1. M

    Legacy GM Saving highest score to ini file

    I'm trying to do something really simple, but have never used ini files before so can't work it out. When the player loses all their lives, their score saves to an ini file: if (lives < 1) { if (file_exists("Save.sav")) file_delete("Save.sav"); ini_open("Save.sav"); //opens file for writing...
  2. BrandonBrandonBrandon

    Legacy GM How do I get the non-sandboxed executable directory?

    I am using game maker to create a utility that will read a file that exists in the same directory as the utility's executable. How can I get that directory? for example: If my executable is /home/brandon/desktop/dialog/runner or C:\dialog\runner.exe I want to get the following directory...
  3. thom

    Best way of saving data, ini file or ds_map_secure_save()

    I have always saved data using .ini files until I included IAP in my games and used the ds_map_secure_save() function to save the amount of coins on a .dat file, while saving the remaining on the ini file. I heard that saving data using ds_map_secure_save() is saver/less likely to be hacked. So...
  4. icuurd12b42

    Asset - Scripts TMC Secure INI

    TMC Secure INI Outputs: All Type: Scripts Included: Scripts, Test Room Demo: None Marketplace: https://marketplace..../tmc-secure-ini Description: Save your ini values securely on the client os All the function of Studio's INI feature are included. The ini file is securely saved on the...