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  1. L

    Android How to save the INI database in Google Cloud Saving

    My game has a database stored in the INI file, I would like to save this file in the Google Cloud. I thought it would be something simple to do, but I'm already 2 days away with this headache. Eu quero salvar o banco de dados INI, para ser recuperado ao reinstalar o jogo novamente. =(
  2. P

    Legacy GM INI Mod Framework Attempt trouble

    I'm trying to create a framework for modding a game I've been working on, and I ran into a spot of trouble. The goal is to create a system that reads object statistics from a file and writes them to a data structure, so that objects can access this information in-game. I'm trying to do this in...
  3. EvanSki

    Legacy GM (Solved) Can a variable pick a string at random?

    Basically what I want to do is Have an object call a script (scr_decry) The script holds a variable (decry_phrase) and a list of strings such as "apple", "password","pinepplesarebad" Then the script will make (decry_phrase) = a random string from the list Any help is appreciated, Thanks!
  4. Edwin

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] .INI-files saving directory.

    Hello. What to do if my .INI-files are keeping in... Users/*UserName*/AppData/Local/GameName/ ...folder? How to write && read them in different disks, folders and directories? Thanks for for your advises.
  5. Bladestorm Games

    \n (line break) is not being save to ini file

    Hello, I have a small issue where if a string contains \n and that string is saved to an ini file, the loaded later, the string wont contain the \n portion. Example: description_string = "Hello Test \n This is a test"; ini_open("test"); ini_write_string("section", "key"...
  6. Ehkber

    GML [SOLVED] Reading sections of .ini file 'in order'

    Hi! I recently created a little system for visual novel-style cutscenes that works by reading values from an .ini file like a play script. It looks like this: [1] S = Justina T = Is nine fifty seven. Do we risk turning off the grill? A1 = Justina A2 = Dee A1Flip = true A1x = 400 A2x = 0 A1i = 0...
  7. B

    GMS 2 Saving global variable

    hey all Just had a quick question on saving global variables to an ini file. I have some global variables that every play session they will be a different value. So during a session if there is a save I need to capture the value of those variables for the load game to work properly. Let say...
  8. O

    HTML5 [SOLVED] Issue using ini_key_exists in a for loop

    I'm trying to programmatically place a series of buttons on the screen. The amount of buttons depends on the number of keys in a given section of an included ini file. What should happen, is that the code loops through a number of times defined by the max number of buttons, checking to see for...
  9. N

    Legacy GM Rooms [SOLVED]

    Hi all. Today I have a 'weird' problem... I have a script called: scr_loadgame and a script called scr_savegame. In a object that draws the text: 'Press Enter to start!' in the step event: if (keyboard_check_pressed(vk_enter)) { room_goto(global.level); } in the Room Creation code of...
  10. Pfap

    Saving boolean .ini

    I need to save a variable as being set to true, would I use the ini_write_real or ini_write_string function? My gut is telling me to just save it as the real 0, but can anyone confirm? Edit: I just checked the manual Boolean section "A boolean is simply a value that can either be true or...
  11. W

    saving .ini files when updating

    i'm currently working on some savegame files and i've noticed that every time i test on my android device, the save gets reset. on the pc it stays fine, but on the mobile platform, is it supposed to do that or is there some other way that i'm missing? things i've tried : googling and re-running...
  12. Z

    GML Can I read from an ini_file without knowing the keys?

    So I've made this whole system for encrypting values as well as the keys, just to make it harder for anyone to know what they are changing if they would open the text files. But only now as I implemented it did I realise that ini_read needs a key to read a value, and if that key is encrypted it...
  13. L

    Legacy GM Draw event doesn't update when value gets from ini file

    Hello GMS 1.4 Community! I have a really weird and annoying problem. I am just beginner in Game maker Studio and maybe I am doing something wrong. I have a save object (like in Undertale) which saves me and the room name where I am located. And in future I need to draw the room name where i were...
  14. E

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Save file is broken

    For some reason my game have 1 out 100 chance to broke my save file. I am using ini file to store information. And normal section in my ini file looks like this: [PLAYER] global.maxEnergy="40.000000""40.000000" global.catalyst="0.000000" global.maxFuel="30.000000"...
  15. E

    Saving ds_grids to ini not working (Solved)

    I am making a game similar to sudoku. I have 3 arrays, arrayS is for the solution, arrayP is for the puzzle (the numbers that are shown to the user) and finally array, which is all the numbers placed and displayed. Once array equals arrayS for every instance, the player wins the game. I want the...
  16. K

    GMS 2 Saveing Inifile lag after a while

    Hey guys, I am making consistent room switches by saving all the instances in an ini file and loading them whenever you enter a specific room. When you start the game, everything runs smoothly, transitions are perfect, nothing to worry about. But after a while, it takes longer for the room...
  17. T

    GMS 2 Problem Reading ini Files

    I'm working on a dialogue system and I am having trouble getting game maker to read my ini file. ini_open("Dialogue.ini"); iniPage = 0; while(ini_read_string(string_lower(myName), string(iniPage), "-451") != "-451") { myText[iniPage] = ini_read_string(string_lower(myName), string(iniPage)...
  18. T

    GMS 2 Help Writing INI files?

    I'm beginning to work on a dialogue system in my game and I was wondering if there were any resources for how to properly write an ini file manually. Additionally, I know that Gamemaker reads files from sections, but is there a way to create subsections? I ask this mainly so I can have each...
  19. J

    Windows Error No INI File - Delays Running game, even in Demo Level

    This problem just arose after using GameMakeStudio 2 for over a month. Whenever I run my own game or a Demo Level provided by YoYo games this error appears.... (in this case the demo level of Platformer Lite) C:\Users\Joshua Mattson\AppData\Local\GameMakerStudio2\GMS2TEMP\YoYo Platform...
  20. SayBaconOneMoreTime

    GMS 2 .ini or text file for dialogue?

    Hi there: I'm currently trying to set up a more efficient way to handle long bits of dialogue than writing them out in the code editor. I find this to be not only very cumbersome, since they can't all feasibly be in one place for easy access/editing with this method and the GMS2 interface is...