1. K

    Infinite Swinging Platformer

    I decided to make a swinging game, but I want it to be infinite. I'm new to GameMaker Studio 2 and I have no idea how to do so. I have watched a few tutorials but none of them seem to work. Does anyone have any idea how to do so? If it helps this is the tutorial that I followed for this...
  2. Sultown

    GMS 2.3+ Infinite Vertical Background

    Preface My apologies if this has already been covered somewhere. If so, please link it to me. I have done extensive searching on the forums and in videos, and either the solution is outdated (unsupported syntax) or it doesn't quite pertain to my issue. With that said: Problem I am trying to...
  3. K

    Windows how to make a room loop infinitely?

    I want to make a simple infinite platformer game with a camera that follows the player. How do I make a room that seamlessly loops without any sort of transition?
  4. yvodlyn


    Hey everyone! Here a small tap game that I'm actually doing. I would like to have feedbacks. I would also like to know if the sounds and the waves system are correct? Sprites were not from me, but I would like to know if the graphics are good? Thank you very much!
  5. Logan Bevans

    "Infinite Terrain" memory problems

    Hi, iv has been working on a game with near infinite terrain in which I deactivate all of the objects except for the once in my view I'm having issues with my memory increasing whenever I explore from the main loading part it starts dropping fps. Iv thought it could have something to do with the...
  6. P

    Asset - Demo Infinite Random Generation Engine

    Hey guys! This is a bit of a promo for an asset i'm very excited to announce. I've been working very hard over the last few weeks to bring you guys a simple random generation engine! Features: Random Chunk Generation Engine Beautiful Particle System Reusable Scripts and Examples Full Physics...
  7. yvodlyn

    Released Failing

    Go download it!
  8. Mythi.T

    GMS 2 .ini file mystery... solve plz?

    Main Question: Can anyone tell me how to store a 2D array in an .ini file without having to have an individual section for every data point in a, say 50 x 50 array? (my array may be bigger) IE (I DON'T WANT THIS) ini_write_real("array_h0","array_w0",global.array[0,0]...
  9. T

    GMS 2 Wrapping Room / Infinite Room Looping for GMS2

    I've been trying to figure out how to make the room seamlessly loop around (horizontally and vertically). This effect is in many games, such as Luftrausers, where if you keep going in a direction, you end up where you started. There are many examples I've found for 1.X with views, but I don't...
  10. Turkish Coffee

    Legacy GM How does the Infinite Worlds get generated?

    Hey, I'm curious about the infinite worlds -rooms- How they adjust the room width or height? Can we do room_width = room_width+10 for example?
  11. L

    infint particles!!

    Hi there! For my second Game i'm testing out the particle system and my question is how i can let my particles stay till the player has completet the Level. I know i could create a loop but i think there has to be a better way to solve this. Thanks for your Help! Lino
  12. A

    Infinite rooms.....

    Hello! i really want to create a top down game with infinite terrain, is it possible to do that in gamemaker without creating a lot of rooms?
  13. 6

    Infinite looping drawn background

    Hi all! I'm making a parallax background which is made from more than 7 elements so I can't use the room's default editor for making it so i'm drawing it by code. draw_background (bg_example, x1, 0) x1 is a variable which i decrease every frame, so i have my parallax this way... But the problem...
  14. L

    Android Creating predefined random stages ("∞" room) (My way)

    (Sorry for my English) Hello everyone! I'm pretending to make a infinite game. My question is... What would be the proper way to do this? This is the way that I'm pretending to do this: I would have a static player, and the world just move to the left I would create a "PredefinedRandomStage"...
  15. J

    Legacy GM Help with infinite while loop [solved]

    Hi, I am trying to make a an object that will check for a collision, then stop checking for a collision for a second, and then start checking again. Currently, I have this while loop in a step event: while(alarm_get(0) <= 0) { if collision_line(x-96,y+15,x+96,y+15,all,false,true) {...
  16. M

    Legacy GM Making preset instance creations

    Hello, all. I'm trying to make an infinite runner game. This is a little hard to explain, but the way I am attempting to do this is to have preset obstacles then create a random one in front of the player every few seconds. What would be the best way to do this? The only way I could think of...
  17. Samuel Venable

    Free Flappy Wheels 3D (for Windows, Macintosh, Ubuntu, Android, and Web)

    Product Screenshots: Product Features: Official website - The infinite objective - survive as many laps as you can Laps make you faster - speed reset after multiples of 50 Steering gradually offset - you will need your arrow keys Press something when it...
  18. Lumenflower

    Design Goals and Endings in Survival Games

    There's a bunch of games out at the moment which I would place under the header of 'Survival Games'. They include Minecraft, Rimworld, Nazi Zombies etc. I'm sure there are more but I haven't played them so won't comment. I'm going to talk about Rimworld first because I feel it is the one in...
  19. Bingdom

    Best method for infinite terrain generation

    Currently im using tiles for the graphics and ds_grids for the collision detection and data storage, but i noticed that ds_grids do not like going negative, what's the best way of countering it, and ensuring that the world will be infinite? Would just mirroring the world using abs(x) be the best...