inverse kinematics

  1. GapingPixel

    GMS 2 How to implement Spine Inverse Kinematics

    So I want to implement a Spine animation with this behavior, but I can't find a function for IK. The only thing that seems close to it is the function "skeleton_bone_state_set" which lets you set the angle of a bone, but that would only work for a bone. This is a very essential animation...
  2. Nux

    Portfolio - Programming Programmer

    KATSAII Contact Skills Projects
  3. TonyStr

    Asset - Extension Inverse Kinematics Extension

    Marketplace: This extension contains functions for easily operating robotic arms or snake/rope like shapes. Inverse Kinematics in short, is the process of calculating the joint positions in relation to each other, but from a...
  4. A

    GMS 2 [Spine] IK x,y at mouse

    I couldn't figure out how to use a DS map to change the XY coordinate of a bone (specifically an IK handle) to match that of the mouse_x and mouse_y. I couldn't find it anywhere in the documentation either. I don't know anything about nor have I ever used a DS map. Sorry for my ignorance...