1. S

    Need Help with a little problem. Thats the file. so my problem is that my guards only look at right and thats not good for a stealth game. pls help me!!! währe sehr nett wenn auch ein paar deutsche antworten XD
  2. H

    Demo Fish AI

    A long time ago, AI was incredibly underwhelming. In particular, fish in video games generally couldn't sense when other objects were nearby. This all changed in November 2013 when COD: Ghosts stunned the world with its revolutionary fish AI. Infinity Ward had done something no game studio had...
  3. VentKazemaru

    Legacy GM multiple copies of the same enemy move faster?

    I created an enemy that charges at the player when in range and stops after getting a set distance away or timer runs out. This works. But when I have multiple instances of the enemy, the later instances of the enemies move faster and faster. it seems that it is next instances in the order...
  4. G

    Enemy KI Problems

    Hi all together, Im working on a game, and now I'm trying to create a KI for an enemy. So, the first thing he should do, is to see the player, that he can react and attack him. If the enemy stand behind a wall, so he can't see the player, but this is the problem: How I can check for an...
  5. N

    Legacy GM Enemy AI State Changing Problem

    I have 3 scripts, each with a corresponding state variable, a create event for the variables, switch statements and a step event to check for the current state. I want it set up so that when dis > sight, the enemy moves in it's own circle. When dis <= sight, the enemy moves towards the...
  6. GMWolf

    Finite State Machines

    GM Version: GameMaker:Studio v1.4.1711 Target Platform: ALL Download: N/A Links: YouTube Video Summary: Use Finite State machines to easily create complex AI behaviour Tutorial: