1. Y

    Where to start?

    Hi everyone, I am using the trial version, I easily and quickly completed the bundled tutorial on GML. For the past few days I have been looking around the internet for other resources on learning this language. Most of them; however, are much more advanced than a person who had just completed...
  2. RekNepZ

    Introduce Yourself

    Introduce yourself to the rest of the community! If you're not sure what to say, here's a guide (use as much of it as you choose) Username: Old GMC Username: Other usernames from past and present: Name: Age: Where you're from: How long you've been using Game Maker: Any cool games you've made...
  3. Null-Z

    Introductory post

    Hello everyone of the forum, I'd like to use this post to ask for directions and initial tips as well as show off some of the sprite work I've done. so first off, I'd greatly appreciate some directions to good videos/pages for a beginner to learn the basics of Game maker. hotkeys and the such...