1. L

    GMS 2 Need help in creating an isometric game

    Well, i watched first part of "Isometric Game Tutorial" video by Shaun Spalding and does everything what was sayed, but i really don't get it - how to resize correctly tiles in this isometric system. I mean, in a video size of a block is 16x12, but what i need to do is to make this 48x36. How...
  2. badwrong

    Design Looking for advice on isometric game

    Hi. I am looking for things to consider when making an isometric game. Here is a video of an early prototype I made with random assets off the internet: What I have so far: As you can see in the video I have the math working for drawing the tiles and positioning the player and enemies. All...
  3. A

    Graphics Which kind of assets are needed for a game like Archero ?

    Hello, I make a simple game, inspired by Archero, without 3D I have experience in flat web programming but I'm terrible at orientation and dimensions, and struggling to get the right words to describe what I need Could you confirm or correct this ? Floor is "top down", flat ? Decorations...
  4. E

    Free A Free Isometric Tile Generator

    Need isometric tiles? I made a a nice little block generator you all can use! EPHEMERAL ISOTILE ( Features Built-in textures allowing you to create on-the-fly placeholder art, or even usable assets with no external images. Easy custom texture-loading from PNG images. Mathematical...
  5. P

    How to program player to jump in Isometric

    Hey everyone, I've been following a tutorial on an ARPG, I'd really like to implement a jump mechanic. Since it's a top-down style, jumping is a bit of a trick, and I'm pretty new to the program. Has anyone been able to something like this? What kind of coding do you figure it would require?
  6. Y

    Asset - Project [Solved] Isometric RPG game template?

    Hi. I think isometric or top view 2d map games are some of the basis of GMS2. The thing is, Im a bit lazzy to program all the collisions, 8 direction possible collisions, been behind a tree or not, etc etc. Do you guys know any template, demo or project that I can use as template? If it is...
  7. FacesOfMu

    GML Isometric RPGs: Tiles and Sprite Origins

    I'm not sure if this should be posted in Programming or Game Design threads. I'm wondering what the norm is when it comes to deciding the origins of sprites for an isometric RPG? I've got sprites that will be drawn in both inventory and in the room grid. When they're in the room grid, I need...
  8. Nickolaus Lunz

    Isometric Tile Scaling

    Hello, This is the first time I've submitted a post in a very long time. Always try going though YoYo Games documents before making a post to assure it isn't something I can figure out. Recently I began making an old style isometric game. I've create a couple of tile sets to do this. Within...
  9. F

    2d pixel art/isometric/alternatives?

    Hello! My name is Felipe, i'm a graphic designer and learning GM. I want to make a 2d RPG/City Building game, focusing on story. My first game. While i learn GM, i do some sketches. I'm a bit lost in which direction to go. For city building, i think isometric camera works best. But the...
  10. K

    Free Only nothingness remains

    When reality breaks apart.
  11. V

    Isometric help (collision and depth)

    I've been struggling to determine the best way to have collisions and depth for an isometric game my team is making. I've been able to get some objects working properly, like a bus, but I had to split the bus into two parts, so I could also use a diamond collision mask. However, this game...
  12. mar_cuz

    Design How can I improve this art? [New Pictures]

    Hi Guys, trying to do the art for my game. How do you think I could improve these walls? I just can't seem to make a good colour palette and the style feels like it needs to feel more natural or something. what do you think?
  13. H

    Windows BrutalAliens Isometric Shooter

    Hey guys Im creating a Isometric Shooter Game called BrutalAliens Thanks Gameplay
  14. S_Kleer

    GMS 2 Asset layer too slow (Isometric Tiles)

    Hi all! I decided to do a small test between GMS 1 and GMS 2. In GMS 1 I made simple isometric tileset and wrote this code to create it in room: for (var i=0; i<256; i++) { for (var j=0; j<256; j++) { var xx = (i - j) * 32; var yy = (i + j) * 16...
  15. M

    Legacy GM 2d Isometric while using 3D functions?

    Hello, I was recently getting back to some of my old projects and decided to make an isometric game. First of all, my walls are basically just flat 32x96 sprites, to put them in isometric state, I just used function "draw_sprite_pos(...)" using which I could turn square into a paralelogram/romb...
  16. F

    Help with Isometric Tiles and Grid Snap

    Hey guys, I'm having some pretty extreme difficulties with isometric tiling and understanding the best way to do it. The game I'm creating should allow players to create objects locked to an isometric grid. I'm working with a 2:1 ratio. My sprites have been drawn as cubes. The issue I'm having...
  17. Felipe Rybakovas

    Legacy GM technics for handcraft isometric levels (SOLVED)

    Hey Guys! I'm here to get new ideas on how can I achieve this... Currently I already tried some cases like: Tiled Alone. Not even close to possible. Used the TiledToBinary from @Mick. (This one kinda works good, but it's hard to get it configured at first... And maybe I'll hit one case...
  18. BerserkMecha

    Isometric Depth and Camera Rotation

    I am making a game that has an isometric perspective and I want to have the camera rotate around the player character. Normally, I would have the depth for each object be -y*x, but as the camera rotates around the player character, that would cause problems with the depth of objects. Does...
  19. JDizzle383

    GMS 2 Isometric level editor[SOLVED]

    So I have been trying to figure out a method of creating a "depth detection" system for a level editor. What I mean is I need something like this: from these images: As it is my first time with isometric tiles and I don't know how to deal with depth based on what already exists in the...
  20. L

    Tile Drawing for an Isometric Game

    Hello all, I've started a new project in GMS2 - namely, an attempt to get an isometric game running. While designing this game so far, I have come across one major issue I am having difficulty with: I've decided to program the entire game in a top-down perspective, and simply redraw the...