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  1. F

    Question - IDE Not able to install gms 2 mobile

    So I own desktop version of Gamemaker Studio 2, but since it was on sale I bought GameMaker Studio 2 Mobile. When I opened my Gamemaker it started to install and at the end I got this message Do you have any ideas of how to fix it?
  2. L

    Windows It does not install and says it's aready on my pc

    So I have had gamemaker then it stoped working so I re-installed it. Then when I tried to install it, it said that it aready exist. But if I look at my files I can't find it. Also I can also not replace it. Why in the first place not working it was mabye cuz I was and looked at the files and...
  3. I

    Windows installer closes for no reason

    Hey guys i have a problem with reinstalling gamemaker studio 2 I had already installed the program. Now I wanted to reinstall it and deleted all folders and files I could find. then I downloaded the installer. After selecting the language, I get the message: Gamemaker studio 2 is already...
  4. M

    Windows Illegal character in path?

    Hi I got GMS2 before but this time its on another computer and I'm running into a problem, during the Installation of Runtime during the start-up of GM about midway of the install its returning with Illegal characters in path. System.ArgumentException: Illegal characters in path. Done a couple...
  5. Bokkie2988

    Windows SOLVED

    Hello, When I run gamemaker, I get this error message: String not found: System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException: Could not find a part of the path 'Z:\manifest'. Can anyone help me? (tried reinstalling gms2) -Bokkie