1. G

    Forum Game Game in Development
  2. Dan1

    Steam 999 - A Puzzle-Platformer with 999 Levels!

    Introducing... 999 is a puzzle platformer style game in which you must fling your character to the exit through 999 very difficult levels that will push your platforming skills to their limit. Throw and fling your character around gruelingly addictive, funky, psychedelic, colourful and...
  3. P

    Windows Ephemera: The RPG (My first game!)

    Hello everyone! I'm new to the whole game-making scene and I've just started to work on sprites for mine, not even programming but i (and some friends) have already made some music and got the basic summary and everything up, so bare in mind it is VERY much in it's early stages. "There exists a...
  4. L

    iOS Up All Knight -Endless Pixel Arcade Game

    Utilize the unique size manipulation abilities of the knights of UPtara to scale the castle, avoid deadly obstacles, and rescue the damsels. ◉ Tap and hold to shrink The smaller you become, the higher you'll jump ◉ Release to jump upward Careful to avoid the spike roof! Are you UP to the...
  5. H

    How much money does it take to make indie game a success?

    Hi there. I would like to know some of your insights regarding this topic. Do you need money (not that huge) in order to make your game a success. Let's say, you are an indie game developer and would not use a publisher, how much you need to make your self made game a success considering the...
  6. GarlicGuy

    Beta Rocco and Renwick - Wacky Platformer

    Project started 2/13/18 Rocco and Renwick My current 1 man project. Follows the story of a duo (Rocco the Crocco and Renwick Raven) who are trying to stop a power hungry and corrupt president. NEW BETA DEMO! Download link: .zip?dl=0 It's a...
  7. A

    Team Request Looking for a Pixel Artist/Concept Artist

    I am looking for a pixel/concept artist that is willing to work without pay until i can find a way to fund this videogame (be it kickstarter, indiegogo, or the like) must: be able to produce examples of previous work be able to produce quality concept art be able to work 4-6hr. days be able to...
  8. O

    Steam I'm releasing my first game, Earth Muncher on April 20th, 2018.

    During release week, 20% of all sales will go to The Earth Day Network in honor of Earth Day. Earth Muncher is a 2D pixelated puzzle game reminiscent of DigDug, except you are a defenseless Earthworm named Norm who just wants to nom some treasure. Go on, Munch that treasure! But beware, there...
  9. Skull_k

    Released BAD TRIP Action-Platformer Game

    Hi, I am Skico and I made an action platformer game: Bad Trip. It is my first game and I worked on this project during almost 6 months. Available here : Genre: Action Platformer Game with a touch of die&retry. Works Only with a GamePad. Duration to...
  10. R

    Windows Fall - Atmospheric Platformer

    New to this forum, just wanted feedback on this game I made. You can find the game here if you are interested: Download on Fall Fall is an atmospheric game where you grow up and learn new skills as you traverse through the forest alone in search of your...
  11. Vinsane

    Windows Stick Adventures: Wizard Madness: Chapter 1 - Steam Release

    INTRO Hello everyone! First off I would like to say thank you to all the awesome members here for helping me with every question I have asked regarding Game Maker Studio 2. I really appreciate all the help that you guys supply to new developers like myself. I've taken all the knowledge that...
  12. DirectShift

    Windows Rabbit's Quest [Metroidvania Shoot Em Up] (FREE during Summer Sale)

    Rabbit's Quest is a metroidvania with a retro aesthetic. Your team was exploring the galaxy looking for alternate source of energies, until the radar detected something on a unknown planet. However, things go wrong and now you are many thousands feet under the ground in a hostile planet full...
  13. M

    Released COSMONAUT

    We have finally released our passion project after a grueling 5 years of iterative development! Steam Store: About This Game COSMONAUT is an immersive story-driven horror platformer set two centuries in our future. Suit up as Jarobi, a green...
  14. Seabass (The Human)

    Steam Don't Sink! (Pirate-RPG-Adventure)

    All the useful links! Steam Store Website Discord Reddit Description A Sandbox-Adventure-Pirate-RPG that takes inspiration from Pirates of the Carribean (2003 video game), FTL: Faster Than Light, and Sid Meier's Pirates but makes certain to stand out on its own. Gameplay Explore a...
  15. P

    Steam BANANO BROS.

    Despite being born in 1997, I have played many retro games since I was 10 years old, I loved them and I still love them hahaha, that is why my first game (and the next ones) is inspired by the old time classics of the 80's. Proudly I present you BANANO BROS. I thought: What makes special an...
  16. Nahual

    Distribution Pirating indiegames!

    Hello everyone! I know a lot of us worry about working hard and spending years after years developing our indie games and finally be able to release it either on steam or other platforms via the internet. But again, does anybody really know how to protect their games from being pirated? I've...
  17. H

    Last 5 days to submit games to AzPlay Indie Awards - € 25,000 in prizes

    Hi, I would like to tell you that only 5 days left to submit your games to the VIII AzPlay Indie Awards. The deadline is September 14th. It´s free to submit your games. AzPlay has established 5 awards of 5,000 euros for the following categories: best original idea, best visual art, best sound –...
  18. Nahual

    My indie game "EL Pansas"

    Hi everyone! Thank you for taking the time to check my post on these awesome forums, I've been using Game Maker since it first came out, Game Maker 5. Here I will leave my very first "big" indie game, any feedback will be extremely useful. -=EL PANSAS=- The game still is under development, and...
  19. D

    Discussion Hey, have you seen Roast My Game?

    It's a great promotion/feedback tool, but currently it has a rather small user base. You can find it here: Have fun!
  20. T

    What's your favorite AAA game?

    Just wanted to know what you guy's favorite game outside of indie was?