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  1. BretHudson

    [Podcast] indie(Function); - Interview with Nocturne

    Indie game development media and education. Learn how to make games and about the community that surrounds them. Website / Twitter / Facebook Hello there everyone! I'm Bret, and I've been running indie(Function); since June 2011. Right now, our current projects are a podcast and a blog. On...
  2. appleWolf

    Discussion Software Engineering Interviews

    Hi all, I've been inactive here for a while, hope you're all doing well. I'm a master's student in computer science, but not because I particularly want to be. I was having a lot of difficulty in the software engineering job market when I only had my bachelor's degree, despite having a good GPA...
  3. Widget

    Making a mini-documentary on indie devs - Who is interested in being interviewed?

    This is for a college course I'm in. The goal is to make a 5-10 minute-long film, and I've chosen to make a documentary on independent video game developers (you guys!). Everyone is free to ask for an interview, whether you're a student or you program in your bedroom, also it doesn't matter if...