1. Gizmo199

    Windows Search Reverse - If 'I-SPY' and 'Where's waldo' were set in a time-bending reality!

    Download page About I made this game over the course of around 3 days for the Brackeys Jam 2020.2! If "I-Spy" and "Where's Waldo" were set in a time-bending scavenger hunt! Use your mouse in this point and click casual game to find the people and things on your list before the time runs out...
  2. P

    GMS 2 What is the most efficient way to make Multi-Height Level Tilemaps

    First of all, it is important to notice that the game I develop is made to be look like isometric. But it is done using tilesets and tutorial of Shaun Spalding and some fundamental functions of isometricity coordinates translation. So the actual problem is until now I have been using Shaun's...
  3. P

    Team Request I am looking for 2D artist to co-make a new game

    Hello GameMakers! My name is Tim and I am learning how to make games in Game Maker Studio 2 and I have been doing it for a quite long period of time for me. So now I am upgrading my isometric game prototype so it can be used to create some cool isometric games. It is already quite functional and...
  4. P

    GML Depth in Isometric View

    Hello everybody. I have trouble updating depth of my object in isometric game: when the object takes the neccesary tile the depth works right but while moving the depth is always changing and the cube is dissapearing every step, "hiding" behind the house object. Here is the code of my step...
  5. P

    Isometric grid with Tilemap got inaccurate

    Well, I don't think you got what I mean from the title so I will explain a little bit: I am trying to learn how to make isometric game, I used Shaun Spaldings tutorials and even added the object moving to grid working properly BUT my grid, made with tilemap works strangely because it marks the...
  6. A Random Creator

    GML Elevation in an isometric world.

    Hello everyone! I've been working on a map editor for a project recently using chunks and surfaces, and it works pretty well so far: But I've recently decided I'd like to attempt to convert this project into a 3D or 2.5D world. The idea I came up with that I thought would be the best method to...
  7. Mig_PG

    Windows Isometric engine featuring : Depth Sorting - Z-heights - Ramps - Bitwise Grid/Collisions

    Isometric Engine Cool features so far : - Any number of floors / fevels - Ramps / Z-height - Pre-calculated depth sorting that handle any block dimensions. (Used a method described here : Isometric depth sorting) I did try a bunch of methods. I will talk about them in details when I next...
  8. hughrock18

    SOLVED Isometric (2.5D) Jump Collision Issue

    I am attempting to produce an isometric game that allows the player to jump on multiple "z heights" of platforms. I have a setup that ALMOST works, but I am clearly missing something. The code is very lengthy and riddled with scripts (to replace commonly used lines and/or blocks). So instead...
  9. L

    GMS 2 Help with isometric grid calculations

    I'm working on an isometric grid and I thought I'd cracked the maths but I've hit a wall. I'm using draw_line_width() to draw a simple Cartesian grid in the centre of the screen: global.GridLeft = (room_width / 2) - ((global.CellWidth * global.NoOfXCells) / 2); global.GridTop = (room_height /...
  10. Y

    GMS 2 Advice Needed, Mouse Controls for a 4 directional Isometric World

    Right, so I figured out keyboard controls for movement on an Isometric world. But I would like to add mouse controls as a feature that is easily accessible for the player, so they can decide on preference, without having to select control preference from a menu item. That said, my thoughts are...
  11. T

    Graphics Free isometric room designs

    Hello, not sure where you find your graphics, I used to buy my stuff from different sites. Right now I am looking for "isometric Rooms" (Office, Server Rooms) to use for my game. Best would to find some free to use. Maybe one of you has a link to search for this kind?
  12. B

     Dice-o-Logic - Puzzle game

    Hey, I'm working on my first serious GameMaker Studio project. It is an isometric puzzle game where you control a die through various levels. The goal in each level is to reach the target field with the specified number of pips on the top face of the die. The game has several mechanics such as...
  13. badwrong

     Isometric ARPG - progress so far

    So I've been working on the core parts of an isometric game and its going good so far. Since I'm still on the very early parts, I'm wondering if there are any special things to consider early on that might help me later. Currently I have it performing very well even with many enemies at once...
  14. L

    GMS 2 Need help in creating an isometric game

    Well, i watched first part of "Isometric Game Tutorial" video by Shaun Spalding and does everything what was sayed, but i really don't get it - how to resize correctly tiles in this isometric system. I mean, in a video size of a block is 16x12, but what i need to do is to make this 48x36. How...
  15. badwrong

    Design Looking for advice on isometric game

    Hi. I am looking for things to consider when making an isometric game. Here is a video of an early prototype I made with random assets off the internet: What I have so far: As you can see in the video I have the math working for drawing the tiles and positioning the player and enemies. All...
  16. A

    Graphics Which kind of assets are needed for a game like Archero ?

    Hello, I make a simple game, inspired by Archero, without 3D I have experience in flat web programming but I'm terrible at orientation and dimensions, and struggling to get the right words to describe what I need Could you confirm or correct this ? Floor is "top down", flat ? Decorations...
  17. E

    Free A Free Isometric Tile Generator

    Need isometric tiles? I made a a nice little block generator you all can use! EPHEMERAL ISOTILE ( Features Built-in textures allowing you to create on-the-fly placeholder art, or even usable assets with no external images. Easy custom texture-loading from PNG images. Mathematical...
  18. P

    How to program player to jump in Isometric

    Hey everyone, I've been following a tutorial on an ARPG, I'd really like to implement a jump mechanic. Since it's a top-down style, jumping is a bit of a trick, and I'm pretty new to the program. Has anyone been able to something like this? What kind of coding do you figure it would require?
  19. Y

    Asset - Project [Solved] Isometric RPG game template?

    Hi. I think isometric or top view 2d map games are some of the basis of GMS2. The thing is, Im a bit lazzy to program all the collisions, 8 direction possible collisions, been behind a tree or not, etc etc. Do you guys know any template, demo or project that I can use as template? If it is...
  20. FacesOfMu

    GML Isometric RPGs: Tiles and Sprite Origins

    I'm not sure if this should be posted in Programming or Game Design threads. I'm wondering what the norm is when it comes to deciding the origins of sprites for an isometric RPG? I've got sprites that will be drawn in both inventory and in the room grid. When they're in the room grid, I need...