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  1. RizbIT

    Asset - Extension iCloud Get Token - Extension

    This small extension allows you to easily: 1 - Determine if user is signed in to iCloud on their iPhone / iPad 2 - Will return the unique iCloud Token for the user As this is a unique token you can use it to sort of identify a specific user across multiple iOS devices. The reason is you are...
  2. RizbIT

    Asset - Extension iOS Vibrate - Haptics Extension

    This allows you to create some vibrations on your iPhone device Not tested on iPad You can use some of the pre-defined vibrations or use you own by entering a value This can vary from very short to multiple long vibrations. Download it here...
  3. Y

    Fill out the screen

    hello how can I fill out the complete screen of my iphone x mobile phone in gamemaker? If i use "Adjust to the screen" in the settings the game does not work. need help. thank you
  4. RizbIT

    ios_iap_RestorePurchases loop

    when you call ios_iap_RestorePurchases() does it only trigger the async event if it finds something? otherwise it just does nothing.... so if i asked user to wait while we check for restorable purchases they could be waiting for ever if there none? I implemented a 10 second alarm alarm...
  5. B

    iOS GPU lag

    Hi! My game is laggy on mobile platforms, but I don’t know why. On the iPad “The time required to clear screen each draw step” , on the iPhone “GPU left over time” is very long. My settings: - One texture page, which 2048x2048 (when I use 1024x1024 texture, the same thing happened.) - Vsync...
  6. GameDevDan

    Free Xmas Lights - Fix 'Em Up!

    ‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the town the lights were going out, oh no! Can you fix the fairy lights to reveal the festive patterns hidden beneath? Tap the lights to fix them but be careful, each light has an effect on all of the other lights around it. Play through 120...
  7. Blueoriontiger

    Job Offer - Programmer Programmer needed for iPhone Turn-Based Multiplayer Game

    I’m currently working with a doctor to develop a medical matching game for a mobile platform, utilizing GameMaker 1.4. I’ve gotten to a milestone thanks to another member on here, but we’re ready to go to the next step, and they’re no longer available to help out. Our next milestone is to A...
  8. V

    iOS GMS2 to XCode: The project [name] is damaged and cannot be opened due to a parse error.

    Hey guys, I cannot seem to get my GMS2 project working with XCode. I keep getting an error message saying the .xcodeproj file cannot be opened, despite changing the directory of the project. I inspected the folder and it looks ok to me. It just won't open and I cannot as a result test my game...
  9. Blueoriontiger

    Name not Printing when Object is Clicked On

    Okay, so I've hit a wall with some basic code on a medical game-matching project. It's irritating me because logically it should work. More or less: Four squares spawn at the bottom of the screen to place on a small map. A dark square is above this, and the actual map where you drop the...
  10. S

    iOS display_get_width() not working properly

    Hi I just mentioned a strange behaviour in my game on an iphone 6s. using the code below create a sprite from the applicaton_surface and draw it back on the screen (pause function) it works fine testing it locally, on android and on the iPad. But on an iphone (tested on iphone 6s) it doesnt'...
  11. S

    Detect if user is on an iPhone X

    Hello all, I am building my game for mobile and recently tested it on the iPhone X. My game works fine on it, except for certain GUI elements because the odd nature of the device display. The iPhone X has a weird screen with deeply-rounded corners that will cut off anything located in them...
  12. devonhg

    iOS [ Resolved ] No Sound on IOS

    Hi all! It's been a while. I've successfully put my app out onto android and I'm very happy about the release. I'm currently working on the IOS version so that apple users can use my app. I've gone through everything detailed in the forum and I got my app running on an iPhone, however there is...
  13. GameDevDan

    Free Eggsmas Jump on iOS and Android

    Don’t let the Eggs hit the ground! Draw bouncy lines to stop the Christmas-themed eggs falling off the screen. Avoid traps and obstacles like spiky eggs, UFOs and deadly spinning razors. Collect coins to buy new costumes for your eggs and share your scores with your friends on Twitter. How...
  14. Velocity

    Recommended Room Size for Phone Screens

    Hey, So I've been working on my game for a while, using some stand-in sprites that I'll eventually substitute for some better ones. And I've also been working with a room size of 640 by 480. It seems like an arbitrary number to me though, really. So my question is - what is a good room size...
  15. Luke Pierson

    Mobile Networking (iOS)

    network_connect requires an IP to connect, and to my understanding, iPhones have constantly changing IP addresses. How would one ensure a GMS 2 network connection to an iPhone's IP? Please correct me on any fallacies etc. Thanks for the help! :)
  16. L

    Legacy GM iphone sound Issue

    does anyone know why for example, if my game is open it has audio, but if i decide to play music on my phone from the music app or spotify, the audio in my game stops working. even if i pause the music. the only way i can play music while playing my app is if i start the music before i open my...
  17. H

    scrolling in android/iphone

    Hello, I need some help for some code I'm making a menu and I'm trying to avoid using "pages" and just want a scrolling feature on mobile. But I don't know how to make like a "drag " command to make the menu only move up and down? The 2nd question is since it is on the phone the screen won't...
  18. GameDevDan

    Free Districts - a game about gerrymandering

    Districts a game about gerrymandering Discover one of the quirks of winner-takes-all democracy: gerrymandering. See how the divisions between neighborhoods can change the outcome of an entire election! In Districts your task is to draw lines between houses of different colors to win seats...
  19. U

    Discussion Will you buy a new phone in this Christmas?

    Shopping holiday is coming. Will you get a new phone and if yes, which one you will buy? I owned an old iPhone 5S and plan to buy a LG G5. P.S. What is the fastest way to copy data from old phone to new phone?
  20. Samuel Venable

    iOS [SOLVED] iPhone 7s breaks iOS app

    My friend is trying out our project on various iOS devices and on an older phone that runs iOS 10 the game works great but on an iPhone 7s running the same exact iOS version all they get is a blank white screen with no sound. Are we the only ones experiencing this / is this a known bug that...