1. M

    Windows Multi-colour catcher

    Hello everyone, In multi-colour catcher you control 3 blocks of 3 different colors. Squares of 3 different colors spawn vertically. To increase your score you must catch squares of the same color with your blocks. If a block catches a square of a different color your score decreases The time...
  2. Sir Raitan

    Free Trouble in Westwytch - an action RPG

    Hello everybody! It is high time I present to you my first real game. Trouble in Westwytch is an action RPG set in a medieval world. The game takes you to Westwytch – a small village plagued by a curse which makes pumpkins come to life. In the game you fight pumpkins, help villagers and...
  3. Invisible hand corp

    GALACTIVORE - 2D Retro action-platformer

    GALACTIVORE is a 2D retro action-platformer I´ve been working on sporadically since 2013. I felt it was time to wrap up a demo version and get some feedback on it, so here it is. The game is set in the year 2068. You play a lone traveller that get caught up in the biggest conflict of the...
  4. Divinik

    Alpha Hell is For Heroes // Progress Update Video!

    I've been working on the battle mode for a while now, and I'm proud to say it's now 100% fully functional. Check it out: Now if only I had actual artwork :/
  5. ProjectGamesInc

    Find the Treasure : Our very first Steam game

    Hi guys! I'm here today to ask you a little bit of help if possible! (and some hint and opinion) We have released (me and one friend) a game on Steam, its our first indie/adventure game on that platform and we need a little bit of help to get visibility! Read the small description under here...
  6. Paul Kankiewicz

    Open Ocean Assets

    I made a small, 2D game called Open Ocean relatively recently and have released some of the assets that I used under a Creative Commons license. If you're looking for some top-down 2D fish swimming animations or some simple UI buttons, check it out...
  7. mikix

    Steam Warhead Destined Warhead Destined is a dungeon delving action roleplaying game. It features custom made 2d art never before seen in another game. The game is about grinding loot to be strong enough to beat bosses and advance to the next dungeon theme. Features Loot...
  8. jworker

    iOS P.3 A love letter to arcade classic shmup

    P.3 is a vertical classic arcade shooter with two button controls. Press each button changes direction but fires at same time. Hold two buttons at same time, slow down ship but fires alternate weapon. Save the Space ! Platform: iOS Price: $1.99 Website: Contact...
  9. Uncorrupted Games

    Windows Project Cherry [Now Available on]

    Fasted Paced, action game about one thing… Cherries! Collect All of them, don’t ask why, don’t even ask for what! Also try not to die, everything wants to kill you besides the cherries. Will you be strong enough to survive as long as needed to collect all the cherries and save the world? Or...
  10. Hrok

    Project: Solace [WIP] + Demo

    Project: Solace What is it: You will play as Sophie who ends up stranded on an island and has to survive what appears to be monsters that have taken residence. You will run into other survivors and try to stay alive. As you progress, you will come upon "major event" levels where you will...
  11. J

    Steam Gumstein The Awakening. A game made in Game Maker Studio |(1.4)

    Hi Everyone.I'm happy to announce that we are now out of Early Access with Gumstein: the Awakening. (on Steam)We made this game in Game Maker Studio 1.4, and spent a little over a year making the game. It is a 2D puzzle platform game where you play as chewing gum that became sentient after a...
  12. D

    Job Offer - Programmer Programmed Needed

    Looking for a programmer to complete my upcoming video game "Flappatron". Trailer and old kickstarter demo are here: Trailer: Demo: I do all the animations of characters myself as well a program the bubble sequences and a lot of other things, I do most of the work so you would just have...
  13. X

    Android / Amazon Fire Figureblot : Puzzle [Android]

    "Figureblot" is a simple game very similar to tetris. Features: - The pieces come out above and below -It has very weird figures that increase difficulty -There are 3 "special pieces". -It has global and local highscores system, you can sign in with the google play account and change your name...
  14. C

    Steam Shoot Bugs, Earn Upgrades, GROW PUMPKINS!

    Hello everyone! My game Pumpkin Death Garden has just been released on steam! Made entirely in GML, of course. If anyone has any questions about coding I'd be happy to answer them. Steam link: There's some strategy and a...
  15. A

    Windows Alpha & Beta[%75 Discount for Summer Sale]

    Steam Store New DLC Store Gamejolt Store Game Summray: Alpha & Beta is a 2d platform game for those who love old style platform games but with a few touches on this old style, the most important features are the high degree of difficulty and the promise of a satisfying gaming...
  16. T

    Steam Super Captain 3D . A Super Hero shoot em up!

    Hello everyone! We just released our new game on Steam and we would like showing it to you! Super Captain 3D is a shmup where you are a Super Hero defending Earth! The gameplay gravitates towards more of a classic feel like Space Invaders rather than being too bullet hell based. Theres...
  17. Nodamex

    Alpha Lufulus' Creatures ARPG

    Lufulus' Creatures I want to introduce my game, Lufulus' Creatures. It is an action RPG. Your feedback is very important for me. The game is physics-based, singleplayer and 2D. It can be played on Steam now, but private key is needed. If anyone wants to test the game, just message me. I will...
  18. Kezarus

    Released Endless RPG

    Hi everyone! This is a project that I started in the end of 2017. So far I did a LOT of things. My game is about freedom, tactics and decisions that matter. You will be able to generate a random living world! Medieval high fantasy style. Tired from the world that you played but want the same...
  19. A

    Need help for my Idle Space Station game

    Hello guys ! Here is my new project with GMS2 : A game similar to Ogame, but on Single player, maybe with BOT enemies later. But it's early stage. So I have a few rooms, each one managing something different (construction, research...) Constructions (or researches) need time. I want them to be...
  20. G

    Forum Game Game in Development