1. Pelican Police

    buffer_read - but it won't crash if you read beyond the end

    GM Version: 1.4 Target Platform: ALL Download: N/A Links: N/A Summary: If you try to read beyond the end of a buffer, you will get an error. This is a problem if your game uses buffers for networking, because anyone could maliciously send a buffer that ends unexpectedly, triggering this...
  2. L

    Discussion Art thread: What does everyone struggle with drawing?

    Artists, spriters, etc: What is your biggest challenge with art in your games? What do you struggle with, the most?
  3. DukeSoft

    Asset - Extension CPU Mercy - Lower CPU usage [100% to 10%]

    Hi everyone, I was working on my dedicated servers for my game, and noticed that (mainly on Linux) the game seems to use an entire CPU core, 100%, no matter the FPS. The FPS real was about 2300, the FPS was 60/60, yet the CPU usage was 100% on a single core machine. 100% on 1 core on a...
  4. A

    How can I improve this scene?

    Hey! Im making a dungeon crawler themed with some dark creepy non-demonic atmosphere, and in a certain level there is a change the player comes across this room. Its an entrance to an extra part of the dungeon called the Webbed Caverns. Basically its a spider cave, and therefor the theme is a...
  5. Pawel

     Suggestion for GMS2 improvements, bugs and issues list

    I have been using GMS2 for some time now and I have suggestions that could improve working with the IDE and GMS2 overall. Some of these points are probably bugs. If one of them is outdated please let me know in the comments and I will correct the list. The list is open so I will add new...
  6. M

    GML Spawning off screen a group of objects?

    Hi all, So I'm looking to spawn a group of object off screen that will slowly move onto screen. Once they get a point it will pick another group of objects and spawn them of screen and so on. Sort of like a endless runner. I want to have control of where the object spawn setting up the...
  7. H

     Some improvement Ideas to GMS:2

    Hey Guys, so i am working at Game Maker Studio 2 for some days now and at this time some ideas and thoughts came up, how GMS could be improved and be more efficient. Color up things! All of your Resources can be colored up with an Color, for example important Objects, Tile Sets, Scripts. After...