It only has 12 views, like it hasn't even gotten seen. Then a few of them are from me checking the store page after update. Oh and check this out...the same game has nearly 50k...
  9. O

    HTML5 Difficulty uploading to with included HTML5 file

    Hi! Thanks for reading. I'm trying to upload a zip file of my game to but keep getting this message: There was a problem loading your project: Failed to find index.html Please try deleting the ZIP file and uploading another one. I'm a complete newbie to coding. Do I have to make my own...
  10. Yong

    Released Gunkid 99, available now for FIRST ACCESS on

    GUNKID 99 is a fast-paced, 2d arena-shooter that is all about getting that HIGH SCORE. Available now on for FIRST ACCESS!! In addition to the DRM-free version on Itch, you'll also get a code for the Steam version once it is ready. WISHLIST ON STEAM (to be notified once it is ready...
  11. G

    HTML5 Earning $ from smaller (but quality) games

    (i say quality in brackets cause i dont want to completely sell my soul and make candy crush ripoffs for mums on ipads.. its just not a playerbase i can relate to) Can we pool our info on this subject? My best idea is release the game as free (kongregate, gamejolt, itch), but have players pay...
  12. G

     How Can I Get More People to Check my Game Demo Online?

    I'm working on a game called Immortal that I hope to release on Steam by the end of this year for Early Access. I want to make the best game possible; however, I can hardly find anyone online to try out my demo on Itch, let alone give me feedback to improve my game. I already posted a thread in...
  13. G

    Distribution Publishing on other places before steam

    My game is nearly finished, and I started to think about publishing. I found out that (if I understood correctly), getting a game to steam can take months. So is it better to publish the game first on other places, like and gamejolt, or wait and publish it in all places at the same time...
  14. Beechbone

    Mac OSX [SOLVED] Game reports as being damaged after being downloaded from storefront

    Hey, I have a problem with distributing my game outside of Mac App store. I imported my project to GMS2 and compiled it with a slight update, which fixed a bug that I had in the macOS version of the game. I'm distributing my game via and now after the file is downloaded and executed...
  15. A

    Windows Fairly Nude - A hardcore pixel platformer

    Fairly Nude is the only unoriginal Platformer you should play! Well, when it comes out, that is. You play as this naked guy who jumps over spikes and ****! Fairly Nude offers a hope crushing experience that'll leave you crying for more, or maybe less. Who cares?! You play as a naked guy! In...
  16. A

    Demo SENIORITIS (Scott Pilgrim-inspired Platformer)

    After a year of conceptualizing and half of one developing the first level, the demo of Senioritis is finally out for the public to play! Senioritis is an action-packed platformer inspired by Scott Pilgrim VS The World with beat 'em up mechanics. Play as Julian "JD" Davenport as you barrel...
  17. L

    Free Zer0 0ne

    Welcome Zer0 0ne. Ready to get your hack on? There are so many computers and networks to infiltrate its absurd. Its like people think they can live without fear of getting digitally rekt! The nerve. Prove them wrong. Zer0 0ne is a hacking strategy game I've been working on for the past...
  18. matharoo

    Crossover Fangame Jam

    Hey people of the GMC city! I'm hosting a jam on called the Crossover Fangame Jam. Read the description: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Crossover Fangame Jam Welcome to the Crossover Fangame Jam! In this jam you must make a fangame...
  19. Misu

    Opinion GameJolt or

    After what happen with Steam, my teammates are having second thoughts of whether considering using Steam in the future or not. I preferly don't want to take the risk, specially when we are starting with no budget at all... So I need a backup. In between GameJolt and, which of these have...
  20. R

    Distribution Gamejolt or

    I'm looking at distributing my game for free but I don't know what site to use?