1. Y

    Legacy GM instances not getting created

    hello, first of all bear with me because this is probably going to be long. so I'm trying to make my wave system work. first I've set some variables in the create event: Last_Pause = 0 //how many times the spawner spawned enemies in 1 wave( a wave is split into 5) global.Wave = 0 //current...
  2. Y

    Legacy GM game hangs

    So i'm trying to get my wave system to work. but when I start my game it will just hang whenever I press the start button the code for the wave is as followed as I think it's related to the spawning of instances which has caused me same kind of problems before. anyway here is the code maybe...
  3. Y

    Legacy GM instance_create not following players rotation

    so im creating an instance at x + 48, y the direction that my player faces is defined by this: Obj_Munna.direction = point_direction(Obj_OuterRing_Move.x, Obj_OuterRing_Move.y, Obj_Stick_Move.x, Obj_Stick_Move.y) the image_angle is defined by this: image_angle =...
  4. Y

    Legacy GM instance_create not working

    so I'm trying to create bullet instances using this code if(point_in_rectangle(device_mouse_x(0),device_mouse_y(0),view_xview+view_wview/2, view_yview, view_xview+view_wview, view_yview+view_hview) and device_mouse_check_button(0, mb_left)){ self.x = device_mouse_x(0) self.y =...
  5. P

    Windows how to code x and y as relitive

    i'm makeing one object create a different one useing instance_create(x,y,obj); and I want to make the x and y points the object is created at to be relitive to the object creating it.
  6. Y

    Legacy GM enemies spawn at the wrong place

    ///player collision if(place_meeting(x, y, Obj_Repoth1) && Is_Active = true){ Is_Active = false view_object[0] = -1 global.In_Battle = true while (instance_number (Obj_Mognorian1) <= Spawner) { randomize() randx = irandom_range(view_xview[0], view_xview[0] +...
  7. Meowanator

    GML Creating Object Based on String

    I am trying to make it so the game makes objects based on the string. I want to have the object load like: obj_(string) where I have obj_00, obj_01, etc. I am using Game Maker Studio 1.4
  8. R

    GML Placing object by distance and angle, rather than x and y?

    Hi everyone! Strange query I'm afraid, and it could just be me not seeing the whole picture! I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to control the placement of an object using the angel and distance between two objects, rather than x and y? Conventionally I'd call something like...
  9. D

    Legacy GM Best Way To Make A Dialogue Box

    I have been looking into different ways to create dialogue boxes, but I am not sure what way would be most efficient in memory, code, and things like that. There are two ways that I have been looking into in particular; the draw_surface code or just instance_create and object for each speech...
  10. W

    GML Help With "instance_create" (Solved)

    Hello, I'm fairly new to game maker and gml code with this being my first post, so this may be a simple question to people more experienced. instance_create(x+61,y+34,obj_bullet) The code here is used in my platformer game and I want to create an object called obj_bullet at a specific place on...
  11. nnn1czech

    GML I do not understand how to write in GML this icon

    Nice day, I do not see how I can write the following icon from the GMS 1 code in GML (in GMS 2)? It is an icon named create moving (I found a code in GML, but do not know where I write: obj = instance_create(x,y,object)) In obj_control: applies to self object: obj_card x: 0 y: 0 speed: 0...
  12. K

    GML [Solved]Problem: Same Type Objects not all being affected by script/instance_exist check

    So the issue is that when I create an object called obj_slow_time, it is supposed to slow all enemies down to 20% then reset them back to their original speed when the obj_slow_time destroys itself. However, when obj_slow_time is created in the room, it only slows down a single (first enemy of...
  13. J

    Legacy GM Choose random instance_create inside Alarm?

    ( instance_create(64,16,asset_object_ammo), instance_create(144,32,asset_object_ammo), instance_create(208,32,asset_object_ammo), instance_create(288,16,asset_object_ammo), instance_create(160,80,asset_object_ammo), instance_create(192,80,asset_object_ammo)...
  14. M

    Game Crashes on object creation

    whenever I start my game it wont start and says that one line 2 position 19 it wants a , or a ) I cant figure it out and don't know what to do can someone help ///Throw spear instance_create(x+=4,y,obj_spear_right); alarm[0] = room_speed*4 that's my code
  15. N

    setting vspeed/hspeed upon instance_create

    Hey all! So I have a few different spawning objects. I would like to set a certain vspeed/hspeed for the instances created by the each of spawning objects. For example an instance created with obj_spawner_a would have a vspeed of 1, but if that same object was instanced through obj_spawner_b...
  16. Z

    create_instance creates two objects

    As I've been learning, I've came up to a problem. I wanted to create an enemy on my map, in half-random location (constant X and Y between range). I created spawner, which works properly itself if I put two constant numbers: inst = instance_create(1888, 880, monster); But, when I want to...
  17. V

    Windows Game Maker Studio 2 instance_create function

    I recently got Game Maker Studio 2 Beta and I imported a game from gms 1.4. The problem is that the new gms doesn't recognize the instance_create. It wouldn't be a problem in older gm versions because you could use d&d and gml at the same time. But in gms 2 you can't. The function is essential...
  18. V

    Legacy GM Created instances turn invisible?

    Hello, i have a problem with the project I'm working on, I'm trying to create instances when a button is pressed (Space) but when the objects are being created they are invisible. My code on the object that is supposed to create the objects (Step event): if keyboard_check_pressed(vk_space) {...
  19. Samuel Venable

    Discussion How many people want instance_create() back?

    In other words, for 1.x project compatibility purposes, there should be a way to make a script named instance_create in the resource tree without it saying "Oops! You are using a deprecated function" error. How many of you want this for convenience? It wouldn't take much work for YYG to remove...
  20. P

    Legacy GM Flamethrower [Solved]

    Hello, I'm trying to make my player shoot two streams of flame in the direction that the object is facing. My player sprite rotates with the mouse, but it has a fixed rotation speed. I am able to shoot flames from the right place and in the direction the mouse is pointing, but when my object...