1. clee2005

    Android VM Compile failing

    Hey folks, This just started happening with one of my projects. All my other projects are building fine, but this one is suddenly acting up. I tried on two different machines and it's the same, so it seems to be the project. YYC builds fine, but not VM. It fails for both Android and iOS...
  2. Duckbob

    GMS 2.3+ iPhone 5G model, GMS2 network_raw functions doesn't working

    iPhone 5G model, GMS2 network_raw functions doesn't working I tested iPhone Xs, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 mini, IOS 14.4~14.6 If device is 5G model, network functions doesn't working. But if use Wi-Fi, working well. If device is not 5G model, all functions...
  3. Tiago Carvalho

    Android Problems with admob?

    Good day to everyone. I have got a Google Play account with a couple of small mobile games published, with ADMOB running ads on them. I recently noticed a lot of ad requests and no ads being show. Trying to figure out what could cause this issue, I found that some of my games not showing ads...
  4. B

    Asset - Extension ByteBrew: Analytics, Monetization, and Live-Ops Extension

    Hey All, Wanted to let the community know that we are releasing our GameMaker extension for our free game growth platform, ByteBrew. If guys don't know, ByteBrew is the easy-to-integrate platform for GameMaker that provides everything you need to grow your game with Real-Time Analytics...
  5. F

    iOS Generate XCode project on Windows IDE without being connected to a Mac

    Hi all! :) I've read articles in knowledge base, and it seems it isn't possible, but I want to ask to be sure. Is it possible to generate the XCode iOS project only using the Windows IDE, without being connected to a Mac? Then open that XCode project into a Mac to build for iOS. Thank you in...
  6. Kaliam

    HTML5 HTML5 Game crashing on Safari on IOS 14+ on iPhone (Need help ASAP)

    Hello! My team and I are nearing completion of a project we are working on for HTML5/OpenGL, however, when running the game on Safari/Chrome on iPhone the page will automatically refresh after a 5 - 10 seconds. This happens after getting into our main game world. The main game world has around...
  7. bsabiston

    iOS Is it possible to read / write to the app Documents folder in IOS?

    I'd like to write my save game files to the iOS app Documents folder, so that users can get to them through the Files app on their phone. Is that possible with GameMaker?
  8. B

    iOS AdMob Alternatives (Unity? MoPub?) for Mobile Banner Ads in GMS2?

    We recently launched a mobile game using AdMob to serve banner ads. We're having issues with our AdMob account limiting our ad serving, so we are looking into alternative ad networks. Does anyone have experience or advice using Unity Ads for banner ads in GMS2? I've seen extensions for Unity...
  9. angelwire

    Job Offer - Programmer Looking for experienced HTML5 developer to help fix bugs [Paid]

    I've developed an HTML5 game targeting mobile web browsers. The game is essentially complete, but there are issues with the game crashing while running on iOS web browsers. I cannot solve the issues due to personal time constraints. I'm looking to hire someone who has experience with...
  10. RizbIT

    use of undeclared identifier UIDevice

    Hi, After the recent update to GMS I can now not compile iphone apps on XCODE, keeps saying Build Failed (tried to upload image here but kept saying file size too large till i reduced the file size till the writing was illegible which defeats the point of...
  11. DroidGames Studio

    iOS HELP! Cocoapods is not working!

    Hello GMS community! I want to ask about something that is in my head for a couple of days. I tried to install and set up the cocoapods for my project but for some reason is not working, when I test or build the game it only throws an error like this: "Pod install result: /bin/bash: pod...
  12. M

    iOS iOS build infinitely compiling

    I've followed all the tutorials for setting up iOS on gamemaker and have no idea why my build won't compile. When I click run, xcode doesn't open. I do however have a file which when open, displays the following information I manually entered, with each section in different tabs: I've tried...
  13. Coded Games

    iOS Game not fullscreen on iPad Air 4

    So today I built Decks of Dexterity on an iPad Air 4 and noticed that it does not go properly fullscreen. See picture: My game properly scales to all other screen sizes and resolutions except this on. Works fine on older iPad and iPhone X. Is there some setting in Xcode that I need to enable...
  14. S

    GMS 2.3+ Help with Screen Stretching

    Hello everyone! I've been trying to export my app to my phone, but I've been having some trouble with screen stretching. My draw GUI layer is stretched perfectly, but objects' sprites are stretched vertically and their y-coordinates are off. Here is my resizing code run in a script at the...
  15. zbox

    Asset - Extension Easy IAP - IAPs made simple for iOS and Android

    Easy IAP - IAPs made simple for iOS and Android View on the Marketplace *** Compatible with all GMS2 versions *** IAPs have been complex with Gamemaker lately - until now! This asset will make its money back for you, headache free, in no time if you've ever tried implementing IAPs yourself...
  16. Chreech Okash

    Android Texture page 4096x4096 for mobile devices

    I want to know how safe it is to use 4096x4096 for android and ios devices? In 2021 what percentage of devices don't support this size?
  17. C

    Android Apks and Android

    Sorry if this is not the correct forum for this question, which is.... Can I build an apk that can be uploaded and accepted by the Google Play console, in order to add my Game Maker Studio games to the Google Play store? If the answers is Yes and apks built with the Studio can be added to...
  18. H

    Dynamic Viewport Mobile Devices

    Hi, I'am an absolute beginner in GM. I would like to adjust the view of the player according to the device aspect ratio. For example having a fix view width and see more of the room with taller devices. If I understood correctly from the manual I should use the cameras / view port as...
  19. D

    iOS Xcode12 Arm64 error

    Hi all, I'm newbie with iOS and Xcode, and after following all guides from yoyo and several posts in here, I'm stuck in Xcode when compiling, showing me this error: in Test/Supporting Files/libyoyo_interpreted.a(ALCdevice.o), building for iOS Simulator, but linking in object file built for...
  20. RizbIT

    iOS IAP crashing on reviewers iPAD

    Trying to get an app approved on Apple. Had several issues like excessive ads (which was determined to be caused by intermediate / interstitial ads between rooms...which is debatable) Also issue with me linking out from the app to a website which provided information about a pro version of the...