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  1. M

    Team Request [TAKEN] Searching for a GameMaker dev who wants to build a plugin

    Hey! I am Mathias, I am a developer at STOMT. We are a small team that has been working on our idea for the last months. STOMT is platform that allows you to collect feedback in-game. For that we've built Unity and Unreal engine integrations and a web widget. The main advantages we are trying...
  2. Shinu Real Arts

    Wings Of Bluestar [2D horizontal hand painted Shmup]+Demo

    Hello everyone! Edit: Newest Demo: https://tinyurl.com/y4tsxp6l This is Shinu Real Arts and I'm an indie game developer. Here I present to you my actual and biggest project; Wings Of Bluestar, a 2D horizontal shmup in the style of 90s games on the 32bit consoles and on the Arcade. The game is...
  3. T

    Windows My new game called Bucket List!

    I just posted a game to itchio about helping a guy complete his bucket list, but everything keeps going wrong for him! Features include: 4 challenging levels (More to come!) Cool retro graphics (I totally wasn't lazy when I made them) 3 original music tracks Crazy action sequences Did I...
  4. artcadev

    Alpha My Cat Revenge - 2D Platformer Puzzle Shooter

    /// MY CAT REVENGE \\\ 2D Platformer Puzzle Shooter, inspired own our daily challenges and experiences with our cat, but now turning from a uncontrollable joke that became game form with the initial concept of "Rescuing my girlfriend from the devilish claws of my handsome cat." The game...
  5. CreativeJon90

    Team Request Action rpg, story telling (Rev-Share)

    Hey GM Community members! This is a new forum for the already existing Bounty: episode One! This is a 2d Action Rpg. It is inspired by games like Hyperlight drifter, and other rougelikes. You take the role of Naila. A former police officer who had to become a Bounty Hunter in order to find the...
  6. IE Entertainment

    Job Offer - Programmer Programmer Needed - REVISED

    Hi, my name is Patrick and I am the founder and owner of an INDIE studio called Imagine Eternity Entertainment LLC, or IE Entertainment for short. So far I am the sole team member working on a game that I hope to finish within the next 6 to 9 months (hopefully). It is basically an action...
  7. Dazai

    Towards The Pantheon [2D RPG]

    After almost two years of 90+ hour work weeks, the exciting new 2D RPG Towards The Pantheon is out on Steam & Itch.io! Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/709510/Towards_The_Pantheon/ Itchio: https://connorort.itch.io/towardsthepantheon Towards The Pantheon is a turn based 2D RPG with...
  8. Psyinx

    Steam The Puzzleverse (Previously known as ORB) - coming to PC, XBox One and PS4!

    ORB has picked up an awesome new publishing partner - Keystone Games and will be released under the title of Puzzleverse on PC, XBox One and PS4!! :D http://bit.ly/orbsteam Check out this pretty awesome previous from D-Pad Joy: Steam Greenlight Impressions: ORB And for a little bit of what...
  9. Tim

    Windows Boss 101 (2018.01.08) Big Free Update this Week

    ***To speed up loading spoiler tags are added to images in older posts*** Hello Everyone! First - thanks for clicking on this link. I wanted to post here about our game Boss 101 made entirely with GameMaker: Studio. It's a project we have been working on for almost two years now and idue to...