1. Nahual


    Has anyone (working on a game for iOS) had this issue where at the GameOver screen of your game, to avoid any memory leaks and to restart the game in general the game does restart but with a black screen? I get audio and I can somewhat play the game, I hear the game sounds if I jump or shoot...
  2. 2Dcube

    Released Seven Scrolls

    Hey I don't post here as often anymore but I'd like to announce my latest release "Seven Scrolls" ! A long while ago I made "Karoshi", "They Need To Be Fed" and other 2D platformers. Seven Scrolls is more about strategy or puzzling. With a modular spell system it results in many different...
  3. Clinton Wheeler

    saving screen as image to iOS gallery

    Hi All, I have had a look on the GMC i cant seem to find anything exactly relating to this. I am trying to take a screenshot of the game on iOS and save it into the iOS gallery, is this possible or does sandboxing make it not possible? Any help is greatly appreciated Thanks
  4. clee2005

    iOS iOS Build issue with pscp command

    So I have 2 setups and one works fine and the other suddenly stopped working on me and I can't figure out what the issue is. I'm hoping someone has some ideas for me as I'm out. When building iOS it stops on a pscp command when it copies the build files from my pc to my mac. The connection...
  5. RizbIT


    After compiling iOS app from GMS PC to Mac's Xcode I see these warnings in XCode #ifndef YES_I_HAVE_READ_THE_WARNING_AND_I_ACCEPT_THE_RISK #warning --- DON'T USE THIS CODE AS IS! IF EVERYONE USES THE SAME CODE #warning --- IT IS PRETTY EASY TO BUILD AN AUTOMATIC CRACKING TOOL #warning --- FOR...
  6. Clinton Wheeler

    iOS keyboard_string & iOS

    Hi, Im developing an app for iOS that uses the keyboard_string to input text into text fields, this works beautifully in Windows/Mac OS but if i port it to iOS (iPAD) for some reason you cannot reset the keyboard_string to "". Currently my code will take a string entered from the...
  7. PenelopeBottoms

    Alpha Dead Spread: A mobile top-down shooter

    Description Dead Spread is a fast-paced action game where the “dead” (i.e. zombies), chase down and convert the “living” (i.e. not zombies) into more dead. You are tasked with stopping the dead from spreading, saving as many of the living as you can while not being converted yourself! You get...
  8. willkaiju

    Design A postmortem on publishing to iOS and Android with GMS

    Hi there! I’m happy to say that Super Silly Soccer is finally out for iOS and for Android! Check it out in the Made with GameMaker forum: Here are a few things I learned from working...
  9. willkaiju

    Released Super Silly Soccer out now for free on iOS and Android

    Hello! I’m happy to announce my first (finished) game with GMS: Super Silly Soccer, free for iOS and Android. Download it here: And here's a trailer: Super Silly Soccer is simple but hard-to-master, with two modes of play. Endless is a mode where you...
  10. gokhang

    iOS xcode fremework not found error

    Hi friends, There is a problem. game maker studio 2 ( mac os version: os x yosemite 10.10.5 xcode version: 7.0(7a220) error: xcode fremework not found error. how to fix this? Thanks.
  11. Sultown

    GMS 2 How can I orbit an object around another?

    I'm trying to make a game similar to One More Line but I cannot think of a solution to making it so when I click a button, it latches on to the stationary object and revolves around it with a fixed radius. I believe watching gameplay of or playing One More Line would help to understand my...
  12. Kubawsky

    GMS 2 iOS vs Android audio processing, headphones mode vs speaker

    Hello In the mobile phone game I'm working on, I've built a music-making sequencer of sorts. The way it works is that separate audio tracks (3 instruments with notes and 2 'drummers') are being played simultaneously, playing different notes at different moments, playing different songs this way...
  13. samspade

    Asset - Extension Simple Multitouch

    Available for GMS 2 Description An extension to make working with multiple touches easy! While the built-in Gesture Events are suitable for many purposes, this extension fills in the gaps or simply gives you greater control. Import the extension and gain access to all the functions. Heavily...
  14. punchbunny

    iOS iOS Deletes Save Files on OS Update

    Hi everyone, long time user, first time poster. I've started receiving reports with the last two iOS updates that my users' save files are being wiped out, with the app apparently reinstalling from scratch without saving anything from the 'Documents' folder. I was under the impression that the...
  15. shibao

    Released My first App has sold! Help me to subscribe ... Youtube

    I use GMS2 made a tool App. Name is "LanLanDe PinYin" This is the function of learning Chinese pinyin. This is a Chinese phonetic learning software made by his father for his daughter, which has been used and improved for many years. The current version contains 3 functions. Function 1...
  16. Babaganosch

    iOS achievement_post_score

    The achievement_post_score function does not seem to trigger any social async event when running on iOS, as opposed to on Android for me. The leaderboard on Game Center do receive and updating the leaderboard with what has been posted though, indicating a successful post. achievement_login()...
  17. bsabiston

    iOS How to make iOS version now?

    I haven't tested my game on iOS in a while. Now when I try it, the compile fails, and it just says 'linker code failed with exit code 1'. Anyone know what the problem might be? Also - are the Global Game Settings gone now? Thanks
  18. yakmoon

    iOS IAP not working

    Hi, after following the IAP documentation and carefully examining the IOS IAP extenstion I couldn't find why the extension is not working. I searched on this forum to see if others are having the same issue. and yes there is another topic with IAP problem. but nobody even cared to answer the...
  19. Nocturne

    Released Microscope Madness

    OUT NOW FOR iOS AND ANDROID!!!! COMING SOON TO PC AND MAC! While working in the laboratory one day, you notice something strange… mutant motile cells have escaped their cultures and are trying to reproduce!!! Can you stop them before they mutate the mother cells and take over the planet...
  20. chirpy

    Released [Mobile|Web] Klee: Spacetime Cleaners | Auto-shooting Arcade Platformer

    Game Information: Screen GIF: Thanks for kind moderators who helped me added the screen gif. :oops: Or did I just forget that I added it? #### iOS Tester Needed #### So my game's in alpha almost ready to open beta and release, but I'm stuck in iOS app review...