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  1. C

    SOLVED: Instance_Create with Alarm event

    Good Morning, I have an alarm[0] that in 3 seconds I want the alarm to trigger and create an instance of an object after I press my action button. Any help would be appreciated. I created a alarm[0] event with the following: instance_create(x,y,obj_Garage_Door_Up) In my step event of the...
  2. L

    Legacy GM Problem with multiple lever object that command a piston

    Hello, it's me again ahah, i wanted to share with you a problem on the reddit gamemaker challenge of november ; it was supposed to be a co-op game. I made a game that you play only one player at a time, but this is not the actual problem, the problem is that i got a very simple piston block...
  3. W

    Legacy GM HELP NEEDED! Random Character Name For Each Created Instance

    I am Building an RTS Type game and was hoping someone could help, I want it so that every time an instance of obj_fighter is created, that fighter has a unique name that will be displayed when clicked on or above their head. I can imagine this is quite simple but cant figure it out. eventually...
  4. T

    GMS 2 Problem with activating instances?

    In the game I am working on, for some reason, all objects that are children of my enemy object don't get reactivated when deactivated. I can't see what would cause this to happen. //CREATE EVENT depth = 1; mySoulWorth = 10; mySoulDamage = 2 * mySoulWorth; collided = false; collidable = true...
  5. R

    Instance create layer issue

    Hello, I'm new to Game Maker and I'm trying to figure out how to create an attack. I have it set so that when the F key is pressed there is a new instance of the attack object. But when this happens there are two attack objects that are formed. One is in the correct place and goes through the...
  6. K

    [SOLVED]activate/deactivate flicker

    Hi! I have a quick question about a problem I'm having. There's a fairly big world in the game I'm making, so I'd prefer to use the deactivating and regional activating for most of my objects, to optimize the performance. This works really nicely for my trees! But whenever I apply this to my...
  7. darijs1

    problem with instances...or ids....im not sure.

    i have an enemy object and a room controller thing. the room controller contains a variable called devmode which i want to use to see useful things that cant be seen normally. one of these things which i want to implement is an enemy hp tracker (just a draw_text that shows enemy hp above each...
  8. U

    GMS 2 Rooms and objects

    I have 3 rooms and 3 objects. Rooms - room_1, room_2, room_3. Objects - background_image, logo_image,surface_draw_enable_object. I want to have one camera and view settings for all rooms. I want to see background image, logo_image in room_1 and room_2. Not in room 3. So i must do the same...
  9. Didjynn

    how to have access to a variable inside an object called with a variable ?

    Hello everybody, I began to create a "scan system" for my game. So I have a lot of instances of an objet which have a sprite of a 32*32 square. Each of these square contains the code to scan all instances around it (8 possible instances around). so I made this : if faction = 1 { if...
  10. Y

    Legacy GM objects not deactivated

    so objects outside of the view and it's padding get deactivated. this works if I do it every frame so I want to do it only when the walked a certain amount of pixels (256 in this case) but for some reason now everything keeps being activated. code: else if(view_xview[0] - lastxview > difference...
  11. U

    GMS 2 A few questions

    Hi! 1) When i developing the game, i use some images, objects, instances. The volume of my graphics (images) will be about 100-200 megabytes. So i need to load it in my game. I created objects and place objects in my room. Now i need to load sprites. I see two ways. First - load all sprites...
  12. A

    Pause Between Teleports, Should Player Destroy/Respawn?

    I have everything working for a pretty dramatic type of bells and whistles n fireworks teleportation feature going on ..if i do say so myself... so it's not (game-time) instantaneous.. .like you don't touch one pad and appear on the next instantly.. there's time and animation involved, not to...
  13. A

    true false for bullet instances

    Hi guys, Lil "ammo issue" here... Where / what would be the best method to store a true/false state of one bullet of thousands? (This means for every instance, ever created) I have a basic setup for it and it works, but they're moving SO fast and registering at their target properly Buuutt...
  14. A

    Child Instance Destroy When Parent Instance Destroyed?

    I'm working on a new project idea with a limited number of instances off an object at any given time (3). Each of those have 1 separate object instance that they create. All these pairs are the same. So there's 3 pairs of object instances "allowed" No more than 3 pairs can be existing. Some...
  15. A

    Problem With " Instance_Create_Layer "

    Hello, I have a problem ... After firing my pseudo-game, the code error pops up.
  16. K

    Help with regional activation/deactivation

    I'm trying to deactivate my objects outside the screen, and activate them just before they appear. I am using instance_activate_region(view_xview, view_yview, view_wview, view_hview, true); which is working except for my trees. My trees are 64 pixels tall, 32 wide and whenever I move down (top...
  17. H

    too many instances of one object

    i realized that one of my object is created more then one time. can i make an if sentence where it checks how many instances of this object are active and destroy every instances above the one.
  18. J

    Trouble with post-draw instance destroy

    I have coded for a hitbox to be created when the player is attacking like so: // Hitbox if (image_index >=0) && (image_index <1) { with(instance_create_depth(x,y,0,obj_hitbox)) { image_xscale = other.image_xscale; with...
  19. Y

    Legacy GM double collision (SOLVED)

    Every enemy in my game has a hitbox (this is an different object as the hitbox is different from the actuall mask_index of the enemy) but when I inflict damage this goes to every enemy in the room. here is the code Player object ///Hitbox if(Is_Attacking = 1){ if(image_index >= 7 &&...
  20. T

    Set up a variable and then increase its value for each instance...

    Hello, is there a way to do that? For example, I have 300 instances of one object, and I want each instance to have a value (starting from 1) that increases for each single one. Is that possible?