indie game

  1. UEG_Productions

    Demo Spearited

    I have finally managed to make a demo for my game. I made a new level type (ice caves) and I now have a playable version. The story is about a girl who has nightmares every night. She takes medicine to stop them but they persist. She finds a spear in a dream that acts as a key between the two...
  2. giraffeman210

    Opinion Top 5 Indie Games

    I like making top lists and since a lot of us here are making and playing indie games I thought I would list my top 5 must play indie games I have discovered. I'm sure there are many more great ones than these but if I was to recommend some these would be the five I would recommend first. 5...
  3. MrBazooka

    Free Chippy Golf (IOS & Android) - A Hole-In-One Golf experience

    An addictive hole-in-one golf experience. Take aim and beat the high score! Never play the same level. An indie game by Rude Koala Games (Jano Booysen) Download: IOS or ANDROID Cheers and have a great day. Jano
  4. M

    Released Typr - How Fast Can You Type?

    In Typr you test your digital typing skills. Type the word on the screen correctly and score points, the faster you type, the more points you collect! Buy right now on Devlogs: Facebook page...
  5. M

    Android Hard Life pixel art beat em up game

    I made this with game maker long time ago.Currently i am working a new game based these graphics with a story.Game style similar mighty final fight and double dragon games.I am using game maker 1.4 version. Store description: It is a cute beat 'em up game with pixelated style, which will turn...
  6. harambe1

    Android Soul Chase [RELEASED]

    Do you guys miss NES and SNES games from the 80's and the 90's? Do you miss actual challenge and the satisfaction of completing a difficult but fun level? Can't bear the nostalgia anymore? Look no further, Soul Chase is here to fix your NES / SNES nostalgia! This is an indie game that was...
  7. Thomas N

    Steam Top Down Racer

    Hi, I just released my game "Top Down Racer" in early access on Steam. It would be great if you could tell me what you think about it. :) Link to Steam Store Page
  8. FeetUpGaming

    Myether - My first quality indie game

    I did have a really long post here but i didn't word it very well so people was understandably finding issues with the post so i have just removed it. I will simply now ask 2 questions: 1. What's the best free way to market an indie game made by a single developer? (So not much time to put into...
  9. H

    How much money does it take to make indie game a success?

    Hi there. I would like to know some of your insights regarding this topic. Do you need money (not that huge) in order to make your game a success. Let's say, you are an indie game developer and would not use a publisher, how much you need to make your self made game a success considering the...
  10. O

    Released Earth Muncher

    30 years dreaming of developing a game has become a reality. Earth Day is a day that we come together to appreciate the Earth and its’ treasures. This Earth Day, celebrate it with Norm the Earthworm and Nom said treasures...
  11. A

    Team Request 2D Golf Game, Programmer and Artist

    Hello everyone this is Anthony from Atwo Studios, as small indie company we have published 2 indie games using Game maker, one being ROY - Color Matching and the other being Solar Switch. Both can be found on iOS and the Google play store. For our third inide game we are wanting to make a golf...
  12. O

    Steam I'm releasing my first game, Earth Muncher on April 20th, 2018.

    During release week, 20% of all sales will go to The Earth Day Network in honor of Earth Day. Earth Muncher is a 2D pixelated puzzle game reminiscent of DigDug, except you are a defenseless Earthworm named Norm who just wants to nom some treasure. Go on, Munch that treasure! But beware, there...
  13. B

     LWIAY - a fan run'n'gun game :D

    Heya , here I am again (Haven't posted anything for 1,2,3 5 months! :oops: ; but it gave me the time to free my mind and try out a bunch of games , damn "Nier Automata" is god-like :eek:) So , I stopped trying to give the last game "Shotgun evolved" a soul , really it was just a cliché shooter ...
  14. Skull_k

    Released BAD TRIP Action-Platformer Game

    Hi, I am Skico and I made an action platformer game: Bad Trip. It is my first game and I worked on this project during almost 6 months. Available here : Genre: Action Platformer Game with a touch of die&retry. Works Only with a GamePad. Duration to...
  15. A

    Windows Fairly Nude - A hardcore pixel platformer

    Fairly Nude is the only unoriginal Platformer you should play! Well, when it comes out, that is. You play as this naked guy who jumps over spikes and ****! Fairly Nude offers a hope crushing experience that'll leave you crying for more, or maybe less. Who cares?! You play as a naked guy! In...
  16. S

     Chubby Invaders - Work in progress (FR/EN)

    Hi guys, i would like to hear your feedback about my game. Chubby Invaders is a top down shooter in which the player must survive 99 waves of enemy. The player can fight and build. Here you will find some images of it. Here short videos (I will put a download link when the game will be...
  17. BMatjasic

    Team Request Revenue-share Topdown pixel artist

    Hello, dear community! Thanks for stopping by! Recently I've been working a lot on a 2D fake 3D top-down shooter project and got a lot of ideas meanwhile and I must say that I am nearly 70% done with the actual game mechanism. I would like to invite a pixel artist to join me because I am really...
  18. P

    Steam BANANO BROS.

    Despite being born in 1997, I have played many retro games since I was 10 years old, I loved them and I still love them hahaha, that is why my first game (and the next ones) is inspired by the old time classics of the 80's. Proudly I present you BANANO BROS. I thought: What makes special an...
  19. Y

    Demo Mognor Wars: Redemption (With world play)

    In the an alternate universe exists Undergreen. A world that has been at peace for a long time. But 10 years ago a creature by the name Krogath decided to invade the world with is mognorians and capture it. Coming from a different universe using a machine called the time spiral. 10 years later...
  20. seitnerk

    Android THUNDER RUNNER (endless runner)

    THUNDER RUNNER Hey everyone, Thunder Runner is an endless runner and my first small game available for Android! Thanks for checking it out! :) Game Description: Your energy is slowly going down and the evil robots are on your back. Collect thunder coins and destroy the robots to gain...