inventory screen

  1. Divinik

    GML Looking Through Two Arrays for Duplicates?

    So I have a ds_grid that holds all items in the game. In the Inventory's Menu, there are tabs that copy certain "Types" of items from the master grid and creates it's own ds_grid for that tab. I'm trying to figure out how to delete the same item from from the sub arrays and the main array when...
  2. Aaron Craig

    GMS 2 Fully Functional Inventory System

    GM Version: Created in 2.1 (usable with 1.4) Target Platform: Computer (Modifiable to any platform) Download: N/A Links: video below Summary: A video tutorial on creating a functional, scrollable inventory using ds grid functions. Everything is explained as it's coded, but prior GML...
  3. P

    Inventory for Point and Click

    Hello, I'm trying to make a point and click game in Game maker, and I already managed to find out how to make the character move trough pointing and clicking and how to do some of the basic things like adding backgrounds, the window resulution, adding a player etc. But I have trouble finding...
  4. R

    Windows Inventory/Pause Menu Help

    I'm trying to create a pause menu that can opened and closed using the "I" key, but when I make the sprite that pops up dependent on a variable, it is unable to be removed. It may be simple but I can't find a way to remove the sprite that pops up to be removed after pressing the "I" key...
  5. Freedom2Fight

    Inventory/Status Screen and related stuff

    I've been trying to create an Inventory/Status Screen this week. What I'm trying to do is similar to the Legend of Zelda Inventory/Status screen. Toggle on and off. Switch between menus. Displays items known. Etc. That sort. I have been mulling on how to go about it. Should it be in the same...