1. B

    Isometric jumping on a platformer

    The game I am working on right now is for a class project at my university, I'm in a group and I am the only programmer. The designer wants the game to resemble scott pilgrim vs the world but at the same time work like a traditional platformer as well. The idea is that it is an endless runner...
  2. ph101

    Tile depth on create

    Hi In an isometric game, I'm swapping an object at a certain position and depth for a tile at the same depth to save on draw time. proxy_tile = tile_add(FloorTiles1, tile_x_start, 0, tile_x_start + sizex, sizy, xx, yy, depth); visible = 0; Then I am setting my object to be invisible but...
  3. F

    Legacy GM Pathfinding AI with states

    Hi! I'm making an isometric action RPG using the same finite state machine as heartbeast's RPG-seies. I want to implement an AI-pathfinding system but I can't make it work. What i want is enemies that use the different states but also avoid obstacles such as walls and other stuff. This is the...
  4. T

    Legacy GM Mouse aiming and bullet trajectories in isometric game

    I've tried to google for a mathematical solution to my problem, but I've drawn a blank. I'm working on an "isometric" shooter game, which means that the x and y-axis are different lengths. I've managed to get the bullet ranges to work, i.e. they fly twice as far on the x-axis as they do on the...
  5. M

    Design Can an Isometric Tower Defense be made?

    So i got a tower defense game done but its top down. Question is, i want to know if its posible to do it isometric? I would need a completly different code for tower rotation since i gues it would be a 3d? any comments? not sure how would i pull it off if i want it to be isometric, is it...
  6. G

    Drawing Depths from Control Object

    So I'm making an isometric game and have recently found that my frame rate is suffering and a big culprit is probably the number of vertex batches being sent to the GPU. So I have set all of my objects to be drawn by a single draw control object as the buildings, trees etc. are drawn using a set...
  7. J

     Roaming the land of Death (isometric)

    Looking for any feedback on this project. This is my first game and it is nowhere near finished. Roaming the land of death is an isometric game with questing, shooting off spells, looting, and other fun mechanics. I started this project almost 3 years ago but finding the motivation to work on...
  8. G

    Legacy GM Interested in Isometric lighting project

    I've gained a fascination with isometric games, but I'm struggling to couple it with my fascination of lighting and shadows in 2D games. It's undoubtedly a mammoth task to create shadows of blocks that adapt to light sources in 2D isometric space. I'm starting A level maths and further maths...
  9. M

    Android Clash of clans like game

    Hello All, Can i make a clash of clans like game here? or am i better of with unity? I have made the sprites and basic menus but have not really started. Only characters, units, buildings. etc.
  10. RyanC

    Legacy GM Drawing Isometric Tiles to a Surface

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to optimize the map on my game to get a higher fps by drawing all the floor object sprites to one large surface instead of them all being drawn separately. Currently using depth = -y; My question is how would I go about retaining the depth for when the player walks...
  11. Turgon

    Particle Depth - Isometric/Dynamic

    I'm making an isometric game right now, and am wondering if anyone has found a way to draw particles at their current isometric depth within the same particle system? E.g. when a bullet hits a wall it creates a number of particles on impact. The problem is that the created particles ignore...