1. D

    GMS 2 Network drawing from one window to another.

    I have 2 basic projects that only contain objects needed to connect to each other. One project being for the client and the other is the server. The client passes mouse_x and mouse_y location to the server and is then read through an async event. Then finally the mouse coordinates from client...
  2. PlayerOne

    GMS 2 An odd result... possible bug? [SOLVED]

    I don't know what to make of this. I'm trying to implement a weapon switching system. The problem comes when I switch weapons and I have seem to have pinpointed the issue to instance_create_depth. What should happen is that when I pick up a new weapon the previous one gets dropped with the...
  3. P

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Instance running code serveral times or old instances not destroyed properly

    Hi! I'm building a game where at one part you build a wood cutter, that goes collecting wood. This works fine, the problem is the next woodworker instance is running code twice. The third wood worker is running code three times and so on. This shouldnt be happening as when the wood worker...
  4. M

    GMS 2 Object Does Not Exist Error (It Does)

    Hi, I'm receiving the following error. I have the object in a create event within brackets. The object exists. I first used a draw sprite line in a Draw event but it said the sprite did not exist so I tried an instance_create_depth? I'm not sure what to do now. ERROR in action number 1 of...
  5. csanyk

    Asset - Scripts InstanceCreate

    InstanceCreate is my first Marketplace asset for GMS2. I created it mostly as an exercise to make sure I knew how to create assets for GMS2, and also to "fix" a mild annoyance I have with the instance create functions in GMS2. This is a very simple script for GMS2 users who came from GMS1, and...