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    Demo Physics Phriends (DEMO)

    Hello everyone! The demo to my new game just came out. The game is about your best friend getting kidnapped and you have to help him. You can download the demo, and if you want, you can donate to help with the development of the full game. Link:
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    Windows My new game called Bucket List!

    I just posted a game to itchio about helping a guy complete his bucket list, but everything keeps going wrong for him! Features include: 4 challenging levels (More to come!) Cool retro graphics (I totally wasn't lazy when I made them) 3 original music tracks Crazy action sequences Did I...
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    What's your favorite AAA game?

    Just wanted to know what you guy's favorite game outside of indie was?
  4. X

    Team Request Artist & Writer - For Mobile Project Zone Gridlock

    Hello I am Joshua West (A.K.A) Xskode Media throughout social media (Twitter & Youtube). I am a Game Designer / game Developer (Game Designer 1st). I recently finished my last mobile project and released it in googleplay store. you can check it out from the link >>> 'Don't Blow Me Up!' I am...
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    Team Request Looking for Project Partner(S) for Indie Platformer

    Hey there. I'm looking for project partner(s) for an Indie platformer. This is my first attempt at video game development, so I might be a little "rough around the edges" with it, but I'm not new to media development projects and I've worked with many freelancers over the years. One thing I...
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    Android / Amazon Fire [Android] [HTML5] The Weave of Heroes - RPG

    Hi there, we are Alexandre and Julien. Alexandre is in charge of code and Julien does the art. We use Game Maker Studio and we have finished our first game. It is called "The Weave of Heroes". We hope you'll enjoy. Please tell us what you think about. Play on Android Your little sister has...
  7. D

    (SOLVED) Can anyone figure out whats up with my alarm??

    My alarm only seems to end once I have took control of the enemy (which it shouldn't) it's set at a second (while i'm testing) but it won't run until the enemy goes into the control state. It's like the alarm only starts when the enemy enters the control state even tho I haven't told it to do...
  8. breakmt

    Android / Amazon Fire Zombie Garden - 2D zombie-shooter

    Hey, guys! I'm really happy to present you my first game made with GameMaker! I hope you will like it, but anyway feel free to comment -- I'm very curious what you think about this game? Maybe you will share some thoughts with me about how to make my game better? Google Play...
  9. X

    Windows It's Here As I Promised!! Maze Attack Update (Work In Progress)

    Not to long ago I released an open beta of this game and received a lot of valuable feedback. Which has help this game improve dramatically. I am working on another open beta of my game (which will also include many of the changes) for now I did create a story/New Gameplay trailer that will show...
  10. FHD


    Hi, Here is Boingkid™, a brand new action puzzle platformer title. I have been working on this game for a couple of months since January 2015. I used to work on it on my spare times while I do jobs as a freelance artist. I am doing both coding and visual development for this title but I put...
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     Oblivion Genesis - GMS2 Devlog [#ObvGen]

    [ Reserved For Trailer ]
  12. MEITdev

    Alpha Make it Home - RPG Space Shooter

    Make it Home Is a top-down space shooter game with RPG elements, with skills, quests, NPC characters, ship upgrades and more! - Level up your character, learn and improve your Skills. - Upgrade your ship with different guns and with any configuration you wish! - Campaign story mode - complete...
  13. greatdane1990

    Android / Amazon Fire OESE - Pocket Edition on Google Play

    Hey guys, I've not posted in here before, me and my buddy alec have been developing PC games for Steam over the last year, and our first release OESE has just been optimized for Android and released on the Google Play Store
  14. Stonesword games

    Need Game maker mentor

    Hello, im new. I'm trying to create a asteroid style game and I need help with strafe and missile's. I would appreciate any help in the areas I don't know