1. L

    [Ignore This]

    Basically the player position resets when I re-enter a room. Camera position has been fixed. Read replies to know what the code is. I'm using Shaun Spalding's gamemaker tutorial, and have just finished episode 7 of it.
  2. M

    Legacy GM Inconsistent sprite_get_texture() behaviour cross PC and Android

    So basically I am bad with shaders, so I can't really explain it well, but here is my issue: using vertex_submit() to draw a sprite created from a surface bahaves different on Windows and on Android. On Windows the wrong size is used (e.g. sprite is 200x300, but is displayed with transparent...
  3. Drenathor

    GMS 2 Need help understanding arrays

    Hey guys, If someone has a resource they can point me towards that will help me understand the way GML handles arrays that would be amazing! Unfortunately right now the more I try to use them the more confused I get. Here's some code that I'm running as tests along with the output and my...
  4. fawf

    Windows Broken objects / create_event activated multiple times

    This is an strange issue I couldn't find mentioned anywhere and thought I should bring it up in case anyone else encounters it. Somehow one of the objects I was working on became faulty. When creating an instance of this particular object, the create event would run for ALL instances of that...
  5. RyanC

    Legacy GM Texture Page - Inconsistent Mapping

    Hi everyone, I noticed that 4 frames of a sprite have now been pushed onto another texture page. After spending ages optimizing the size of the sprites so they fit onto a 2048 x 2048 texture page Game Maker has now decided that they no longer fit on one page. The only thing I done since it fit...