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  1. Michael Bateman

    HTML5 Veggie Patch - Optimised to play on any device

    Play Now - on any device in browser - Click Here Hi all, I recently participated in my first jam - GMC Jam 3! In it I made Veggie Patch. This isn't everyone's type of game so apologies if you hate it :) My wife loved it though - and she isn't a gamer at all! Veggie Patch is a farming sim...
  2. T

    Free Abstract Arena Version 1.008 & Playtesters Needed!

    We at Credici Games would like to announce Version 1.008 of our first game, Abstract Arena. Abstract Arena is an action-shooter 2D game with a top-down view. Players can choose from 6 ships available to compete against opponents (for a maximum of 6 players at the same time) in different game...
  3. Y

    iOS Pixel Craft-Space Shooter(Featured by Apple)

    Hi, I am Xie Yunbin, a Chinese Game developer. Here is my 2nd game on iOS and Android named "Pixel Craft-Space Shooter". It's a shoot-em-up game with pixel art.Fortunely it was featured by Apple on Feb 2nd and got a good revenue.So I am very thank of the Yoyo Games.Because of the Game Maker...
  4. B

    Windows SECLUSION - Available Now on STEAM!

    Hi Everyone, Excited to announce my game SECLUSION is officially on STEAM now! Please check it out! I would love feedback. Game has a considerable about of GML scripting. Had to manage multiple states, in building, in room, hit detection etc.. Learn a lot and love working with Game Maker even...
  5. ramos

    Discussion Discord indie chat room

    Hello If anyone is into discord , i made a indie game dev chat room for posting game screenshots and exchanging ideeas with other devs : https://discord.gg/nnEQ3da Nothing big just somting to connect
  6. S

    Distribution Dead Pulse - Publishing Help?

    I'd like to share my recently released work in progress wave survival game. Does anyone know any good places to share a free indie game on?
  7. S


    Dead Pulse is a wave survival game. Fight hoards of undead creatures until your dying breath. Create a survival strategy, grab a weapon from the Dead Stop Shop and build yourself a fortress as you make your last stand against the dead! • Visit the Dead Pulse page on my website and download the...
  8. Mark Freedman

    GameMaker Podcasts?

    Hi all. Does anyone know if there are any podcasts centered around GameMaker? I know there a bunch of game dev podcasts (indie, etc.), and the more general ones are cool. But most seem to fade away after a year or so. And some dev-specific ones seem to be focused on Unity. Unity is great, but...
  9. F

    Alpha Feast For Worms - Alpha v0.0.6

    HELLO FELLOW GAME DEVELOPERS! My name is Brandan and this is Feast For Worms, a project I've been working on since September 30th, 2016. This is my first indie game and I'm currently developing it by myself. Coding, animations, sound effects are all created and owned by me. :) What is it...
  10. newtinn


    "This looks promising" - ImReadyToo DreamEther is a game about surviving not on weapons, but on one pit! Survive for as long as you can without getting eaten by any of the monsters! Latest Update: 1.0 IndieDB: http://www.indiedb.com/games/dreamether
  11. Xitilon

    Steam Castle of no Escape 2 - free promo keys!

    Hi, everyone! We've released the full version of our game on Steam and would like to share some keys for those who dare to try it! 6HBPY-0HV66-A4MZX L3HCM-6PJ7V-90Q7L JB0D7-6T7F4-QTIM6 http://store.steampowered.com/app/542350/ Of course if you decide the game's worth its price (it's also...
  12. A

    Free Quest for the Realm

    First Game ever made! Quest for the Realm is an 8 bit action platformer set in a light hearted world filled with varied locations each offering new experiences and challenges. You may choose one of two characters to play, the Knight and the Mage, each offering a different approach to...
  13. M

    Windows Work in progress - Shafted

    Hi Game Makers, I have spent about two months working on a 2D story driven platformer called Kalopsia. The story line based in a post apocalyptic world where the majority of people are forced to work in mines deep underground to get resources for better half of humanity living in space. You...
  14. M

    Windows Terra Prima.My very first game

    Hello!Today I came to show you my First full game available for download I spent 3 months in the development and it's for a contest. It's has a mix of classic genres such as platform,adventure and shoot 'em up. And if you want to download it you can download it here...
  15. 2

    Team Request Looking for someone to gain some experience

    Hey there, a little about myself, I've been messing around with game maker off and on for about 6 years now. Though that's a long time I took a couple years off. Right now I'm a sophomore in college, computer science major, and I really want to make a game. The process can be tedious, but I...
  16. 2

    Asset - Graphics RPG Character Templates

    Hey, I remember back in the day I would search for a good template to base my own rpg characters on so I didn't have to create them from scratch... Welp now I made my own! https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/4523/rpg-character-template This includes a small character template with a walk...
  17. A

    A Consumer's Guide to Insanity

    A CONSUMER'S GUIDE TO INSANITY --------------------------------------------------------- Inspiration We live in a society where most of the stuff we buy has the potential to help shape our individual identities. We wear and own the things we do as a way of giving people a glimpse of who...
  18. Alex Lyons

    Idea New Name for Alexander Julian

    I've been designing a game called Alexander Julian for months now. It's a 2D platforming/action game about a high schooler with the same name going on an adventure to stop a gang and save his idol, Sage Edwards. The thing is, I just found that there's a famous clothing line named after...
  19. 2Bad Games

    Demo 2URVIVE

    GAME DESCRIPTION 2URVIVE is an Indie top down shooter. The action takes place in a devastated world (as always ^^). Inspired by classic zombie movies, the Infected are everywhere. Follow Alan and John, two brothers who try to run away from this nightmare ! Kill the Infected and survive are your...
  20. CreativeJon90

    Team Request Action rpg, story telling (Rev-Share)

    Hey GM Community members! This is a new forum for the already existing Bounty: episode One! This is a 2d Action Rpg. It is inspired by games like Hyperlight drifter, and other rougelikes. You take the role of Naila. A former police officer who had to become a Bounty Hunter in order to find the...