1. BulleTech Studios

    Free [Android & iOS] Robo Racer - Challenging Runner

    Robo Racer has just gone live for both Android and iOS and any feedback from the community would be great! [Description] As the Racer, you must jump, slide and shoot your way through the nine different robot facilities. With hazards to avoid throughout the courses making it increasingly...
  2. RizbIT

    Manually inject to iOS plist when exporting project to XCode

    Is there a way to inject an entry into the projects plist on Xcode I have seen "iosplistinject" in the extensions .yy file So for example on my extension (which targets iOS) how would you create an entry in plist for: Application supports iTunes file sharing Boolean Yes
  3. jonahrobot

    SOLVED Using a Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) for a Snapchat campaign? (Using a iOS SDK in Gamemaker?)

    Hey everyone! Context: I was doing some experiments with running ads on Snapchat for my mobile game and ran into a problem. The Problem: To track downloads from Snapchat ads you need to use a third party API on Snapchat's list of partners. The thing is I can't find a way to use the SDKs from...
  4. RizbIT

    Asset - Extension iCloud Get Token - Extension

    This small extension allows you to easily: 1 - Determine if user is signed in to iCloud on their iPhone / iPad 2 - Will return the unique iCloud Token for the user As this is a unique token you can use it to sort of identify a specific user across multiple iOS devices. The reason is you are...
  5. RizbIT

    Asset - Extension iOS Vibrate - Haptics Extension

    This allows you to create some vibrations on your iPhone device Not tested on iPad You can use some of the pre-defined vibrations or use you own by entering a value This can vary from very short to multiple long vibrations. Download it here...
  6. Y

    game_end() on IOS... help

    the function game_end() does not work on mobile devices. with which function do I achieve that when a button is pressed the game is also ended on ios
  7. Y

    Fill out the screen

    hello how can I fill out the complete screen of my iphone x mobile phone in gamemaker? If i use "Adjust to the screen" in the settings the game does not work. need help. thank you
  8. RizbIT

    get apple id or email

    Ok, so Apple have said that for utility apps like music creation apps they dont allow you to ask users to sign up with you using email (they said it has to be optional0 ok fine... seems akward like almost all apps have requirement for registering an account.. but anyway... is there a way for...
  9. Y

    GMS 2 Export to iOS. HELP

    Hello, How can I export my game to iOS on my Windows PC so that I can insert the file on my MAC in xCode? Why I have to connect my MAC there? I just want to export the file. If I still connect the MAC with a USB C cable, it will not be recognized Thanks
  10. RizbIT

    GMS 2 if os_is_paused()

    if you put if os_is_paused() { } In a step event of a persistent object on iOs or Android will that checking every step actually slow the performance down?
  11. RizbIT

    Job Offer - Programmer iOS and UWP audio recorder

    Need an extension that works with iOS and Windows UWP (Desktop apps) that allows to easily record the sound from mic being played in real time to a mp3 file.
  12. Mr Errorz

    iOS mobile game hangs / sound is gone after an incoming call

    Umm, so the title pretty much says it all, when running our game on iOS [haven't checked on Android yet], if the device receives an incoming call, once the call is done and the device is back on the game, all sound is muted, and additionally, the game sometimes hangs. Anyone familiar with this...
  13. IvanAFG

    Released Rising Sushi (iOS & Android)

    Hello everyone. Recently I've released my second game made with GameMaker for iOS and Android, an arcade with one button controls where you have to build an endless tower of giant sushi pieces with a claw crane. The player must place the pieces in the right sequence, take and remember orders to...
  14. RizbIT

    White space below the view of the room on the screen on iPad

    Sometimes when testing the app on iPad simulator on the Mac the room is positioned higher up than where it should be and thus below you see white space <Image Link Removed - Malicious Domain Detected>/3CJV4SP What is the cause of this? Its only sometimes please note. App was rejected also due to this reason. (even thought i...
  15. Mookal

    SOLVED iOS Export: Connection Successful, No Devices Found

    I'm developing my game on my Windows PC, and I have a Mac set up with Xcode for testing the iOS export. I hadn't tested in a while so I tried to send a build to the Mac, but I kept getting the "FAILED: Run Program Complete" error. I then tried to search for iOS devices connected to the Mac...
  16. Pedro Jones

    iOS iOS large memory usage

    My game is very optimized and it doesn’t have any memory leaks on Android, but on IOS (with Xcode 11) it constantly receive memory warnings and after a while it closed. I checked the memory usage of my game with the debug tools and I got the next results: 39 MB of memory usage for Android and...
  17. S

    iOS Is the iOS Export Working for Anyone else?

    Whenever I try to export to my Mac, I'm getting the error: Renci.SshNet.Common.ScpException: scp: error: unexpected filename: at Renci.SshNet.ScpClient.CheckReturnCode(Stream input) at Renci.SshNet.ScpClient.Upload(DirectoryInfo directoryInfo, String path) at ..(String , String ...
  18. S

    iOS Problem with iOS Export

    Hey everyone! I've exported to iOS successfully many times before, but today I've just started to get this problem. When exporting to iOS I get the error: Renci.SshNet.Common.ScpException: scp: error: unexpected filename: at Renci.SshNet.ScpClient.CheckReturnCode(Stream input) at...
  19. SnakeULTIMATE

    Free Byte Transfer

    You wake up without remembering anything and understand that you are a program and something bad happened ... or else it will happen. Byte Transfer is an adventure arcade game made in the cyberpunk style. Beautiful graphics, synthwave music and an exciting story, that's what you need to fully...
  20. SnakeULTIMATE

    Free Triple Triad TCG

    Triple Triad is a popular trading card game. According to the FFVIII Ultimania the card game was created by a psychic named Orlan who modified fortune-telling cards for use in a game, coining the official name "Triple Triad." Triple Triad was initially played among soldiers, but spread to the...