1. J

    Legacy GM Input (get_string_async) [SOLVED]

    Hey, i never did something like working with strings and numbers together and i'm from germany so please dont talk about my english^^ My code is something like this: global.amount = get_string_async("Wie viel willst du aufladen?","") global.v = 0 string_digits(global.amount) global.v =...
  2. zbox

    Asset - Extension EasyJoystick

    EasyJoystick Marketplace: Category: Extensions Price: $1.99 $0.99 Modules: All Description: Easily create as many multi touch joysticks as you need for mobile and tablet users. Fully customizable Features: Thresholding on press...
  3. J

    Legacy GM How do I input a variable[SOLVED]

    Like (for those who program in C) the scanf() function or cin << "variable", is there a way I can input a variable and store it in GML? If so, can you tell me how? I really want to know to do a cheats menu, thanks for taking your time to read! :) Edit 1: I know I can use the keyboard_check()...
  4. A

    mouse_wheel_up (or down) while holding shift

    I am having trouble detecting mouse_wheel_up() or mouse_wheel_down() in my input object whenever I am holding the shift key down. if (keyboard_check(vk_shift)){ //do things } if (mouse_wheel_up()){ //do other things } If I am NOT holding shift my game will 'do other things' as it...
  5. zbox

    Asset - Extension Handwriting Recognition

    Handwriting Recognition Marketplace: Category: Extensions (All Platforms except for HTML5) Price: $15.99 Modules: All (Except HTML5) Description: Translate user's hand-drawn glyphs into useable characters! Currently only...
  6. W

    Naming System? Help

    I have no code to present, but i would like to make a naming system, sorta like Undertale's one, how the save file appears with your name and such also characters in game refer to you as your inputted name. I'm not sure where to start? can someone link me too a website or help me here please? do...
  7. R

    Windows PERFORMANCE: Keyboard/Mouse-Events VS. Input-Checks in STEP.

    So recently i tried to implement alternative input devices besides my usual keyboard/mouse controls. One of the issues was a huge fps-drop (1200 fps to 18 fps) due to a bug or peculiarity with the joystick functions. I talked with some people in another thread about this. Now another thing that...
  8. R

    Windows FPS drop when not using Joystick.

    Hello there. So recently im trying to implement gamepad controls into my game (its usually mouse and keyboard). However since i implemented the gamepad-controls (im using the joystick functions) i now get huge fps drops (from around 1000 fps to 18 fps) when the gamepad is not connected...
  9. GMWolf

    Legacy GM Gamepad support and multiple input types

    GM Version: GameMaker:Studio v1.4.1757 Target Platform: ALL Download: Starter Project Links: YouTube Video Summary: Add gamepad support to your game. Learn how to use multiple object to keep your input methods sepearated and clear. Tutorial:
  10. C

    Windows Joysticks: What I did today, and a Question

    I have been depressed lately over the Jam... I had not one scrap of code in my code base. In fact, I had not one script, one scrapt of useful code. So I plan on rectifying this. And that brings us to: Today I made a couple of scripts - like this one: :) I am building my code base day by day...
  11. Dragon47

    Asset - Extension Text Inputs - GM Studio 1

    Demo: https://www.mediafir...qpb1o0g0uaztqrs Poor input boxes make your game look and feel unprofessional, and can ruin the important first impression of a player. But they're a pain to program properly. With this text input extension you can avoid dozens of hours of UI programming, and get...
  12. D

    Android How to simulate mouse click?

    Hello everyone! How to make a simulation of mouse click? Can be possible it? I have been read about JS extensions, but i'm very bad on it (don't know nothing in JavaScripts). Google gave me old DLL. Thx for spending your time :)
  13. csanyk

    Asset - Extension Control Schemes

    Control Schemes is a paid extension that implements a design pattern for input handling. It makes implementing controls a simpler matter of following the design pattern. A "control scheme" is a term I made up to describe a set of user inputs, combined with their effects. Many games in a given...
  14. Desix

    Asset - Demo Mobile Input Boxes Download demo: Fully functional one-line input boxes. If you need a one-line input box with all the bells and whistles for only $1.99, this is the asset for...