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  1. Fluury

    GMS 2 Bizarre performance decreasing, random-number related Issue

    I had posted a thread earlier about my issues, but unfortunately to no avail. Given there was a lot of information to write, I just put it in a video. The gist is that as it appears, in some context, using random number generation just seems to cause some internal, permanent (until you close...
  2. Kori

    Windows problem in sprites's collision mask

    I really need help. I have a problem with the collision mask in automatic mode, it is simply 1x1 pixel, regardless of the shape, I tried to reset preferences, reinstall gamemaker, uninstall clean, and nothing ... I will put a picture of how this. I don't remember doing anything wrong, I just did...
  3. zendraw

    SOLVED makro error

    so i have defined functions like draw_set_halign to macros and every time i startup the project i get the red ! dot warning with some message that you can see in the screenshot. if i modify the code, like remove ; then add it again, the red dots dissapear, the game also runs normally without a...
  4. R

    Windows Upgraded from free trail and now game crashes upon loading new room

    I started making a game with my 30 day free trial and decided to buy Gamemaker to keep going with it. The game launches like normal and you can navigate the options, but upon pressing "Start" the whole thing freezes and I have to close it through task manager. If I try to launch the first game...
  5. L

    "Inspect Elements" not working when running on HTML5 platform and other issues

    I cannot access the "Inspect Elements" window when running my game on the HTML5 platform. F12 doesn't do anything and right clicking anywhere on the browser screen does not bring up any option menu. I am running the game on Chrome (32-bit) and using Windows 10. I tried running the game on Edge...
  6. Nahual


    Has anyone (working on a game for iOS) had this issue where at the GameOver screen of your game, to avoid any memory leaks and to restart the game in general the game does restart but with a black screen? I get audio and I can somewhat play the game, I hear the game sounds if I jump or shoot...
  7. Daniel Mallett

    GMS 2 It's a feature not a bug?

    I'm convinced this is a bug. case const_level_type_jungle: { lay_id = layer_get_id("lyr_front_tile"); tile_id = layer_tilemap_get_id(lay_id); tilemap_tileset(tile_id, tl_jungle_front); lay_id = layer_get_id("lyr_back_tile"); tile_id =...
  8. I

    Windows Game speed has messed up! HELP!

    Hello guys!! I have a queston that is killing me, last week i tested my game and recorded some gameplays to upload to my social medias and gamejolt, everything GOOD! But, i open my project today and the coordinates movements (X,Y) have slow down, like gravity of moon, and, my animation speed...
  9. I

    GMS 2 Missing layers in room on load

    Hey guys! This is my first post! I have got a GMS licence few weeks ago because i think is easy and nice to develop retro games, so i love it! But i'm having issues recently! I have read ALL my codes and everything is fine and i suspected about layers missing on load randomly! Look, i got room...
  10. Diegovz01

    HTML5 http_request not working anymore on HTML5 Target GMS2

    Hi, I'm trying to make a post request to a json api with the following code in GameMaker 2 html5 target. Create event of object: Asyc http event: Unfortunately I got the following error: This only happens with HTML5 target export, when on Windows it works just fine. Also the weird...
  11. Arthur521

    Android / Amazon Fire Flashing screen issue on Android!

    Hi! Now I need help with this flashing border here, there is a way to solve it? My game have a lot of rooms, but only two of them have this problem and it only happens on some specific gadgets.
  12. P

    Question - IDE Stuck on "Building" issue

    Hey, I just bought the desktop license was was really excited to start learning how to make games. But every time I try to press the run test (Default f5 button), my cursor changes to the loading hourglass and in the top right corner it says "building". However unlike the tutorial i am...
  13. S

    Windows Strange Game Loading Issue I'm having

    So for some reason when I load a game through GMS2 for the first few times, run times are normal, like 5-10 seconds, but after that, it take 30-45 seconds, it has nothing to do with game size and I already tried cleaning the game, but nothing changes it. Any help is appreciated, I really want to...
  14. Admiral Nemo

    GMS 2 Loading assets from one room into another, multiple times.

    I'm loading a bunch of instances from one room into another. Code is too long and mixed in with other code but the basics are this: In the old room : create object A, with variable that stores destination room and variable that stores middle room - then go to middle room In the middle room ...
  15. U

    Resource load failure and resource are malformed

    Hello so the issue is one day i was working on my game and didn't save the latest object yet suddenly the power was off for a second (i don't know why the power was off) and when the power comeback my computer open window by itself and when i come and check back all of my resource is fine and...
  16. IPaint

    Sound Issue, Please Help

    When I launch my game, no sound plays but the sound plays only if I click on the task bar, though, it freezes the game. I'm using Game Maker v8.1 and i'm not sure what I've done wrong, or whether it's game maker, If anyone could help that'd be great.
  17. Marko03970

    Android / Amazon Fire Android problem

    Can anyone explain me what is the problem and how to fix that please?
  18. J

    Windows Output delay AFTER 'Options: [Path]\MainOptions.json and BEFORE Attempt to set gamepadcount [SOLVED]

    Edited Title and Main Post for clarity of issue and solution. Hello, I have tried searching for this issue and found 1 other unanswered thread that was similar however I cannot figure out what is wrong. When I go to build even something as simple as an empty room with a red square in it, the...
  19. Zackary200

    Legacy GM Bluetooth Gamepad Slowdown/Frame Drop Issues

    I'm having performance problems when using a Bluetooth controller. When I use my Bluetooth controller for my Project it lags around 45-58 fps, but when I use a Wired USB controller or without a Bluetooth controller it runs in 60 fps. I tried using alarms or checking every 5 steps/frames, but...
  20. A

    Windows Sound emitters stopping

    Hey guys, here's the deal. I am making an open world game with cars. They make sounds via an emitter. The sound loops and changes in pitch based on how fast the car is going. If a player drives the car, then the priority is 100, otherwise, it is 20. The only sounds that are in the game are...