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    How do I fix this?

    This is a problem when actually starting up the game from the editor. Like, when I try to start it (F5(trying not to confuse someone), it says: !!!!No INI File C:\Users\(I took this out for privacy)\AppData\Local\GameMakerStudio2\GMS2TEMP\My First Game - D&D Tutorial_14BE38B1_VM/options.ini but...
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    UI Problems + No INI File found

    Hi i've been trying to fix this problem for hours now and cant work it out. I am following the guide : The UI that is being made in this video does not do what its supposed to in my program (black outlline, text writes inside) even though my code is EXACTLY the same. The only error i am...
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    GML [SOLVED] Custom high score not working with ini.... help please :D

    Hello! here's my full code for displaying a custom high score system: Full Code Link Lines 55-61 seem to be the problem. Here is what it's doing when I beat high score: As you can see, it repeats 8th - 10th place. Here's the confusing part... if I comment out the ini_write loop (lines 55-61)...
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    Print out stuffs in .ini files?

    Hi guys, I got a few problems on printing out .ini files. In obj_main, I did a few things In Create event, I have ///Set variables and Data tracking image_speed = 0; image_index = 0; process = -1; myDialog = -1; ini_open("index.ini"); ini_write_real("Data tracking","Data",0); =...
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    GMS 2 Cant write to .ini file

    I am having a horrible time for the last 2 hours trying to figure out why i cant update my .ini file with a script. I am able to test the file exists. I am able to read the keys (at least see they exist) but I cant change them. I am running this script from an alarm every 600 ticks. Everytime I...