1. Salsa

    Space Rocks GML tutorial - Objects are invisible in room

    Hey! I am somewhat new to coding and such so i started off by doing the space rocks tutorial. everything was going great and i was following everything step by step. But then when i needed to launch the game and see what my room looks like, i noticed that all of the objects in the room were...
  2. E

    GML Objects not showing up

    Hi there, my sprite connecting to my object is not showing up. The object is there as it is a button that exists and functions correctly when i click it. I have made sure my sprites have visible checked and is in the top layer of instances above the background. The sprites are middle...
  3. K

    GMS 2 the new update broke my gun sprite

    so updated to the newest version of gamemaker and it forced me to update to continue using gms 2, but after i updated my gun sprite was completely invisible, even a few other sprites, i have selected them in the object menu but it still is invisible, i tried using "draw_self();" but it didnt...
  4. B

    Discussion Invisible Objects

    I was having a problem just today that my enemy's weapon objects would be invisible, however still function. No matter what I did, the sprite itself would not be assigned to it, even though it was already assigned a sprite previously. I tried setting visibility to true in multiple areas, or...
  5. R

    Windows Spine asset appeared invisible in GMS 2 (While te rest is not)

    Good day, peeps! I'm having trouble importing a spine asset to GMS2. As you can see here in the video: when I import the JSON file of the character, it appears invisible. But when I import the Wasp it works perfectly fine...
  6. B

    Windows All sprites are invisible

    Hey everyone, While working on my RTS-game I encountered some issues. I replaces some buildings with new art I made for them. After the art was replaced, when I played the game, all buildings with new art where invisible. - The buildings health still showed up (so the draw event is...
  7. lukbebalduke

    GML Reasons why Draw event is not being called?

    Debugging a strange issue in my game I have noticed that the draw event is not being called. (that means, if a put a breakpoint in the very first line of the code it does not even show in the debug.) The first thing I decided to do was to check if the instance was visible, and yes, it is! The...
  8. M

    Invisible Tiles?

    Is there a way to make tiles invisible (ground tiles)? I saw reference to tile_set_alpha but it looks like that function no longer exists?
  9. alexhinton

    Question - Code GMS2 invisible code

    sometimes when I click on an object, then to code in that object, previous code doesn't show up. I precede to close that window and open again and that will usually correct this. Does anyone else have this? Not a huge deal but could get ugly if I were to accidentally delete something.
  10. U

    GMS 2 How to completely hide the object?

    In most development environments (and languages), hiding an object means that the most events can not be executed. In RAD Studio (delphi/c++) or Visual Studio (C#) events like OnClick or OnMouseEnter can not be executed when object is invisible (property visible=false). This is logical. But in...
  11. ArtCode

    GML Objects are invisible if I add a DRAW event on them...

    Hello, Noob question here! Why the objects in the game become invisible if I add to them a DRAW EVENT? It's there a way to not make them invisible? Because in other way I need to create an empty object (without a sprite) only for them... I want to avoid to add a lot of empty objects...
  12. Wuzzems

    Legacy GM Making objects appear invisible when moving behind other invisible objects.

    I thought of possibly making an object mimic the background but sadly the background is moving. Basically I want to move an object behind another invisible object, and as it moves behind that object it should be completely transparent, the parts that have moved behind it so far. Pretty much...
  13. V

    Legacy GM Created instances turn invisible?

    Hello, i have a problem with the project I'm working on, I'm trying to create instances when a button is pressed (Space) but when the objects are being created they are invisible. My code on the object that is supposed to create the objects (Step event): if keyboard_check_pressed(vk_space) {...
  14. 2

     Suggestion: Change Spriteless Object Icon in Room Editor to be Visible Over White

    The new icon in the room editor for spriteless objects is too transparent, blends in especially with any light colors behind it, and is invisible over white. I can't see them half the time. If seeing behind them is absolutely necessary, they could, instead of being transparent, invert the colors...
  15. J

    Android Object Sprite not appearing on mobile devices [Solved]

    Hi! I was testing the android app i'm developing, but for some reason, the "platform" objects in my game are not showing up. Eveything else works perfectly fine, and it was working not too long ago. I know the platforms are being generated because my other objects are interactig with them, I...
  16. A

    Player object is invisible

    The title explains it. My player object is for some reason invisible. I have done everything. I commented off all player code, enemy code, made new sprites, and even made a new project and copied all my code and sprites onto it, still broken. PLEASE HELP!!! I posted my gmz(in the mediafire link)...