1. Yizzard

    GMS 2 Question about possible future saving glitch

    So my game saves with ini files storing variables in them. I noticed that sometimes when I create new objects gamemaker will automatically reorder the object numbers of each of my objects and it will mess up previous save files. For example, in my save file it has currentParty0 = 14, telling the...
  2. K00lman

    SOLVED ini files not working

    I was trying to make a save system for my clicker game using some ini files, and put in this code: ini_open("data.ini"); global.code_lines = ini_read_real("stats", "code_lines", 0); global.programs = ini_read_real("stats", "programs", 0); = ini_read_real("stats", "money", 0)...
  3. GonerBits

    SOLVED How to get players to access an INI file from the internet?

    I'm trying to do something a bit strange with Game Maker, and I'm not sure if it will work. Basically, I want to be able to make an INI file, host it somewhere, and have the game read from the online version. Then I could update the file, and the values shown in the game would change to reflect...
  4. jobjorgos

    GMS 2.3+ How do I write 1 empty row between all the sections in my config.ini file?

    As you can see in the config.ini file below, all sections gets writted without free space (1 empty row) between the sections. Should not be there one empty row between the sections as default? and if its not default, is there a way to write an empty row after every section manully? Having all...
  5. haloregit

    GML [SOLVED] Steam cloud with encrypted ini

    After searching for quite a while, I was unable to come up with a proper solution. I use SafeSave - INI & More to encrypt my save ini files. It works perfectly, but now I am unable to figure out how to use Steam's cloud saves. I have tried several solutions such as the one from Jorge León...
  6. Architheutis

    Keeping .ini-files despite of deinstallation app

    Hi buddies, :p now I am in the final cut-phase of my first big game. My game should be the first chapter of several. The gamer should be able to transfer his "earned" points, lifes and items into the next chapter, that must be installed. In case of a player unistalls the first chapter: Is it...
  7. Lakko

    GMS 2 Game maker server

    Hi, Is this still live and compatible with GMS2? Has anyone recently tried it? Thanks
  8. Dwighty4000

    GMS 2 a problem with the alarm[0]

    why does it take twice as long for a settings sav until alarm [0] is triggered if the whole program has a "settings.sav" in "% appdata%" although this does not maintain any contact to this and yes the text message is triggered immediately right at the beginning which must mean that alarm [0] is...
  9. Architheutis

    [Solved] Some trouble with Highscore table (b4 xmas)

    Hi guys, I´ve got some trouble with my highscore table, before xmas. :rolleyes:o_O I programmed some objects and put them into different rooms in senseful order. programmed a name-entry screen for it, too. Everything works, but any time I finished the name entry in testing-mode, GMS2 says...
  10. Architheutis

    Cannot find the folder of my .ini

    Hi Folks, I cannot find the folder of my .ini-data. Game Maker 2 saves it into Computer/User/Architheuthis/AppData/Local/Filename.ini So... I cannot find the folder "AppData" and folders within. I use Windows 10. Can anybody gimme a hint? Best wishes, Archie.
  11. D

    GMS 2 Trouble with saving ini files...

    Hi, I'm new to the forum so I hope I'm brief. I've been having trouble with saving and loading my game after exporting the package. I am exporting out of uwp so I'm assuming that's where the problem lies, considering how its set up, but just an assumption. This is what my save script looks like...
  12. eyethree

    UWP Saving and Loading ini Files (targeting Xbox One)

    Hello, I've recently had to rework a save system for one of my games on Xbox One to Save/Load via ini files/functions (followed this YoYo tutorial with the included wrappers). After rewriting everything (which I thought I understood, but I've been up for 32 hours, so pardon my complete lack of...
  13. animated_ginger

    GMS 2 Trouble saving ds_list with ini

    Hello all! I've been running across this problem all day and I still can't figure out why this is not working. I'm trying to add a value to the list and then save it to an ini file. Problem is, it saves a value like "nan" or "inf". And I'm only testing out to see if this will save values...
  14. Architheutis

    ini-problems (no update and unpleasant list display)

    Hi programmers. I´ve got problems with ini-handling. I have a highscore table in my game. What I want: A saved highscore list on each unit - every time you restart the game, the ranking of the best players (TOP - 10) is reloaded. The list shows up to 10 names with the scores, vertically...
  15. Architheutis

    How to program a user text input box (Highscore) [SOLVED!]

    Hi Folks, my game is in the fine adjustment... ... I programmed a highscore table with a text input box. So the player is able to type his name via keyboard. That works on PC or laptop aso. But what about a mobile unit like a smartphone or tablet? It´s set with a keyboard_string = " "...
  16. Geners

    Is there any way to read ini files from within the project folder?

    I have made two projects, one is the actual game, and one is an editor I made inside game maker that creates ini files that my actual game will use that contains a ton of data the game will need to access. Is there any way I can move all these ini files I'm creating to the game project folder...
  17. Q

    Windows File Association? Double clicking file opens file in Game?

    I am making a windows based program that saves and loads a custom ini file (not ".ini" diff extension) Is there any Dll's or any way at all to let windows know that this custom file ext is associated with my program? I would also then need a way to begin my program with opening this file. Is...
  18. S

    GMS 2 Double List not correctly storing information

    I am trying to save controls and call them back when the game is loaded from an ini file. the controls are set and stored inside the second array correctly, but when accessing them later on, the second array was not set correctly and is just still 0. for instance at global.controlList[0, 5] at...
  19. V

    Android on_game_paused and saving on android

    Hello! My name ist Colin. I got a problem with saving my game with *.ini files while using step event and on_game_paused. I also used Game End and Room End events. Also I used event_perform in combination with step and on_game_paused and performed a new user event with that code in it. This...
  20. A

    Android Ini File not working?

    I use ini files to keep track of my app's total gold, etc. It works on the test and when I try and run it on an android device it seems to just straight up not work. Is there a fix or an alternative?