1. N

    Legacy GM RPG Inventory System

    So I have this inventory system that draws based on the view, and is toggle able. The problem comes when I regenerate the room and then toggle the inventory, and I get this error: ___________________________________________...
  2. A

    Inventory Tutorial

    GM Version: GameMaker Studio Target Platform: ALL Download: N/A Links: Summary: It's a tutorial about how to make a basic inventory using just arrays. Tutorial:
  3. SquiggleyPete

    Legacy GM help with draw event for inventory with for loops

    Hello. Using GMS Pro vers. 1.4.1757. I posted not long ago about help setting up arrays to define my inventory. Thanks to community responses, I think I have that under control; now what I'm having trouble with is drawing the inventory correctly. Currently, when I pick up an item, it draws...
  4. phillipPbor

    drag and drop to screen

    I have Shawn's formula of inventory seted up to get started on the first person myst game engine. but I got one question, if the inventory is for dragging and dropping items. would it be dropped onto the background screen? like: If you found the key and clicked on it, it would pop into your...
  5. SquiggleyPete

    Legacy GM Need help with inventory, possibly arrays

    Hey all. Using gamemaker studio pro, 1.4.1757. Trying to create an inventory screen. Started by following Shaun Spaulding's wonderful youtube tutorial, but it didn't get me far enough. I would like a stacking inventory that can be navigated with keyboard or gamepad (not mouse), and that...
  6. phillipPbor

    point and click game

    how do you make a myst style point and click game? i mean, i need a inventory, background, and puzzles.
  7. NazGhuL

    Asset - Project Inventory DB

    Get it here: Inventory DB Inventory DB works with a database that is a simple TXT file or a CSV file. CSV, build from an Excel table, are really awesome to get your items properties organized. Each row is an item and each column a property(like name, sprite, maximum stack, etc...). Upon...