1. J

    Team Request [OPEN] Isometric RPG needing some extra brainpower!

    Hello! My name is Jak and im an ambitious but also very sensible and hardworking programmer. My current game is an isometric RPG with all the bells and whistles of an rpg but with no decided theme or name as of yet. This is because I opted to finish the mechanics I know I want in it before...
  2. mar_cuz

    Legacy GM Isometric Depth Question

    Hi GMC, Sorry I know this is an age old question. I'm working on an isometric game and I want the player to walk in front of and behind tiles. I know the depth = -y trick. But that only works if I use objects and I want to use tiles. My rooms are going to be quite big with a lot of other...
  3. Felipe Rybakovas

    Alpha IzoProject - Isometric Story Driven Boss Battle ARPG

    "Are you going there? Good luck, adventurer. You will find the holy man. The miracle worker He helped everyone in the village. He healed diseases, exorcised the demons of the forest and protected them from evil, all with their divine powers. All with your faith Once, I took my little brother...
  4. T

    Windows Isometric Terrain Engine

    Hi everyone! This is just a really simple isometric terrain engine I created today. Its a simple engine where you can raise and lower the terrain with your mouse. The engine also includes slopes which will automatically appear to smooth out the terrain. A little player will spawn on the plain...
  5. mar_cuz

    Legacy GM Gamepad Idle issues

    Hi Guys, I'm having issues with using the gamepad anologue joystick with my player in my isometric game. The player moves fine, I've locked the directions to 8 and the sprite changes to the correct one with each direction. the problem is when the player stops, I need it to change to the idle...
  6. G

    Asset - Graphics Tank Mega Pack

    Built this over the last few days. You can find it on the marketplace here - On Monday, when they up the asset store upload limit, I'll be updating this with uncompressed sprites. I look forward to hearing what you think!
  7. mar_cuz

    Question - IDE Isometric game

    Hi Guys, I've been using GMS for a few years now and I am looking to make and isometric style game. Does GMS2 have isometric support yet? Or will it in the future? Or is there a work around to do it if it does not have native support? I'm thinking about making the jump to GMS2 but I would...
  8. Anixias

    Legacy GM Isometric Vertical Movement

    I've been working this game for a little while and while I've gotten my graphics to a point where I love them, I just thought about a player-movement flaw. The game is an infinite random world in a survival aspect. Here is a screenshot: How should I handle the player attempting to walk down a...
  9. T

    Game Mechanics Game Maker 2 For Axonometric Game

    Hi there, I'm strongly considering using Game Maker Studio 2 for my next project and I'm trying to decide between Game Maker and Unity for a mobile axonometric style game - would game maker be a good option here and if so does anyone have any resources or insight into features of game maker...
  10. wadaltmon

    3D Changing Movement Distance Based on Distance from Camera (P3DC, Raycasting)

    Hello! Background: I am creating a 3D, isometric RPG. In order to make collisions more expedient, I am using the P3DC extension. As in most isometric RPGs, the mouse is used to control where the player character will move and what the player will interact with. As such, I implemented a ray...
  11. I

    Isometric Age of empires like depth problem

    hello this is my first post, i don't know if i have to present myself in another section (in that case sorry). i've been experiencing some top down pov but i would really like to make an isometric game ( i have basic skills and i've been coding since almost a year), problem is that anything i...
  12. Anixias

    Legacy GM Tips For Rendering Optimization

    Currently, I have an isometric-projected ds_grid containing tiles (this ds_grid is the terraindata grid, containing enumeration values such as tile.grass or tile.water, etc.) I have another grid of a matching size called variant and every cell is set to random(1) on the grid's initialization...
  13. R

    Android [Android] Blocks

    Blocks is an intelligence game, aimed at those people who want to challenge their own mind with incredible puzzles. The earth is abandoned to its luck since in all the bunkers and governmental administrations the nuclear energy has been used in an excessive way. The time has come to take...
  14. S

    HTML5 Why is my game crashing in HTML5?

    I recently decided I wanted to work on an isometric game for HTML5 and was trying to make a good grid-based movement script, I found this really good movement script example online and wanted to use it, but for some reason when I choose to compile for HTML5, it crashes when I click to move. It...
  15. Teroil

    Tycoon game design & mechanics

    Have you guys ever experimented with tycoon-like games? I'm currently making my own about a kebab house and it seems there's quite a lot work to do as I intend to give the player the ability to try to use as little money as possible to make a kebab dish while still maintaining the quality of...
  16. K

    Virtucity - isometric city builder (v0.10031)

    Isometric city builder made in GM:S Download link! Features: Simple RCI system Road building system with 1 type of road (unpaved) Simple power/water system Simple economy How to play: Build your roads first, but keep in mind, that your zones need to be adjacent to a road or else they won't...
  17. G

    Discussion Hi Guys, I started my new game on Gamemaker 2

    Compadres, I'm happy to announce this little project. I am a beginner programmer and I hope to have the help of everyone here. This is the "October"
  18. ph101

    Mouse collisions on sprites after isometric projection

    Hiya So I have a bunch of objects drawing themselves using isometric projection. I am using tiles and objects, this is concerning objects. I'm trying to come up with an efficent way of detecting when the mouse cursor is on the projected sprite. Because the object itself is in a 2d grid/area as...
  19. V

    How to create a Management Isometric Game

    Hi! I have made a game like simcity+anno+the settlers on GameMaker Studio 1 (3d studio max+photoshop+GM+SonarX2). But it was just a test and worked very well. So, I am planning to make a really serious project. What do you think guys about it? How can I make the elements of the game like: -...
  20. brinycann0nade

    Legacy GM Isometric collisions and pathfinding/navigation with paths

    I'm new to paths and I don't know how they should be used in certain situations. This post might be all over the place since I'm still new at this. My game is an isometric sort of god-game that looks like Age of Empires, just to give you an idea. All movement is handled like this...