1. B

    Animation stuck on Frame 0

    I am having an issue getting an enemy to play his death animation before he is destroyed. if(CurrentHp <= 0 && sprite_index != spr_CrowFloor) { sprite_index = spr_CrowFloor; // if(image_index == 3) // {instance_destroy();} } if i set the image_ index == 0 the code works , the...
  2. M

    Object destroys itself even with instance_destroy(other)

    Hello there! I am working on a big project for quite a time now, so I am pretty familliar with gamemaker now. Everything works fine until I try to add a coin system. Here the explanation: I have an obj_ball that you can flick. I also have an obj_coinBrown. In the obj_ball step event I coded...
  3. I

    Destroy multiple instances on collision

    Hi, I am having a hard time figuring out how to destroy multiple instances on collision. At the moment I have a second attack (right_click) object called "water_balloon_test" the size of this sprite and collision mask is full 300 x 300. On collision with enemy it only destroys whatever instance...