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  1. wurgutv

     [WIP] Nylyn (CCG/TCG RPG)

    Hello, guys and gals! About me My name is Vlad and creating games has been my lifelong dream. I have had over 15 attempts of designing and developing a game using various engines / technologies and I, as I'm sure most of the developers here, lost a lot of time experimenting with tons of tools...
  2. G

    Portfolio - General Seeking 8/16 bit style games for Inspiration

    Hi I am writing a NEW Album but I need some inspiration. So, I decided to offer a trade! Game Dev - if you have a game that is at the point where you need music and want to see what it's like for a composer to write to it live, I can stream it! If I stream it on Fridays, I average about...
  3. Justin gibbard

     Tri Tower Tactics - Tower Defense Mixed With Auto Chess Mechanics

    Hey everyone, im getting very close to my 1.0 build and I'm seeking people to test overhaul my game. Any bugs, Balance or cool things you enjoy I want all the data. tldr: tower defense with auto chess mechanics such as unit rarity and unique tag identifiers, live system for waves instead of...
  4. CreativeJon90

    Isle: A Pigs Tale

    Black Hill is a story about a lone pig’s journey. Living alone most of his later life, young Bo (lead character) has only known his parents, both farmers born and raised. Unfortunately, life has a way of making us feel alone, and cold. Bo’s parents passed away a few years ago. Out of fear of the...
  5. Let's Clone

    Let's Clone || New tutorial channel..

    ** This is an old thread ** Sorry for the confusion guys, and I'm assuming this will get pulled shortly... haha I have consolidated my tutorial series over to a dedicated YouTube channel and will be continually releasing clone tutorials for both GMS and Godot engine. Hope you enjoy...
  6. O

    Steam I'm releasing my first game, Earth Muncher on April 20th, 2018.

    During release week, 20% of all sales will go to The Earth Day Network in honor of Earth Day. Earth Muncher is a 2D pixelated puzzle game reminiscent of DigDug, except you are a defenseless Earthworm named Norm who just wants to nom some treasure. Go on, Munch that treasure! But beware, there...
  7. AnomalousArcane

    Game Dev Streamers

    Just curious if there are any other game developers that also stream? If so, what methods have you used to immerse yourself within the streaming community?
  8. Petr Skornok

     Ministry of Broadcast [Devlog]

    Let me introduce you our latest title called Ministry of Broadcast, which is currently being developed in Game Maker: Studio 2 for PC & Mac. I will be posting devlogs regularly on our Tumblr page because it enables us to drive the traffic from multiple sources like and GameJolt to a...
  9. Tim

    Design Our game Boss 101 (using GameMaker) is done, some thoughts

    Hey all, You might know already about our game Boss 101 which we did entirely in GameMaker. If not some quick links below if you are interested: Boss 101 Development blog here in these forums Boss 101 Steam Store Page Boss 101 was a three and a half year project done by three people...
  10. Master Maker

    Idea Game Programmer looking for first project idea

    I am a programmer, with no art skills, looking for a first project idea. It doesn't have to be complicated, I am just looking for a first project to fund my others. Reply below. Bonus points for including GDDs and/or TDDs. Also, if you want to help pitch in art or shaders for free, feel free to.
  11. T

    Demo Physics Phriends (DEMO)

    Hello everyone! The demo to my new game just came out. The game is about your best friend getting kidnapped and you have to help him. You can download the demo, and if you want, you can donate to help with the development of the full game. Link:
  12. T

    What's your favorite AAA game?

    Just wanted to know what you guy's favorite game outside of indie was?
  13. H

    Boss with 3 attacks (help)

    what is the best way to get a boss to choose between 3 attacks
  14. CreativeJon90

    Job Offer - Artist Seeking Artist for Bounty Nalia's Tale

    Hey everyone we are looking for a a pixel artist/animator to continue work on a game. This position is for character artwork and animation. the person would need to be able to create character sprites for our main character, enemies and bosses. As well as create fluid animation frames like the...
  15. H


    I need help creating a shield
  16. adriannn1992

    Windows Knights and Monsters

    Knights and Monsters is a little free retro style platformer inspired by Adventure island and Ghosts and Goblins on NES. We are playing as Viktorn, fallen Dark Lord. His quest is revenge on knight sir Christopher de Puce who beat him and kidnapped his slaves. There is 15 horizontal missions with...
  17. T

    Free Exile: Castle Raid - Adventure game with slot combat system

    Exile: Castle Raid - adventure game with slot combat system Hey guys, We are Team 9Boot. A 2-MAN team that is trying to make game with fun and basic mechanic. It's our first project which take us 5 months working on it. Thanks YoYoGames for making this come true. We are so happy to announce...
  18. CreativeJon90

    Job Offer - Artist Pixel Artist | Pixel Animator

    Hello all Dinobyte Softworks is looking to fill the position of Character artist/animator for a project that is currently being worked on. Here are a few links of where we post updates
  19. F

    Alpha Feast For Worms - Alpha v0.0.6

    HELLO FELLOW GAME DEVELOPERS! My name is Brandan and this is Feast For Worms, a project I've been working on since September 30th, 2016. This is my first indie game and I'm currently developing it by myself. Coding, animations, sound effects are all created and owned by me. :) What is it...
  20. BMatjasic

    Team Request Looking for a Game Development Indie Team!

    Hello everyone, Every time I am trying to create a good game myself, I find out that I am missing a part of other profesions like (art, music composing) which would be easier and faster if I could co-operate with a team, which would make my and i'm sure that teams dreams and goals would be...