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  1. XirmiX

    Legacy GM Can GM not create its own ini files?

    It seems like all it does is copy an ini file to then include it in the game editor (engine), and when including files, it can get a bit broken if you're including, say, an empty template file, as it points to the file you selected, and then creates a copy after saving and exiting, and in the...
  2. P

    Saving using a ini file [solved]

    Hi everyone! I have been using Game Maker Studio Pro (1) for a bit long now, and after reading lots of thread here's my first one! I'm coding a save system for my game. I use a ini file system, with an [object] section to store the amount of each object the player has while saving. During the...
  3. Mythi.T

    GML ini load questions... if "file exists"

    Hello I have some questions about ini files in my code I have this: if !file_exists("aiSide.ini"){ needsaves_side = 1 } else needsaves_side = 0 if needsaves_side = 0{ ini_open("aiSide.ini"); global.testOneGen = ini_read_real("testOne", "gen", 0) global.testOneGrade =...
  4. 0TastyPie0

    GMS 2 An easy way to save many collectables?

    So I have a platformer game where you can collect a specific collectable that is then saved in an ini file (if collected or not). One variable for each collectable. It's geting really hard to keep track of so many variables, is there an easier way (without having to have one variable for each)?
  5. Edwin

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] .INI-files saving directory.

    Hello. What to do if my .INI-files are keeping in... Users/*UserName*/AppData/Local/GameName/ ...folder? How to write && read them in different disks, folders and directories? Thanks for for your advises.
  6. Ehkber

    GML [SOLVED] Reading sections of .ini file 'in order'

    Hi! I recently created a little system for visual novel-style cutscenes that works by reading values from an .ini file like a play script. It looks like this: [1] S = Justina T = Is nine fifty seven. Do we risk turning off the grill? A1 = Justina A2 = Dee A1Flip = true A1x = 400 A2x = 0 A1i = 0...
  7. B

    GMS 2 Saving and Loading A Seed

    Hey All, I am trying to implement an autosave feature in my game so if the player gets interrupted by a phone call they can pick up where they left off. The issue is it's a rogue-like dungeon crawler much like binding of isaac. When you enter a new room you have a random chance of getting...
  8. A

    Legacy GM Problem saving time based score

    Hello everyone, I am trying to save a time score like this "0:00:00". I already used ini files and functions ini_write_string and ini_read_string (you can enter and save your name the first time you play and it works fine. Now i'm using the same code but doesn´t work. 1st object: SCORE_LOAD...
  9. Elijah Budd

    HTML5 INI File Deletion

    I am using Gamemaker v1.4 I am working on a game for HTML5 that uses an INI file to save and load. On windows export, everything works perfectly. I hosted the game on itch.io and on a desktop browser it also works perfectly. However, when I use a mobile web browser, the INI file has been reset...
  10. jobjorgos

    GML any tips on how to improve my ini writing file for configs?

    Hey I made a config.ini file for my game where players can store there configuration preferences and that keep them for next time when the player launch the application. Im afraid the text that gets written in the INI file is a bit too messy. Any tip to imrpove this? I also dont understand why...
  11. D

    iOS Documents and Data size keeps increasing

    I just started using Testflight to do the final testing of my game on my iPhone. My game does some saving using .ini files. Not much gets saved, just a few variables and a ds grid to store the game board. Basically I just save the game automatically after the player makes a move. The game...
  12. I

    GML Saving nested maps to .ini with json_encode and its issues

    Hey guys, I'm running into an issue and I'm not sure if it's me or GMS2. I'm using GMS2 and working with saving and loading to an .ini, I'm sure many of you have done this before. I have a map with nested maps and I've added them with ds_map_add_map(). When saving, I use json_encode, write it...
  13. Josef Scroggins

    GMS 2 Saving and Loading a Persistent object (INI)

    Edit #2: I thought I had this figured out but now the player's coordinates don't change and the camera won't snap onto the player. //Loading CL = objCallList; if file_exists("Save.helix") { ini_open("Save.helix"); var LoadedRoom = ini_read_real("Room","Room",Overworld0); CL.hp...
  14. J

    HTML5 Can't use ini files with html5

    My game requires a lot of data stored, so I use .ini files. The game works fine as a .exe but makes this error when running on the micro web server. ERROR: /html5game/test.ini It seems to work with internet explorer, but not at all with Chrome. Here is the code that causes the error...
  15. M

    Problems with reading "save.ini"

    I made a very simple test save/load system using a ".ini" file. Using "ini_write_real" and "ini_write_string" i wrote some simple variables, and they do work fine (screenshot 1, rmname being the saved room i'm in). However, when i try reading the written save, the room just restarts (if the...
  16. RizbIT

    load save on Android and windows phone

    will this work on ALL android and windows phone? ini_open("savedata.ini"); score = ini_read_real("save1", "score", 0); ini_close(); it seems to work windows phone 8 Also can i ask what would be a good use or example os using: ini_open_from_string(string);
  17. Vinsane

    GMS 2 (SOLVED) Save File INI Help - Saving + Loading Variables Issue

    Hi there everyone, I currently have a working INI save system (that is very basic mind you) that saves what fields I enter into it. at the moment I have saved the players "kills" and "coins" so when I relaunch the game and hit load these two variables will load up fine with the objects assigned...
  18. D

    Android Android save file erased after updating app

    I'm in the testing phase of my game, and I've noticed that when I update the app to a new version, save files can be erased. This is kind of terrifying, because if this happened to a live copy of the game I'd have people losing their progress. My method of saving is to write a ds_map to an .INI...
  19. @

    Android INI-saving and lost game progress, bug?

    Hey, I hope I've posted this on correct sub-forum, this sounds like a bug for me. I've had same issue for last two years since I've started using Game Maker 1.4, now using 2.0. So far I've been making Android games only. I use INI-saving and loading. I've got 4 games in Google Play now and...
  20. 2

    GML Write ds_map to ini file, Read ds_map from ini file

    How do I write a ds_map into an ini file and then reassemble the map from an ini file's contents so I can use it in game? The actual ini values should be difficult to edit ds_map gibberish. How do I put it back together as a ds_map in game, so I can check the individual key values, and set them...