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included files

  1. zendraw

    GML Grid read string from included file

    Is it possible to read a string from an included file? i mean ds_grid_read(grid, includedfile); baring in mind that the string in the included file is saved with ds_grid_write();
  2. K

    GMS 2 Problems loading included files (ini) into the code

    So I'm probably just being dumb but I'm having difficulty loading my included ini files into my script. I've tried several things and they haven't been working. Currently I've got: var curini = file_find_first(program_directory + "/events/",0); which returns the error: Error! not allowing file...
  3. D

    Windows UWP app loses saved data

    So, I'm having trouble saving the data through a uwp runtime. The data is saved during pure testing through gamemaker, but does not save the txt file when running the uwp. Seems to be loading properly, but does not store the information when asked to save. this is my save file: file =...
  4. Occupant

    Accessing included files while running from IDE

    Hello, So I can successfully read and write to the working directory while running from the IDE (using F5 on Windows), using "buffer_load" and "buffer_save". I have also included some text files in the project using the "Included Files" resources. However, I'm not sure how to access these when...
  5. J

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Storing large amounts of data inside a script

    So I am creating a quest system. A quest can have a title, a questlog of the storyline and some commands like for example "Find the blue flower". My first Idea was to just create a DS-Grid, with all these Strings in it, which worked but then all this data, which has the potential to get very big...
  6. Zack

    GMS 2 Designing Levels in Notepad (video & text versions)

    GM Version: GameMaker Studio 2 Target Platform: All Download: zackbanack.com Links: Video Link Summary: GameMaker Studio 2 comes with an advanced room editor. But, sometimes you might want to design puzzle, maze, or roguelike levels in something a bit more simple. I showcase how - and why - to...
  7. FacesOfMu

    GMS 2 Referencing Included Files

    Took me a while to figure this out as the docs was a little light on it. I'm posting it here in case any other users are searching for it and need it. To reference an included file your code might read: var file = file_text_open_read("this_file_name.csv"); BUT If you've put your Included...
  8. Arctide

    Question - Code Is it possible to import spine sprites from included files?

    Quickly flipped through the manual, but found nothing on the subject.
  9. K3llyll

    Why fonts seem skewed ?

    I'm developing a drawing software. I added the fonts to Included Files and used the font_add function to support non-English characters. But the fonts seem skewed. Here it is: I don't know if an extension would cause it, but also I use this extension in my project : Display Scaler - Edge...
  10. Q

    iOS Included Files

    Hi! I used the versiond of IDE with current runtime to build an IOS application. All included files in test projects were in one group (A, f.e.), and there is one inner group (B) in it, that contains the files too. When i build it, i've got some strange behaviour - all files...
  11. Clemens van Brunschot

    GML Stretching sprites from included files (SOLVED)

    As a beginner I am building a game in GMS2 with backgrounds for 1920x1080 rooms. I have already received valuable tips from @Rayek to keep file sizes low. And @TsukaYuriko has persuaded me to use included files for this. After background = sprite_add("Tegenlicht.png",1,0,0,0,0); in the create...
  12. Tigas

    Obfuscation of files in included files

    Gostaria que alguém me desse um exemplo de como ofuscar um .TXT em arquivos inclusos GMS 1.4 export Android
  13. M

    Discussion [Resolved] Included Files Protection

    Hello, In my projects, I use two files of the type "json" which serve me, for one to store interface texts in different languages, for the other dialogues in different languages too. Until then nothing is very hard and everything works perfectly. My question is about his two files which are...
  14. clee2005

    iOS Sprite_add on iOS seems inefficient

    I've been dealing with this issue for the last few days and it's becoming clear that loading sprites with sprite_add on iOS is not the same as it is on Android. I removed all the BIG game images (backgrounds) for the different levels from the resource tree and put them into the Included Files...
  15. F

    Legacy GM Fill the emtpy sound asset with external ogg sound

    How can I fill the empty sound with the ogg file in the Included files folder. I can do: snd = audio_create_stream("lolol.ogg") And then play the snd sound, but is there any way to move that stream/ogg file to the already existing sound with no sound in it. I tried this with sprites and when I...
  16. J

    GML Loading a file with a variable name

    I'm new to GML and GMS so please forgive my basic knowledge (first proper attempt at a good game) I have a set of files all containing words separated by word length in the included files. I want to load them 1 by 1 into a 2d array called words [ letters in the word , word ]. How can I...
  17. F

    Legacy GM Can you unstring()?

    Is it possible to unstring a string variable? I am making a list of 3D array variables. For example: ///array list MaxStuff[room_Russia1]=4 //number of files to load //type of asset File[room_Russia1,-1,1]="bg" File[room_Russia1,-1,2]="bg" File[room_Russia1,-1,3]="bg"...
  18. Posho

    Legacy GM Toggling Multiple Included Files' Properties At Once [GM:S 1.4]

    Hey there, I have a project that has a folder in the Inclided Files that contains about 800 images. I want them to not be exported for the HTML5 version of the game, though I need them for the Windows version. I noticed you can right-click and change the properties of each file individually but...
  19. S

    [Solved] Opening included ini files

    I want to access information from an ini file I created in another project that stores level data. I want to access the data by including the ini file in my game. So I created a new included file, selected the one from the other project and didn't changed the name. Now it's called Save.ini I...
  20. Nathan Laing

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Distribution | Graphics assets as separate files

    Greetings, Gamemaker bundles everything into a single executable file. How do you distribute a package, with say, for example, the graphics files in a separate dedicated file? Similarly, the sound files in a separate sound file? Cheers, Nathan.