1. Mr Trick

    Predicting a physic impulse object's trajectory

    hay guys how can I make aiming like this for impulse?!
  2. Mr Trick

    physic impulse aiming system?!

    hay guys I made a game like "angry bird" but it's not about braking blocks it's about jumping on them with true aiming so it's too difficult for users because they can't aim! they trying to do this like other games but the object (I don't know why maybe because physics settings like density...
  3. E

    GMS 2 [SOLVED]Can't properly apply impulse to an instance

    So here is my code: var ximpulse, yimpulse; ximpulse = lengthdir_x(0.1,point_direction(phy_position_x,phy_position_y,mouse_x,mouse_y)); yimpulse = lengthdir_y(0.1,point_direction(phy_position_x,phy_position_y,mouse_x,mouse_y))...
  4. S

    Legacy GM [Solved] Impulse or speed is limited

    Hello! I'm trying to make a game using physics. I have a cannon (obj_Cannon) which shoots balls (obj_Ball). The cannon has a small animation after which the ball is being shot. So I put this code into Animation End event of obj_Cannon: with (instance_create(x, y, obj_Ball)) {...
  5. P

    Legacy GM Bullet - how to set impulse speed - physics

    Hello, i have small problem with speed of bullets in my game. I have a game where player is shooting bullets towards mouse - everything works fine except i can't change bullet speed. Looks like my bullet is faster if i click when my mouse is far away from shooting object, if my mouse is closer...
  6. K

    GMS 2 Physics Bug - Impulse/Jump angle on curved objects

    Hi everyone ! I'm new to gml and GMS 2 and i have a weird bug with physics. (I'm sorry, english isn't my native language, i hope you'll understand me) (Inside the link there's is a gif of this bug) //Jump script (BUTTON A) if...
  7. A

    Legacy GM Something about the "with" statement that's confusing me

    So, i've been confused about as to why these different sets of code works different than each other. So to set up the scene, it's a top down shooter using the physics engine, and I'm confused about the shooting mechanics. One of them works, one of them doesn't. The one that works: bullet =...
  8. XirmiX

    Legacy GM Transfer local impulse or force

    I belive I've made a thread about this before, although I did not get any help there really and it seems like it was a tough nut to really comprehend. I'm talking in terms of recoil and impact force which get applied by shot projectiles at a target or basically an enemy or yourself. Obviously...
  9. T

    [Solved] - Physics - Double Jump Scenario Issue

    Hi, I'm new here =) This looks like a great community!! I have a question regarding this: "physics_apply_local_impulse(0, 0, 0, -5 );" The Scenario i have the player object sitting on the ground, when hitting "Space" i run this command to jump using "physics_apply_local_impulse(0, 0, 0, -5...
  10. T

    Physics impulse

    I made a weapon that should push all instances away from itself using impulse. But I'm having trouble calculating x and y component of the impulse.
  11. T

    Legacy GM When should I use force and when impulse? (Physics)

    I'm making a space game and I'm using physics engine. Should I use physics_apply_local_impulse or physics_apply_local_force for ship movement and bullet firing? Currently I'm using force for ship and impulse for bullet. Also, another quick question: Bullets are traveling slower than ship when...