1. HoodMegumin

    Legacy GM GM Studio 1.4 - Executable Installer Missing Images (Header and Finished Image)

    Hi, I made some pictures for the installer, but I'm not sure why they don't show up where I think they're supposed to appear in the installer (question marks in pictures). The images are the correct dimensions and in the .BMP format, as they would, of course, not be accepted if they didn't meet...
  2. L

    Windows my gamemaker studio 2 wont let me make an installer for my game.

    I have a game I have been making on gamemaker studio 1.4.9999 then I upgraded it to gamemaker studio 2 and it will only let put it into a zip file with a stand-alone .exe inside how can I make it so it goes into an installer? in image one that is the button, I hit circled in red in image 2 that...
  3. Coded Games

    Question - IDE Get build dialog options back (zip or installer)

    So I am trying to create an installer for my game but at one point I chose the dialog option for it to stop asking me after I selected zip. How do I get that dialog option back? I have searched through the settings but do not see it. Along with that, what file type is GMS looking for when...
  4. S

    Windows Windows Installer Not Putting Exe in Start Menu

    After building the Windows Installer and going through the installation, there is a folder for the game on the start menu but there is no exe in the game's folder on the start menu. The exe does show up through browsing to the games program folder in explorer. Players are unable to easily access...
  5. Erramir

    Android How to create a installer for ANDROID

    Hello! my question is: How can i prepare installer, instead of uploading to google play store and similars? i mean, so far i know how to RUN a game with F5 on my phone, and of course, compiling a APK or ABB.. but what if i want to provide them particulary, as for a patreon reward or something...
  6. S

    Windows Windows platform/target missing

    Hi all, I've been working in GMS2 now for about a year and finally getting to the point where I want to export my game and give it to some people for testing and I'm desperately trying to figure out how to export it. Either an executable or an installer. I have the "Console" license and I...
  7. Pfap

    Question - IDE GameMakerStudio.exe is running.

    When I try to download the 2.2.2 update I get this message: I tried logging into my account and downloading it from the Yoyo games website after I rebooted my computer and got the same result. My GameMaker is not running and I tried rebooting my system. It seems that I am unable to install the...
  8. R

    Windows Turn off "Remember this decision" for building executables.

    How the hell do i turn that off, i cant find the setting anywhere! and i cant build installers!
  9. M

    Windows Illegal character in path?

    Hi I got GMS2 before but this time its on another computer and I'm running into a problem, during the Installation of Runtime during the start-up of GM about midway of the install its returning with Illegal characters in path. System.ArgumentException: Illegal characters in path. Done a couple...
  10. Anixias

    Windows [Solved] GMS2 NSIS Installer Images Not Appearing

    Hello. I have added custom Installer images in the Windows settings. I noticed that when I actually run the installer (tried on multiple PCs), these images don't actually appear, and instead, blank spots where the images should be appear. I've tried cleaning the project, packaging with VM...
  11. R

    Windows FAILED: Package Program Complete

    Hello, My name is Ruben. I recently bought Gamemaker Studio 2. I wanted to test the game so I wanted to make an installer. However each time I do that this the following message show up on the Compile Errors: Onverwerkte uitzondering: System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException: Het doel van...
  12. A

    Windows new update install error: GMS2 is running

    hi every time i try to execute the new update " GameMakerStudio-Installer- " it says " cannot update, game maker is still running please close and try again" even when it's not running.. and not even idling in the background buggishly in task manager or something.
  13. W

    Windows Installer Not Working in GMS2

    I just finished my game Melting Point for PC but the [Package as Installer] doesn't work right. I've tried it on different PC and the same issues pop up. The game installs just fine, but it doesn't produce a Desktop Link to the correct file and the Icon doesn't show. Then you click on the...
  14. I

    Windows GameMaker Studio is Already Installed

    I just bought game maker studio today. I downloaded it before I bought it but deleted it. So I reinstalled it today after I bought it. So when I open the installer this is the second thing that comes up: I have tried uninstalling the program from "Add or Remove a Program" and looking for the...
  15. XirmiX

    Legacy GM Where can I download GMS (1.4) from?

    I tried to search for it, only get a trial and pay-for page for GMS 2. Where is the page that allows you to install the "Lite" (or whatever it's calle, don't tell me "there's no Lite version", I've been told that a bagillion times, I simply don't know how the actual free version of GMS is...
  16. K

    GMS 2 (SOLVED) Installer Compile Failed

    EDIT 2: After an hour of searching and trying this fixed the issue for me, apparently it's a bug with having imported an old 1.4 game project a while ago, before GMS2 Version 2.0.3. Link...
  17. T

    Discussion Cannot install GMS:2

    Hello everyone, I've got a little problem; When I run the installer for GMS2, it shows the dialog box "GameMaker Studio 2 is already installed. Click "OK" to remove the previous version or press "Cancel" to cancel this upgrade" When I press OK to remove the previous version and install the new...
  18. G

    Legacy GM "Create Application" Change Confusion HELP I THINK???

    Okay, what is going on... So, I usually upload my fully completed games to GameJolt. Never uploaded anywhere else. Never had any problems before at all. I would just click on "Create Application", name it and put the file location, then BOOM done! Installer! Now today is different. It's giving...
  19. G

    Windows Installer not showing custom finished and header BMPs

    I've recently finished my game, so I went ahead trying to customize the installer for the game. I made custom installer finished and header BMPs (for Windows), but when I create the application, and then run it, the BMPs are not shown, nothing is being shown. I've tried changing the names of...
  20. PieBaron

    create portable exe of your game

    Is it possible to create windows exe application of my game which is portable, ie it doesnt need to be installed to play? I'm using GMS with the modules from the recent humble bundle