1. jobjorgos

    SOLVED why does 'is_undefined' NOT prevent undefined variable crashs

    I simply have this code: if is_undefined( database[i, oPlayers] ) { //stop } and still the game crashes saying that is_undefined( database[i, oPlayers] ) is not set before reading it! I acctually USE is_undefined to PREVENT this error! Why does it not work?
  2. D

    Legacy GM Errors with instance_place and is_undefined

    I am currently getting errors stating that "target.type not set before reading" inside an is_undefined statement, and instance stored under target should not have even been read. The relevant code used is this: target = check_hit_instance(x,y); if(target != noone &&...
  3. Ronchon

    Issues with "undefined" and YYC windows builds ?

    Hi, There seems to be issues in comparing a variable to undefined in YYC windows builds, despite the changelog stating " Fixed issues comparing "variable == undefined" on YYC platforms ". Doing " if var = undefined " seems to fail for some reason? After replacing these with "if...