1. Architheutis

    iOS Xcode and few problems left to be solved - who can help?

    Hi there! Well... learning by doing is a wise and a effortfully way. I thank the few of you, who helped me before. Now I´ve got the feeling that I am close to the goal. But there are few things left to be solved, I need a hint of an experienced one, here. Here are the facts: - created a game...
  2. Coded Games

    SOLVED Building to iOS 14 with GMS 2.2.5

    Has anyone been able to build to iOS 14 with GMS 2.2.5? I just updated Xcode and have not been able to get my game to build. Here are the errors in Xcode: The main one being "invalid reuse after initialization failure". The GMS console does not have any noticeable error messages other than...
  3. Meester Dennis

    Can't export to IOS anymore (2.3.0)

    Hi there, I'm exporting my games to Android and Apple. But since the update to 2.3.0 I can't export my app's anymore. I hope someone could help me fix the problem. The message in Output is: The part I think the error is all about: RunCommandOnMac mkdir -p...
  4. C

    IAP failing, Yoyo Runner crashing

    Hello, I have followed the article on how to code in app purchases on iOS by Mark Alexander and have also been using the included pdf manual in the iOS IAP extension packet. I keep trying to run the code, yet when I do, my game crashes or if I delete a script that I'm using, the game runs, but...
  5. B

    Job Offer - Programmer IOS Ad Mediation Extension Needed [PAID]

    Hi everyone, We're currently looking for an GMS2 IOS ad mediation extension to help boost ad revenue for our app since GMS2 doesn't support ad mediation. If you're able to code an extension please contact me below. Email: Discord: Benjadetto#0865 Thanks, Ben
  6. bhughey2424

    Exporting for iOS: "Need to Set Up the Key"

    I'm trying to export an application I built on windows to xCode on my mac for testing on my iPad. This is showing up in the output before I get the "FAILED: Run Program Complete" line. Can someone explain how to fix this? To clarify, the mac and pc are connected just fine. I can see target the...
  7. B

    SOLVED Create DsList in iOS Native extension

    Hello I have created an extension for iOS with Objective C and I need to return a list of maps. In the iOS native extensions examples show how to create a dsMap with CreateDsMap, but nothing more. How can I create a DsList of DsMaps in objective C? Is there a list of all the GameMaker...
  8. B

    Create DsList in iOS Native extension

    I am creating an extension in objective C and I need to send a list of information to the GameMaker async call. The extension example only shows how to create a simple DSMap. How can I manage DSList in objective c? Is there a web page with all the Gamemaker functions supported in native iOS...
  9. RizbIT

    App preview Convert

    Recorded a video on iPhone. Tried to upload to Apple app store for new App preview video. Kept getting rejected as it doesnt meet their video specs. I dont get why they dont just convert the video to the right speces...would be faster... But anyway, Is there an online or freeware tool i can...
  10. BulleTech Studios

    Free [Android & iOS] Robo Racer - Challenging Runner

    Robo Racer has just gone live for both Android and iOS and any feedback from the community would be great! [Description] As the Racer, you must jump, slide and shoot your way through the nine different robot facilities. With hazards to avoid throughout the courses making it increasingly...
  11. RizbIT

    Manually inject to iOS plist when exporting project to XCode

    Is there a way to inject an entry into the projects plist on Xcode I have seen "iosplistinject" in the extensions .yy file So for example on my extension (which targets iOS) how would you create an entry in plist for: Application supports iTunes file sharing Boolean Yes
  12. jonahrobot

    SOLVED Using a Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) for a Snapchat campaign? (Using a iOS SDK in Gamemaker?)

    Hey everyone! Context: I was doing some experiments with running ads on Snapchat for my mobile game and ran into a problem. The Problem: To track downloads from Snapchat ads you need to use a third party API on Snapchat's list of partners. The thing is I can't find a way to use the SDKs from...
  13. RizbIT

    Asset - Extension iCloud Get Token - Extension

    This small extension allows you to easily: 1 - Determine if user is signed in to iCloud on their iPhone / iPad 2 - Will return the unique iCloud Token for the user As this is a unique token you can use it to sort of identify a specific user across multiple iOS devices. The reason is you are...
  14. RizbIT

    Asset - Extension iOS Vibrate - Haptics Extension

    This allows you to create some vibrations on your iPhone device Not tested on iPad You can use some of the pre-defined vibrations or use you own by entering a value This can vary from very short to multiple long vibrations. Download it here...
  15. Y

    game_end() on IOS... help

    the function game_end() does not work on mobile devices. with which function do I achieve that when a button is pressed the game is also ended on ios
  16. Y

    Fill out the screen

    hello how can I fill out the complete screen of my iphone x mobile phone in gamemaker? If i use "Adjust to the screen" in the settings the game does not work. need help. thank you
  17. RizbIT

    get apple id or email

    Ok, so Apple have said that for utility apps like music creation apps they dont allow you to ask users to sign up with you using email (they said it has to be optional0 ok fine... seems akward like almost all apps have requirement for registering an account.. but anyway... is there a way for...
  18. Y

    GMS 2 Export to iOS. HELP

    Hello, How can I export my game to iOS on my Windows PC so that I can insert the file on my MAC in xCode? Why I have to connect my MAC there? I just want to export the file. If I still connect the MAC with a USB C cable, it will not be recognized Thanks
  19. RizbIT

    GMS 2 if os_is_paused()

    if you put if os_is_paused() { } In a step event of a persistent object on iOs or Android will that checking every step actually slow the performance down?
  20. RizbIT

    Job Offer - Programmer iOS and UWP audio recorder

    Need an extension that works with iOS and Windows UWP (Desktop apps) that allows to easily record the sound from mic being played in real time to a mp3 file.